So this is just a oneshot so I hope you enjoy and don't cry too much...

And one night, he lost it.

Tobias dreamed of Tris, her wide smile and bright eyes, her contagious laugh and her strong arms wrapping around his body.

Then he dreamed of her lifeless body on the wooden table. Her eyes closed. Her mouth shut.

His eyes were still shut when the tears stroll down his eyes.

He dreams of Caleb, approaching him after he found out she was gone.

"She never wanted to leave you,"

In his dream, Tobias fell to the ground, sobbing. Flashbacks of his time with Tris haunting his mind.

The first time they met. The grey clothes a single flash in the air before creating one distinct figure.

And her name was Tris.

He sees the Ferris wheel.

He sees the two in his fear landscape. Tris's body so close to his own. Her taking a belt to the forearm for him

Them by the chasm, their first kiss.

And then the hundreds after.

He even sees her in the hallway of the Erudite building, her being pulled by Peter somewhere awful and the pain in her eyes when she shouts,

"What did you do?"

What did he do, he thinks to himself. He should have stayed with her. He shouldn't have let her out of his sight. Why didn't he think this would happen? He knows her better than anyone else!

Then he sees her body again. Dead. Lifeless. Gone.

Tobias screams, waking up with a start.

His cheeks and pillow, soaked with the tears he cried over Tris.

He crouches, grabbing his head and rocking back and forth.

It had been a long time since her death. He slowly tried to forgive himself and look to brighter things, but on days like these,

it was too hard.

"Tris," he cries into the night.

Tobias falls to the side, curled up in a ball. He's lost all hope. Nothing will ever go right again.

Why, he thinks, why did it have to be her?

And for one moment, he feels Tris's arms slide around him. They are warm, like they always were and strong, like they always had been.

Then something brightens his heart and he knows Tris is and will always be with him. And he knows that she has left a footprint on his heart, leaving along some of the virtues she possessed herself inside Tobias.

And Tobias smiles.

He would never forget Beatrice Prior.


"I can hardly breathe, when your hands let go of me."