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10:30 pm

The house had settle down for the night.

All usual noise growing silent and the evening crept closer into late hours and sleep called. Most of the occupants were exhausted, namely Tsuna, whom had suffered the wrath of his home tutor for another F. Lambo, I-pin and Fuuta were put to bed hours ago in their room, the three deeply snoozing away in the land of dreams. Maman was still awake from the light smell of tea being made, very tiny tinks of dishes in the kitchen here and there were heard.

Suddenly ears twitched at the suddenness of more sounds; subconsciously the owner of those ears curled deeper into their warm cocoon.

Hushed talking downstairs...

The sound of the bedroom door opening quietly...

Light tapping of feet on hard wood...

Large black eyes stared at the ebony duvet, noting the blond hair that peaked from underneath. The tiny figure at the foot of the bed smirked, before jumping up to perch himself on the edge.

And he waited.

Second ticked by...

The thick covers shifted, peeling away to allow a pair of sleepy eyes to peek at the presence in their room. Tired mako eyes blinked...



"Reborn?" The name slipped from coral lips, sound husky from sleep to the infants ears. The blond sat up fully, rubbing her eyes to clear the sleep induced haze from them. With clearer vision the girl took in the small hitman, now assured that he was really in her room.

He was dressed for bed curiously enough.

The ever-present fedora nowhere to be seen and the usual mafia suit replaced by white and blue striped PJs. Leon was in his hands, his eyes blinking at her and tail wagging like a puppy. The green lizard jumped from his grasp, skittering his way to her bedside table where she had placed her beanie. She watched slightly put off as the creature climbed into the hat and settled down, snoozing away.

'So why is he in here?'

"I will be sleeping here tonight" Came the confident squeaking voice, it wasn't a question...more like a statement. The hitman ignored the incredulous expression on the teens face, making himself comfortable on the pillow next to her and nestling into the blankets. "Sleep Yanagi, you have training with Dame-Tsuna tomorrow"

'...say what?'

"E-eh? Reborn, why aren't you sleeping in Tsunas' room?" Yanagi asked shifting to lay on her side, watching him with a strange emotion in her eyes. Black met blue for what felt like hours, his orbs searching hers as if trying to solve a puzzle.

Then he grinned at her, eyes flashing "I'd rather sleep with my lover"


"But...Gokuderas' sister is downstairs with Fuuta, Lambo and I-pin" The words came out slowly showing her confusion, but her eyes twinkled at him.

Almost hopeful...

"Yet here I am in your bed" Reborn retorted closing his eyes and quickly falling asleep, a bubble coming out of his nose.


Yanagi stared at him with a smile growing on her face, her eyes lighting up. Shifting to get more comfortable the girl reached out, her arms sliding around the spiked haired Mafioso. Once she had him her arms pulled him to her, bringing him to her chest.

Closing her eyes she snuggled the hitman close to her fast beating heart...

Moments passed and her heart slowed, breathing evening out as sleep slowly reclaimed her. Her ears faintly catching the sweetest words as consciousness faded away...

"Buona notte, ti amo Yanagi"

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