I don't know where this came from, but I was reading Reign fanfiction while watching Ruby Sparks and this just popped up.

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She was falling. She knew it, Bash surely knew it. Even Catherine knew it. And she didn't know what to think about that. But Francis didn't know. And for that she was thankful. She wasn't sure what would happen if he ever found out that she had more than friendly feelings toward his brother. And Olivia was part of the reason he didn't know. The beautiful blonde woman had been taking up as much of Francis's time as was possible, leaving the odd passing in the hall for Mary.

Bash. The mere thought of his name filled her with a new warmth. He brought her hope, and happiness and love. He brought back feelings she hadn't thought possible since her arrival at court. Sure, she had her ladies. But she was sure half the time Kenna and Lola and even sometimes little Aylee hated her. For everything she was, and had and everything she stood up for.

Only Greer stood by her. But the Queen of Scots didn't want to burden her friend. So she turned to Bash. And what a wonderful decision that was. He was so very good at making her feel better. And in the beginning she hadn't meant to tell him all of her problems, but as time went on, and he told her his, and they both worked at making the other feel better he became her best friend. Bash and Mary. Mary and Bash.

They spent evenings walking near the water. Afternoons spent playing with the children at court, or in the library reading, and sometimes simply lying under a tree talking.

And while running around the halls like children, Queen Catherine came upon them. That was the first time either of them ever received even a little a bit of a smile for them since they were children. Afterwards she seemed to be more kinder to them both. Something that while confused the two to no ends, they left alone, knowing they would not be getting an answer out of the Queen.

The next person, or in this case people to find out, were Greer and Leith, who Bash and Mary found in the kitchen one afternoon as they packed a picnic for the two of them to enjoy, hidden on the other side of the lake, away from prying eyes. Quickly Mary, with the approval of Bash, invited Greer and the kitchen hand to join them, marking the first time the other couple would leave the kitchen on a date.

The time between Mary and Bash only made the feelings grow, but then Count Vincent arrived and Francis decided, once again to notice his fiancé, which made seeing each other hard, though they knew they would manage.

But Mary knew she did not love Francis, her heart lay with Bash. But she tried, really tried. To push down the feelings she had for her best friend. Though it didn't work.

And when she decided to run, with the pretence of keeping Francis safe, she did admit to herself that keeping him safe was part of the reason she ran, but the other was because she was holding out hope that she and Bash could get away. Leave and never go back, because she knew that soon she wouldn't have the option of happiness with Bash, with her impending marriage and all.

Hearing Francis' scream for her as she had ridden off with Bash had almost broken her heart, she almost turned back. She knew that she was breaking her friend's heart. And as much as she loved Francis, platonically of course, giving up her and Bash's happiness wasn't worth Francis getting his happily ever after.

And as they rode, her regret lessened and lessened to the point where she felt only freedom. Though she knew, that the moment they stopped she would again be plagued by everything she had run from. But at the moment, with Bash by her side, and the wind in her hair, her cloak fanning behind her and the world ahead she was okay, and nothing would take that feeling from her.