I Ship Who?

Author's Note


Hey all! I was reading some Loric fanfictions while worrying a little about mine, mainly because everyone's ships were so different from each other's!I was having so much trouble accommodating everyone's opinions when I decided, why don't I make a fanfiction with short one- shots based on shippings? There's so many different ones I can do, even made-up characters (Two and Three) or even crazy ones (Five and Marina, Setrakus and Katarina.. Haha who knows) based on different points if views and story lines! Good idea eh?:)

So..I want you guys to tell me if its a good idea or not. Tell me what ships you want me to start with or which you personally approve of and why (patience is a virtue; all of your desired ships will appear as the chapters go by haha) and the most votes will have the first ship written by me, of course:) if there are no suggestions then I'll start with my own:D anyway, it should be quite easy to write:)

EDIT- PLEASE READ: Guys I've been editing this story. Thank you so much for all your support! I realise that you all have been saying "Do Nix, do Navrina" a lot when I did it long ago lol. Do you want me to do more one-shots on them? :) To make it easier for you guys to read, here's an 'Index' here:

Chapter 2- Navrina

Chapter 3- Nix

Chapter 4- Marina + Nine (someone suggested Mine/Stanrina/Neven haha)

Chapter 5- One + Adam (no ship name yet)

Chapter 6- World Cup Special: EveryoneJ(Brazil vs Croatia)

Chapter 7- Ella + Nine (no ship name yet)

Chapter 8- Jix


Suggestions made by you guys:

- Five + Ella

- Katarina + someone

- Eight + Six (x2)

- John +Sarah

- Sam + Six

Do say which one you guys will like, so I can focus on one particular story at a time according to demand.

AND here's the fanfictions I've written before:

Strike of Seven- Sequel of Fall of Five (COMPLETED) I think you guys may like it although it is pretty different from the actual sequel

Live or Die, Here we Come- Sequel of Strike of Seven (on hold, probably not writing anymore but will appreciate extra feedback for further inspiration)

The Twisted Tale of Nix- Spinoff of a story of Six and Nine, unrelated to series. On hold for now too.

Read my sister's fanfictions of Hunger Games and Percy Jackson too! (same account)

- Unfiled Quests of Camp Half- Blood

- How Nico and Hazel met (one-shot)

- The 2nd Quarter Quell

Okay sorry for making you read this long update! I shall update this part regularly just to keep you all noted. Please give suggestions, it shall be greatly appreciated! Thank you!