Hello! Did you guys miss me? I don't think so haha. I haven't been posting for awhile, but finally I have an inspiration so I'm posting, first time in three months. But anyway here's your long-awaited ship, Jix! It's the first ship we've all had in this series, and though I personally ship Nix now, if Nine didn't exist I'll certainly ship Jix instead. This ship, unlike the rest of my stories, is set in the beginning of Power Of Six, when John, Six and Sam are on the run and training in a deserted house. I changed the scene such that John and Six falls in love. Don't think it's written that great, but please read and review! Enjoy!

"-And then she told how much she loved me, and we kissed and I left-" John looked downcast and biting my tongue, I force myself to look sympathetic and comfort him. I'm trying not to scream at him, he looks so cute, like a lost puppy. I know how much he loves Sarah, but doesn't he realise that I love him? Impossible. I'm also someone who never falls in love, let alone try to attract a guy, so whatever. Sarah and him can live happily ever after. Yay.

"Sarah's fine. She's a strong girl, and you guys will see each other again. Just focus on the war, okay? You guys can reunite soon, trust me." I slap John hard on the back. Man up, seriously! What's wrong with him?

"Thanks, Six." John dabs his eyes on a tissue (!) "You really cheered me up." I smile at him and hold the gaze a few seconds too long. Okay, awkward now. I break the gaze. "Yeah, whatever. Meet you at the swimming pool." John nods and heads out as I put my hands in my face, trying to shake off that weird distracting feeling in my mind.

"Hey, you okay?" I fight the urge to groan. Sam Goode, the human being, in love as well- with me.

I quickly stand up. "Fine, fine."

"You sure? If not I can-"

"Sam! Stop please, okay?" I shake my head, feeling bad for snapping at him. "Sorry, just in a bad mood."

Sam looks eagerly at me. "It's not your fault. We can, I mean, do you want to-"

"I know what! Let's train!" I quickly walk off before Sam can answer. I heave a heavy sigh. Why must love distract us, all three of us, including me.

John POV
I watch as Six bobs her head up and down, her slim body moving gently in the waves. Her black hair is tangled and wet, she has a great figure and can really wear that old swimming costume well. Even the way she swims is-

I tear my eyes away from her. What am I thinking? I have a girlfriend, someone that loves me although we are in different worlds, someone who is willing to risk her life for me. Sarah. I picture her face over and over to wipe off the serious yet naturally beautiful face which belongs to Six. Her face is still there, but so is Six's. Do I love two people?

Impossible! Henri himself said so! I try not to choke as I inadvertently think of Henri. He's the father I never had, and now he's gone. I wish he was here to advise me.

Although womaniser or two-timing is definitely not on his list.

"Ow!" I yell as a wave hits me, jolting me out of my reverie. I look back to see Sam and Six laughing. Six's hands are thrust towards me.

"You wimp." Six throws her head back laughing, and I marvel at how pretty she looks simply by being herself. I catch Sam looking at me and realise I'm smiling goofily. Idiot.

I wipe the smile off my face. "So you think you're as good as me?"

"No." Six crosses her arms. "I think I'm better."

"Feisty aren't we." Sam calls from the edge of the pool, and Six laughs. I feel a tinge of jealousy, though I don't know why. What's wrong with me?

I make a fireball while Six and Sam grin at each other and lob it towards Six, not strong enough to hurt her, just to, you know, heat her up. Sam screams like a sissy and Six yells, sending the fireball into the pool with telekinesis. "Seriously, John?" She shouts.

"Seriously, Six?" I mock her.

She clenches her fist, and the clouds darken. "This means war!" She roars.

"Yeah, um, it does!" Sam says a bit helplessly. He looks around for a weapon. I feel bad but pretend not to notice. "Let's begin!" I turn myself as a human fireball and Six turns invisible, while we continue to fight.

And damn, can Six fight.

She keeps me on my toes constantly, sending thunderclouds and hurling waves at me while turning invisible at the most inconvenient times. Sam and I try to dodge and I do my best to throw more fireballs. Sam looks exhausted, but I'm all the more determined to beat Six.

Six appears behind me, her fist flying towards my face, but before it connects with my jaw, I grab her waist and swings her around. "Put me down John!" Six screams while I swing her around relentlessly. Despite how strong she is, she weighs surprisingly little and I realise for the first time how petite she is.

I falter for a moment as I look at her wild hair and laughing eyes. How can she still look so flawless even after being through countless battles and so much suffering? Without thinking, I kiss her.

I would love to say that the kiss was the most wonderful, amazing experience I've ever had, but the moment our lips connect, Sarah's innocent pure face surfaces, and I remember how loyal and kind she is. I'm filled with guilt. How could I betray her this way?

My thoughts end abruptly as Six pulls away within seconds. She lifts her leg while I'm panting and sends it straight into my left leg. Taken aback, I fall to the ground. "I don't know what foolish trick you tried to do, but I'm not buying it." Six winks and puts her arm around Sam. "Come one, Sam. I win. Let's get changed." Sam, still confused, nods his head and stares dumbly at me as Six marches into the house. The only thing that betrays her is her tensely set jaw and her startled sea green eyes.

Okay, what is up with John?

First he whines to me how much he misses Sarah, then he wants to flirt and fight me, and now he kisses me? Is he trying to play me, or be his substitute before he and his perfect Sarah are reunited?

I managed to shake it off as a joke out front, but inside I'm seething. Sad for Sam, who looks confused and a bit hurt; although I don't consider him anything but a good friend, John shouldn't cheat Sam's feelings- if I have to deny Sam's love, I'll have to do it myself.

Despite my inner turmoil, there is a small part of me, deep inside, that actually liked what John did, that's actually thrilled and excited to see if John really does likes me. The insensible, crazy stupid feeling called love that I've never felt before and definitely don't need right now.

I want it to go away.

I step out of the shower and change into a new set of clothes, then walk to the kitchen to help Sam. Sam is boiling some noodles, but he is mixing it very slowly, and I can tell that this is affecting him.

"Sam." I gently take the ladle from his hands and stir the noodles while Sam runs his hands through his hair. "You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah fine." Sam does not sound okay. I wait for his explosion, and it comes. "Argh! No, I'm not." Sam shakes his head. "You and John? I never thought. And you'll definitely like John more, he's so much better looking and humourous and talented and-"

I put out a finger to shush him. "Sam, I don't like John. He has a girlfriend." There's a pang in my heart as I say that, but I continue firmly. "John was doing that in jest, and if he wasn't- well, that's his problem. I like you a lot, Sam, but I don't love you." Sam gulps and nods and I mentally slap myself. Way to comfort someone Six.

"BUT. Saying John is better than you? That's not true. You're loyal, cheerful, brave, smart and much more than anyone can ever be. In fact, you're the mayonnaise." Sam looks up with a huh?expression on his face and I continue. "You're the one that keeps us all together, okay? I rather have you as a friend than a boyfriend. And as mayonnaise, you also taste very good." I finish with a smirk as Sam blushes.

"Alright, I get you," Sam replies. "But if you and John get together, I do support you." I narrow my eyes as Sam hastily explains. "He may have Sarah, but I think even he knows it won't work out. They're from two different worlds, and when you guys win this war, you're leaving. It's not fair for John to expect so much sacrifice from Sarah when it's all going to burn and end. That's also why deep inside, I know we won't work out either. And as allies working to save Lorien and Earth, I think you and John deserve each other." Sam looks away from me as I stare at him in astonishment. I've never thought about this, and his long speech is really inspiring. as if reading my mind, Sam nods a little, and we continue cooking in silence.

John POV
Dinner is a silent occasion, the kiss I gave Six like a wall between us. Six just won't look at me, and Sam keeps looking thoughtfully towards me, which is getting on my nerves. I'll like to clear the air, but I don't know what to say.

As if reading my mind, Sam clears his throat. We glance at him. "So. John, what do you like about Six?" What?! Six gags into her soup while I try not to blush.

"Seriously, Sam?" Six bursts out. "What are you trying to do?" She hisses. I squirm uncomfortably. Clearly she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Which means that I pissed her off big time.

"Nothing!" Sam holds up his hands. "I'm making conversation! Like you know in circle time, we share about ourselves in kindergarten, and- oh wait, you've never been to kindergarten. Never mind." I have to smile a bit, though Six still looks pissed. Sam always has strange ideas, but I know he means well.

"Okay, I like that Six argues so much and has to be always right, even when it's obvious she's wrong." I smile at memories of Six bossing me around and refusing to give up during training.

"What?" Six puts down her fork. Oh no. "I do not."

"Yes you do." Sam chirps in. I chuckle as Six frowns. "I don't, because I'm always right!"

"You see?" I stretch out my hands. "But it's kind of cute actually." Awkward silence fills the air as I realise what I've said. "I mean, endearing." No, still sounds intimate. "I mean, eh, you know what? Forget it."

Six looks slightly perplexed while Sam, for some reason, is grinning a bit. Bernie Kosar walks towards me and says Don't screw up, boss. Huh?! I stare at BK. Are you trying to hook us up? BK shrugs. I dunno. You guys are kinda cute together. Then he walks away. Wow thanks, BK. I think sarcastically.

By now, I want to leave the table, but Sam holds onto Six's hand, and I try not to feel a tinge of jealousy. "Six, how about you say what you like about John?"

Six shakes her head stubbornly. "No, and stop it Sam. You're being annoying."

"Please Six?" Sam gives her that puppy dog look that Six always gives in to (why?) and Six sighs. "Okay, I like the way John furrows his eyebrows and runs his hand through his hair when he's worried. I like how he never frets when we're in danger, but calmly thinks of another solution. I like...I like everything he does actually, even when he frustrates me so much." I find myself catching my breath when Six is done, and can't take my eyes of her. Everything she does is so mesmerizing, and if I'm not wrong, does she like me back?

Sam nudges Six's arm. "Please Six, can I say it?" Six shoots Sam a death glare and he falters, staring at his plate, yet looking up continuously with a shine in his eyes. I have no idea what is going on, but Six is trembling. "I'm going to bed." She mutters, standing up from her chair and retreating into her room.

"I'm going too." I start to stand up, but Sam pulls me back down. "John, do you love Six?" he asks. I stare. "What kind of question is that?"

"Just answer it." Sam insists. I swear, if he's not my best friend, I'll strangle him.

I put my head in my hands. "I don't know." I moan. "I like her, but Sarah-"

"Sarah may be your first love, but do you think you truly love her? That you'll go to the ends of the earth with her? That at the end of the day, you'll put her over your Loric duty?" Sam cuts in. I stare at him, shocked. I never thought about it that way. Sam adds gently. "I'm not saying that you should break up with her because of Six. Sometimes you love someone, but you have to let them go because it's best for both of you. And Six. She's an amazing person. The two of you belong together. She likes you, I can see that, but you need to make the choice: Six or Sarah. You can't be with both; it's not fair for both of them. Just go with your heart."

I think this over. I remember Sarah's red sweater, her sweet smile, the way her blonde hair falls over her shoulders. But that is nothing compared to staring into Six's sea-grey eyes, watching the way she closes her eyes in concentration, the way she saved and protected me in Ohio. I also remember the final letter Henri wrote to me, how Six's and my parents were best friends. Is it coincidence, or meant to be?

I shake my head in frustration and pat Sam on the back. "Thanks bro, I need to think about it. But thanks anyway." Then I think of something else. "But Sam, I thought you had a crush on her?" I ask, curious. I'm not going to steal a girl from my best friend!

Sam looks down. "Same reason as you. I like Six, but I don't think we belong together. She deserves you, and I agree and support that." Sam looks up and says firmly. "Don't screw this up."

Scene 2
I stare at the computer screen. The message simply reads: Sarah, I don't deserve you. It's too dangerous. Don't try to contact me anymore. Let's remain as friends. I'm sorry, John I hesitate, then hit Send. The message goes through five different networks and ten different countries. I imagine Sarah receiving it and crying, feeling alone and rejected, and I wish I could take that email back. Yet, I don't regret breaking up with her. Simple as that, I can't lie to her that I love her, while loving at Six at the same time. I know that me and Sarah won't work, no matter how we try- that's the sad truth. But me and Six? Possibly for eternity, because that's what Loric do. They love for life.

I tiptoe silently to the front porch where Six is sitting on the steps. She is moving her hands around, moving the clouds to draw a painting in the sky. With a jolt, I realise she's drawing us, holding hands, kissing each other. Does that mean-

I hear a gasp and notice that Six has seen me. She starts to make a quick gesture, to wipe off the picture, and I grab her hand. "Six." I breathe her name like it's the most beautiful thing I've heard of. "I love you."

Six peers at me cautiously. "And Sarah?"

"No, just you. I broke up with Sarah. It won't work, and we aren't meant to be." I step closer to Six and place her calloused yet dainty hands in mine. "But you and I, we can make a future together. Fight the war, return to Lorien, be with each other forever. It's fate."

"No, it's love." I see to my astonishment that Six is smiling peacefully. "It's love." She repeats, as we move closer and closer, until I lock my lips with hers. The kiss, this time, is much longer, much more passionate, much more flawless.

We are interrupted by loud claps behind us. We break away gently in time for Bernie Kosar to knock us down like skittles, panting heavily and licking us up and down. Sam, like the nerd he is, holds up a whiteboard where he wrote: 1+1= love with a heart around it, as if that makes sense.

"You're interrupting something!" Six calls out while Sam grins. "Oh come on! I was just hoping to see how long it'll take for you two to kiss. Turns out, not long!"

He was spying on us? Six and I exchange looks as we silently agree on something. Our eyes dart towards Sam, whose smile has vanished and now he looks frightened. "Uh-oh.." He takes a few steps back, holding his hands up in surrender.

"Get him!" Six yells as we race towards him. Sam screams and takes off and we give chase, running around the house.

And yes, because of his constant spying, we do that a lot.

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