This was a normal day … well, as normal as it could get for Berk. This poor village had to go through two major revolutions in the tiny space of 20 years, first they made peace with the dragon who they had been enemies with for the past 300 years, the other, that their Chief's oldest son was a half-dragon, a race almost extinct over 300 years ago and The King of Dragons. Yeah, they are an amazing village for a stubborn traditional Viking tribe.


"Ok, combust that wooden crate with your mind." Valhammara Ingrid Haddock challenged her oldest brother, after their study session. The two Haddocks were sitting in the Training Arena, covered in books. Val's beloved small dragons were comfortably resting all over the 11 year old girl, and even one Terror was lying beside Frostbite.

The Dragon King focused his eyes on the wooden crate, 20 meters away from where he was sitting. Within a few moments, it blew up in a large explosion.

"What happened? What exploded? Why wasn't I invited?" Aster said as he and the dragon riders flew into the arena. It was an orange afternoon, and the other four members had just tolerated a forced afternoon flight with their dragons and one of the Heads of the Academy.


"Why am I here?" Frostbite deadpanned, sitting in the middle of the night by the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, yawning, as his mentor urgently asked for him through his dream. "Couldn't this wait till morning?"

"No, Frostbite, it couldn't. I have a mission for you." Vepro said, sternly, a voice he used very rarely. "You have to travel back in time and alter the future. There is a time portal on the Dragon Palace, you'll have to read the inscription and it will take you back or forward in time."

"Great another mission, it must be Thor's day. What do I have to change?"

"You have to murder someone called Herod the Sorcerer, or the Soul Murderer. He was a close friend to my brother, and although he wasn't a half-dragon, he possessed fantastic abilities. In my time, he is the one that proposed a plan for my brother and sister to betray me. When that failed, he ran away, borrowing dragons from my sister and waiting for Scorpios to return."

"Why did he borrow dragons?"

"He was closest to my brother than sister. He took dragons, plunging villages with them and amassing armies to fight for Scorpios when he returned. My brother, obviously didn't know any of this and threw himself at conquering Berk first, now he is in Herod's care, fully aware of the thousands that have been bewitched to serve him."

"If I kill him at a different time, then Scorpios will be that much easier to wipe out."

"Be careful! The time portal is not to be messed with. It chooses the best time period for you to travel to. In the incorrect time period, the time portal is to work twice, once to bring you there, another to bring you back. Am I clear?"

"Why do I have a feeling that this is gonna go to a really awkward timeline?"

Vepro laughed. "You should involve your friends and siblings in this. Time-travelling can be very dangerous, lonely, morbid or all of them. Trust me, I know, but once you've travelled several times, the experience becomes less terrifying."

"When should we leave?"

"I've experienced the best moment to travel is during the night, don't ask, leave in exactly 24 hours. You'll have to search for Herod on foot, he can be anywhere in the Meridian of Misery. Oh, and before I forget, you will have to complete this without my guidance, think of that as a test."

"Great, just great. I'll see you soon, then." Frostbite turned to leave.

"Frostbite, there is also another thing for you to worry about. Changing the future can have hazardous consequences, to succeed you not only have to worry about killing Herod, but also about your very own existence. Good Luck."


The following morning, all the teens were in the Academy.

"Uh, guys, there's something that I need to ask you … well, it's a potentially dangerous mission, that could result with us not existing … but, uh, well, I have a responsibility-"

"Spill it out!" Aster yelled, impatiently.

"Vepro gave me a mission to do… travel to the past and I need … your help." Frostbite avoided eye contact. This was too awkward.

"Travelling in time! Count me in." Anna jumped up almost instantly. Over the month that had passed since Frostbite defeated Scorpios for the first time, she had grown quite protective of him.

"Yeah, me too!" Rufflegs quipped in.

"If it doesn't involve Aster's boring training exercise, I'm in." Spitlout agreed, his punishment being a slap on the back of his head.

Frostbite looked at his two siblings.

"Fine, but only because I love you, Frost." Val smiled affectionately at her brother. "And only if mom and dad let us."

Sweat poured off Frostbite's forehead as his green eyes turned to the blue ones of his brother. The two had a stare down. Their fragile relationship was only slowly developing but neither of them could guarantee anything in it, largely because of Aster's pride and Frostbite's busy schedule.

"Fine, but only because I have nothing else to do, and I enjoy seeing you beg." Aster smirked.

"Great, thanks guys."


"Uh, mom, dad, there's a thing that we have to do." Frostbite approached both his parents with his siblings behind him.

"What is it, honey?" Astrid looked at her son.

"We … kinda … have to go back in time on a mission." Frostbite said, sheepishly.

"Why the awkwardness, son?" Hiccup chuckled.

"We … might … not … necessarily … survive." Frostbite made no eye contact, while Aster face palmed and Val shook her head in disbelief.

Hiccup and Astrid looked at each other.

"Back in time you say … well, uh, you have to get back soon, all of you … it's your job isn't it son." Hiccup said, rather awkwardly, while his wife had the same pensive expression.

The three starred at their parents in absolute shock, and silently made their way to Aster's and Frostbite's room.

"I thought they were gonna put up more of a fight than that." Val said, when they were out of earshot.

"I know right?" Aster agreed with his only sister.

"We can't worry about that now, we have to prepare for tonight." Frostbite huffed and began to pack a bag. "Clothes, food, money, crown." He put the things into the Berk crested satchel. "Dagger … where's my dagger?" Frostbite looked around his desk.

"Oh, you mean this dagger?" Aster sat on his brother's bottom bunk and balanced the dagger's gold hilt on one finger.

Frostbite huffed in annoyance, and snatched the knife out of the warrior's hold. "This is not a joke, Aster. You saw what his thing was capable of." Frostbite took a stool and slashed the dagger against it, instantly the chair turned to black dust and flew away.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Aster rolled his eyes. "Relax, bro, I'm not the clumsy type … that's your specialty."

Frostbite groaned and rolled his eyes. "Tonight, we travel back in time, keep the insults at bay."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Aster said sarcastically, and laughed.