Chapter 164

Nobodies POV:

The light of the full moon shone down on the island of many environments, which many beasts both normal and mystical called their home as the majority of them slept soundly. One of the islands inhabitants was none other than the winters wing that was curled up and sleeping soundly in its own ice-cold nest next to the Bewilderbeasts nest. This nest looked a lot like a large glacier made purely of ice with all the cold loving dragons surrounding the winters wing nesting in the ice caves carved into the nests walls enjoying the cold the winters wing's body let out. In the side at the front of the winters wing's nest however was a large tunnel leading outside and onto the ocean allowing the winters wing a way out without destroying its home.

It was as the moons light began to shine down into the nests entrance that an invisible sound wave rippled through the air unheard by any except the winters wing. The eyes on each of its heads shot open as it let out a growl before raising its heads and looking up to the sky recognizing the sound instantly. Each head let out a huff of cold air from its nose before the winter's wing slowly stood up from its snowy nest and slowly made its way out of the nest. It stood there looking out at the ocean for a few moments before each head let out an angered growl and took off alone to find the source of the sound that agitated it with none realizing it had left.

Early morning

Hiccups POV:

It's been six days since I rescued the kids from the under ground tunnels that run all over Berk and in that time not much has happened other than me working on a few more load sharks and managed to get three more sent out. Besides that I'd been thinking about my old lair and actually thinking about converting it into something that might be useful to Berk in the future. I'd been discussing it with my parents who agreed after seeing the size of my old lair and we'd been talking about what we could turn it into. So far we hadn't decided since we couldn't decide, as it could be a safe house, hidden dock for escapes, dragon pen, emergency storehouse or multiple other things. We were still discussing it but the thing that made things more difficult for me was the effect seeing me handle those kids and them reuniting with their parents had on Blanca. It got her thinking about our own future and how she would like to be able to hold her own child in her arms, to play with her own little one, to take care of them and other things.

This lead to a talk I'd been dreading for a long time thinking I'd have more time before I had to worry about this conversation but the time had come. That's right, Blanca had been talking to me about how she believed it might be time for us to have kids of our own and start our own family. She decided to bring this up after making sure I completely relaxed and happy, making sure I was like this by spending the entire day making sure I was comfortable. She started out by preparing my favorite breakfast meal and bringing it to me in bed followed by seeing me off on my morning flight with Toothless, she then accompanied on my daily routine of handing out jobs to the snake guardians, when I was working in the forge she brought me my favorite drink to cool off, she then prepared me my favorite lunch which after I finished was followed by a nap in the garden with Blanca allowing me to use her lap as a pillow while she gently sung the song we first sang together. After that I took Toothless on his flight around the island and tended to the nests only to come home and find Blanca had prepared me a bath with some special bath salts I liked and laid out my alpaca fur bed robe with silk lining for after wards before leading me to dinner where she set out my favorites. When I was done eating I sat down in my library in front of the fire with a good book, which was only interrupted for a moment when Blanca began massaging my shoulders claiming she just wanted to make sure, I was comfortable.

I accepted this answer and when it came time for bed she snuggled up to me and only when I was completely comfortable did she bring up the subject. We talked about it with me shooting down the idea and her asking me why before I made up multiple excuses that she saw through almost immediately. After an hour of this I finally caved and told her the truth, the truth that I was worried I wasn't going to be a good father to our child. I was constantly travelling around putting my life in danger to protect those in need and making new discoveries and because of that I feared I wouldn't be able to be there for my child. After I told her this she much to my surprise she giggled and told me she understood that I was nervous but I had nothing to worry about. She explained that it just meant the bonding time I'd have with my child would be more precious, I'd have more stories to tell them as they grow up, I'd be able to take them on trips around the world which would be good for them and in her own opinion she thought I'd be a fine father. After that I told her I'd think about it and we drifted off to sleep with thoughts of our future in my mind.

That talk was four days ago and I longed for the peace I enjoyed on that day right now because presently I was in the giant glacier my winters wing called its home, Blizzard and Toothless on either side of me, all of us looking down at the empty spot where my winters wing could often be found. The nest was empty except for the cold loving dragons who slept there and were also the ones who let me know that Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra were missing my running into the house roaring waking both me and Blanca up. We came down to see what was happening so early since the sun wasn't up yet but before I could get a word out Blizzard picked me up and flew me here. I stared at the empty floor snow covered floor below in both fear and curiosity since I wondered why Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra would take off like this and from the tracks I found they did on their own. This is what worried me since from my past visits I believed all three heads to be perfectly content with their new lives on my island, which made me fear something that spelled big trouble was a foot. It was then I heard the sound of crunching snow behind me and turned to see Blanca turning from her half snake form to her human form as she stared at me in concern as she asked.

"Hiccup, what's going on?"

"It seems Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra have gone missing."

"They have?" I nodded. "But why, he always seemed so happy living here." I nodded and turned back to the empty nest.

"I know my dragons Blanca and I know Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra would never leave without letting me know unless something bad was coming and he knew it somehow."

"But what could it be that he sensed?" I turned to her.

"I don't know but if it was bad enough to draw him away then it can't be good." I then turned to the entrance. "I need to go after him to see what's happening since if this is a threat I need to make sure he's going to be alright."

"But how will you do that when you don't know which way he went?"

"You're right Blanca."

I began running my real hand through my hair in thought until a roar from outside drew my attention away from my thoughts. I figured finding a way to track Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra could wait a few seconds while I checked out what was happening outside with what sounded like Specter and Starlight. Knowing my flightmares wouldn't roar for just any reason I knew there was definitely something strange going on so I ran with Blanca and my dragons following. When I got outside I looked to the sky and saw what looked to be the light of Arvendales fire flowing in the air but this one was a mixture of bright colors like pink, red and light blue.

I stared up at the light and felt as if it was pulling me in but I could still feel my feet on the ground before images filled my mind making me it seem as if I were speeding across the ocean until I reached the coldest part of the world. This is where I stopped and when I looked to the sky I saw Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra up in the sky with each head letting out a mighty roar before they were engulfed in fire that circled onto the ground below. The land of snow and ice became dry with ground that reminded me of the Indian desert but this dirt was redder and had fire burning on parts of it with what looked like a giant black tower in the distance. Then the fires shifted into human like shapes before a voice whispered in my ear.

"Protect the world from these beings of fire or this shall be its fate." It was then there was a bright flash and I felt as if I was thrust back making me tumble back just as Blanca ran out making her gasp and run over, kneeling next to me.

"Hiccup, are you alright?" I shook my head to get rid of my haze as I said.

"I think so." She then looked to the sky, as the lights seemed to begin fading until they were nothing more.

"What were those lights in the sky?" I looked to sky with her.

"A summoning to me." She turned to me.

"Excuse me?" I turned to her.

"I'm not sure what it truly means but I can just how tell that I'm being called to a place to take on beings of fire to protect the world from them." I sighed and looked at her. "I have to go!" She stared at me before she stepped up and gently caressed my face.

"I know but promise me you'll be careful." I leaned into her touch as I smiled at her.

"I'll do my best love." She smiled and nodded.

"I better get to work on arranging my team." She nodded.

"Be sure to take Adal since if these enemies channel fire then Adals ice should help cool them down." I smiled at her as I chuckled.

"Don't I know it?" With that said I took off to get to work.


I was standing on the dock with my fold up ship fully loaded with supplies, Adal and the dragons I'd chosen for this mission. For this mission I'd chosen my dragons that preferred the colder regions knowing they'd be best suited for this kind of region. This dragon team consisted of Blizzard, Shard, Berg, Frostburn, Frostbite, Avalanche, Snowbell and of course Toothless. I would've brought my Bewilderbeasts as well but they needed to stay and watch over the nests since if I failed they'd be the last defense against these fire beings. I would've also taken Zap and Ray but they wouldn't be too much help on the land where the fight would take place since they weren't very fast in the air. I stared into Blanca's eyes as I gently caressed her face as I said.

"I'll do my best to get back in one piece." She smiled.

"Just promise me one more thing Hiccup."

"What is it?" She leaned in and kissed me full on the lips as I wrapped my arms around her before she pulled away.

"Promise, you'll come back to me." I smiled at her.

"The gods themselves couldn't stop me." She giggled and held up her hand showing off her wedding ring.

"Remember to contact me when you've completed this adventure." I smiled at her.

"You know I will." With that said we shared one more kiss before I boarded my ship and we took off.

Two days later

I was standing on the top deck in my winter armor with the my leather chest plate which took on a white color to match the gronkle iron top it was put over and my grootslang coat took on the same snow white color. I looked out at the ocean remembering how I sailed through these same waters when I came exploring and ended up finding not only most of my cold region dragons but Glacia's egg in the dead bewilderbeasts nest. (AN: That adventure starts on chapter 11 guys.) Things had changed in that time though since things were warmer and I saw the icebergs were falling apart by the large chunks every few minutes. I shook my head knowing this was not the least bit good for the lands inhabitants since the delicate balance of a habitat should not be messed with or it could be catastrophic for the animals that called this place home. I'd seen the effect it'd been having on one of the species when I saw tens of walrus's swimming away from the land probably trying to get to colder waters. It was then the ship broke the frozen ocean on the edge of the land making me smile before I brought my fingers to my lips and let out a whistle. My dragons and Adal ran or flew out from the lower deck before gathering around me as I smiled and said.

"Alright guys we've just docked on land and I know most of you are familiar with this land but keep in mind, there's no telling what's waiting for us so be careful, no wondering off alone and I know this place was once home to some of you but don't let this cloud your judgment in battle." They growled and nodded making me smile. "Now let's find what's causing the trouble since if we find it we might also find Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra." With that said we disembarked the ship before I shrunk my ship down and pulled it back into my arm, mounted Toothless and we were off.

1 hour later

It's been an hour since we docked and in that time I'd seen a few things that did not make me feel any better about what was going on. The things that I'd seen consisted of the snow being like slush and the effect this stuff had on the wild life wasn't making me feel any better with how the animals who called this place home were acting. The local polar bears and muskox seemed to be suffering from heat stroke with some polar bears carrying their young to the water and dropping them into it in order to what I assume is cool them down from the heat. So far I'd seen several muskox on the ground panting heavily because of their big heavy coats heating them up so they're not doing well in this weather so I'd have my Berg fire a blast onto the ground near them making a small glacier to cool them. I'd also seen some the packs of arctic wolves I saw running towards the seashore like they were trying to run away from something as if they were scared. I'd used this as a way to find what might've been causing all this trouble by flying in the opposite direction they were running.

Now after flying for so long with Adal following us from below we were finally seeing something that I did not like the sight of one single bit, as it did not in the least look good. There were dark clouds that looked as if they were a mix of black and crimson red circling the sky above a large circular ice wall that was quickly melting. I had my dragons fly us in closer but signaled them to remain close to the ground since there's no telling what we were going to be dealing with down there and I didn't want it to spot us before we knew what it was. When we got there I had my dragons land and signaled them to stay back for now before I said.

"Me and Adal will go in and do a quick recon and report back to you all what's going on." They growled. "Yes I know I could use one of my Scouters but I'd see this myself up close and personal."

They each growled and nodded while I climbed onto Adal's back and we took off towards what I believed to be the source of the problems happening around here. I held onto the back of Adal's neck fur as he ran full speed towards our target but as he did I noticed the air was getting warmer which was all the proof I needed that this is where the heat was coming from. When we reached the base of the craters hill I whispered to him to head up slow and quietly since the snow was pretty much slush and I didn't want him falling down because of it. Because of this it took us five minutes to get to the top of the hill where I dismounted Adal and walked to the edge to see what was happening.

What I saw made my blood run cold since what I saw were beings that until now, I'd only heard of in tales told to me by the elders of the village. I was looking at the residents of the realm of Muspelheim, the fire giants who were said to only come to set fire to the world tree, destroying all life. I used my eagle eye mixed with the eye of the dragon to look around at what was going on but I didn't need to see anything to know it was not good. In the center of the crater was a giant ring the size of a bewilderbeast head, being held up by four legs that were as high as a fully-grown bewilderbeast on its hind legs and between them beneath the ring was a giant hole but from this angle I couldn't tell how deep. These things were made out of lava rock that seemed to be flowing with lava within them making it seem as if they were alive somehow. Attached to the ring were giant spiked chains made of black metal that were connected to something up in the sky beyond the clouds. Surrounding this structure were the fire giants all marching around and doing their own thing but the one that caught my attention the most was the one watching over everything from a throne made of lava rock that seemed to be burning with intense flame.

I knew this fire giant to be Surtr, the fire giant who guarded the realm of Muspelheim and from what I could tell he was the one behind whatever the fire giants were doing here. Surtr had a beard like my fathers without the braids and made of pure flame with his hair being a large bonfire with his eyes burning like the flames of hell. His skin looked as if was made from lava rock that had just begun to cool with two giant horns coming out of his forehead with them curving back towards his head at the top. He was wearing a loincloth with a metal wrap around his waist covering his abs with three oval gems imbedded in it with the one in the middle being bigger than the other two but they all looked as if they had raging infernos within them.

My examination was cut short however when a giant stake the size of the red death that looked to be made of lava rock fell from the sky, through the ring and into the deep hole before a giant shockwave burst along with a blast of heat. I knew this heat was more intense than anything I'd felt since even I could feel and I had immunity to heat that allowed me to swim in the hot magma of an active volcano. Seconds later the earth shook, as the heat seemed to actually rise but it never went down showing that this spike thing was what was responsible for the increase in heat. I couldn't help but wonder how they were meant to get the spike out of the hole though since it was bigger than the giants who were only half that size. My question was answered when the ring began to glow with bright red runes that seemed to burn like fire before the spike floated back out the hole allowing me to study it. The materials this stake was made of seemed to be completely smoothed down and cylindrical in size except for the bottom that was twisted around as if it were twisted up forming a drill like form. The top of the stake had nine rings around it with rune engravings that I recognized as the names of each of the nine realms.

It was then a roar of pain echoed from above me and I looked up to see a dragon the size of a winter's wing slowly descending from the clouds lowering the chains connected to the ring while the other ends were connected to shackles on its limbs and a collar around its neck. This dragon looked to have four legs to walk on and it's scales formed a unique pattern that looked like burning flames and had two pairs of giant wings with flame markings on them. Its head had two giant horns on the side pointing forward towards the snout and one single horn sticking out the back of its head while a jagged spine ran down its back. It's front legs had strong scales that looked like arm guards and two large Spike horns coming out of the elbows and three jagged spikes coming out of its shoulders and some out of the scales around it making it look like shoulder pads. it also had a unique set of scales on its chest that made it look like it's a bare chest with a single scale that looks like a ruby and you find this dragon and it's scales were colored crimson red with black and a bit of scarlet color mixed in with the crimson while its eyes were golden yellow with red slips pupils. I watched as this dragon dropped on top of steak breathing heavily as if it were tired as it lowered its head while it continued to breath heavily. Surtr stood up from his throne and yelled out.

"BACK TO WORK BEAST!" The dragon looked to Surtr in pain but he just raised his hand and runes on the dragons shackles glowed before the dragon shrieked in pain until Surtr lowered his hand. "UNLESS YOU WANT ANOTHER TASTE OF THAT PAIN GET BACK TO WORK!"

The dragon then latched onto the stake using its claws before spread its wings and began flying up carrying the stake. Before it could carry the stake past the ring however an all too familiar roar echoed through the area making the giants stop what they were doing and make Surtr stand up in surprise. The dragon looked towards the place where the roar came from just in time to be struck in the chest by a blast of familiar blue flames throwing the dragon off the ring and into the wall with ice forming over its body. I turned to the part of the sky where the blast came from and saw Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra flying down from the clouds towards the crater as the other dragon burst from the ice with its entire body ablaze like a monstrous nightmare as it glared at Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra. It took off out of the newly created crater towards Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra who landed on the edge of the crater glaring at the coming threat. Before it could reach my winter's wing though the runes on its shackles acted up making it roar in pain as it dropped to the ground in mid flight making Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra look down in confusion. Before they could react though Surtr stood up from his throne and ordered.


I watched in shock as the fire giants conjured spiked chains with claw like hooks at the ends of one end in their hands made of the same stone as the ones holding the other dragon and charged at Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra. All three heads let out their own respective blasts at the coming fire giants destroying some of them while leaving a large glacier on the ground. The few fire giants that were able to dodge the blast however quickly ran to the sides of Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra's heads and threw the chains over their necks. The hooks sunk into the ground before the giants pulled the chains down as more giants charged at them with their own chains in hand while Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra struggled. I growled and said.

"Nobody messes with my dragons!" I turned to Adal who looked ready to rip the giants to shreds. "Sick em'!"

As soon as the words left my mouth he charged down the hill towards the coming giants letting out a powerful howl as he did so drawing attention to him. They turned just in time for him to pounce on one of the giants holding the chains that held down Tundra's head before sinking his fangs into the giants' throat. The giants' body hardened into lava rock before it shattered and turned to volcanic ash, which was all the other giants needed to snap them out of their shock before they charged at Adal who swung his tail at them launching the icicles from it. Although the icicles slowed some down and killed two by impaling them in the head I could tell Adal would need help and took it as my cue to join the fight.

I jumped off the cliff while spreading my wings allowing me to glide toward them as I targeted one of the giants who was swinging his chains as he ran at Adal. As I flew over them I gave my wings a hard flap lifting me up a bit while launching multiple feathers at the back of two giants striking them in their backs making them roar in pain as I flew over them. The one coming at Adal turned to see what was happening but as he turned I dive bombed at him before releasing my wings both slowing my descent and allowing me to steer towards him. My right wing cut right through his neck decapitating him making his head fall to the ground along with his body as both turned to lava ash. Sadly this caught the attention of the other giants as I landed on the ground while releasing my crystal spear and turning my golden arm into its dragon claw form. I looked around at the giants with Adal at my side and my winter's wing behind me before I glared at them and pointed my spear at them as I said.

"Let's extinguish these flames!" Adal howled while Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra roared but continued to struggle against the chains before me and Adal charged into battle with Hiccup leading them.

Nobodies POV:

Hiccup stabbed the spear end of his spear into the ground and used it to pole vault at one of the giants who was charging at him. He landed against the giants' chest and immediately regretted it as his immunity to heat did protect him from getting burned but it didn't stop the heat from the giants' body making him feel as if he just landed on top of a burning forge. The giant raised its hand to swat him off but before it could Hiccup released his wings and stabbed the ends into the giants' chest making it roar in pain before Hiccup pulled his wings back for a moment and stabbed them in again harder. The giant fell back turning to volcanic ash as it fell but before Hiccup could get off another giant grabbed him in his big hand and lifted him up towards his face to examine him. For Hiccup it felt like he'd just been put into the flames of hell but Hiccup decided to use the opportunity to take out another one of the giants and thrust his spears spear end while extending the pole. The spear end stabbed right into the giants' throat making him drop Hiccup before grabbing his throat in pain collapsing to his knees as he slowly turned to volcanic ash while Hiccup took off to take out another giant.

He ran at another giant that was trying to attack Adal from the side swinging the chains in his hand but Hiccup slammed his spears crystal end into the ground making crystals burst from it towards the giant while channeling a light blue crystal. The giant didn't see them burst from the ground and stepped on one that just burst from the ground impaling the giants' foot. The giant roared in pain as ice quickly climbed up his body before falling back and shattering on impact while Hiccup looked to see how Adal and his winters wing was handling things.

As Hiccup turned to them he saw Adal was taking down another one of the giants using by launching icicles into its upper torso stabbing it in the heart. Another two charged at him from the side but he quickly turned to them and threw them back with his sonic howl. He was doing his best to keep the giants away from Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra who were still struggling against the chains but throwing the giants back with wing blasts, strikes from their tail or blasts from their heads. While all of this was happening Surtr watched from his throne with a frown on his face seeing so many of his kind falling to a mere mortal and his pets. He turned to the large dragon and raised his hand signaling it to get back to work before the dragon took hold of the stake and began lifting it again.

As Hiccup downed another fire giant by throwing three of his scimitars throwing knives that activated their lunar mirage ability while channeling an ice crystal making them freeze up. These combined abilities killed the giant when they stabbed into the giants' body before a familiar whistling sound echoed through the crater. All eyes turned to see where the sound came from just in time for a single fire giant to get a plasma blast to the face, which sadly only succeeded, in annoying him slightly. Hiccup smiled as Toothless came to land in front of him and said.

"Perfect timing bud!" Toothless growled. "Hey I know I said I'd call you guys but Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra made an appearance and attacked them before we could do a full examination." He tilted his head. "The giants then began attacking him using chains that from what I can tell aren't easy for him to remove." They were brought out of their conversation when Blizzard let out a screech as he barely dodged a fire giant attempt to grab him before blasting it in the face making it roar in annoyance. "We'll pick this up later!" He quickly pulled his spear back into his arm and mounted Toothless. "For now, let's take on these over grown torches."

He growled and nodded before they took off to take on the fire giants but as they flew to help their comrades the stake once more fell from the sky. Like before it fell right through the ring and down the hole before a few seconds passed and then came the shockwave. This one more powerful than the last throwing Adal and all the air born dragons away while Hiccup did his best to hold onto Toothless only to be slammed into the craters wall. The last image he saw before he blacked out completely was Surtr rising from his throne as he looked down at Hiccup with a cruel smile on his face.

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