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Katniss POV:

It's the night before the 74th Hunger Games.I wake with a layer of sweat on my body and my sheets tangled around my legs. I decide I need walk, and get up. I get in the elevator, and choose a floor. How about two, I think, Let's be adventurous Katniss. Slowly, I creep around the halls of the second floor. All of a sudden, I hear a scream come out of a room.

"Cato!" I freeze, and whip my head around. I scurry back to the elevator, and hit twelve as fast as I can. AS the elevator shoots upwards, I find myself thinking about who had screamed. I was high pitched, so i must have been a girl. Maybe Cato was just screwing Glimmer. I walked back into my room, and fell asleep thinking about tomorrow.

(At the feast)

"CATO!" I hear a seam as Clove squires under Thresh's grasp. "CATO!" Her last breath before the rock makes contact with her temple. She done. Thank goodness. I get the hell out of the clearing. As I run to the forest, I think about Clove's scream. It sounded familiar. Then, it clicked. I turn around as fast as I can an run back to the cornucopia. Cato is there over Clove, sobbing and begin him to stay with him.

"I love you! Don't leave me! Please, clove! Please!" He cried.

"I- I love you, too." Clove whispers, and I hear a cannon. Cato screams, in an agony I have never heard before. It breaks my heart beyond repair. They were in love. Real love. Not like the fake love I have with Peeta. And the Games ruined it. How dare they. My heart fills with rage. HOW DARE THEY! I want to scream. A parachute comes down for Cato, and he opens it. I see him read the note, crumple it, and throw it on the ground. He runs of to the fields. Thresh is done. The once respect I had for him is gone. Gone forever. As Cato leaves, I run and pick up the note. Thresh has your bag. He is big. Kill him with this. Well, I don't have it. I keep reading. Think about your fiancé, Clove. She would want you to win. for her. For your daughter, Cammie. Don't kill yourself, like you want to. Win for them. -Enobaria. So, that's what they were. Engaged, with a daughter. The capital better watch out, because I getting out. and I'm getting out with Cato and Peeta.