Once upon a time there was a wolf. The wolf went to see a little pig. One little pig day there was sixteen pigs. And they walked to a garden to go see a bunch of wolves. And then one wolf was really, really mean. So the wolf almost ate some of them. It ate it a little bit. And then all the little pigs went to go see another mean wolf. And then they went all the way back to a real state. Every wolf every pig went to new garden that was so full of a bunch of more new pigs and wolves too. And then a dragon came.

And the dragon went to meet a new dog. And every dog went to meet some bears. The bears met lizards. The lizards met squirrels. The squirrels met Strawberries that could talk. All the animals talked to each other.

"What is that flower? What kind of flower is that?" the animals said.

There was a bunch of little kitties that they wanted to meet someone that is like a dog. They all met dogs. They played together and watched TV. The dragon met another bear that was so big that he needed to defeat it. And then they really went to go meet the big, giant bear that was nice. And then they went to go meet a prince and then a princess.

The prince met the princess. And Diego came. And then Dora and Diego's other friend and Boots went to come to another, nother garden again and it was a flower garden and the flowers were mean. Really mean! And then he went to go meet a mean kitty like that one. And then he went to meet another lizard.