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James refused to speak to me when I finally stopped crying and walked back into our room. Part of wanted to kill Danny with my bare hands for telling James what I did. Another part of me blamed myself for not telling James sooner. Yeah, he would've been upset even then, but it would've been nothing compared to how devastated he was now.

For the most part, I was tossing and turning the whole night. Every time I went to shut my eyes, Danny's harsh words and James's devastating reaction to them kept replaying in my brain.

When morning finally did come, Lydia and I decided to do another video-confessional. We figured that it would be best to get away from the boys for a few minutes or so, plus we needed to vent.

"So, we're all gonna die," I said, facing the camera. "Why? Because Danny fucking drank all of our water and ate the rest of our food before he made his exit. As if that wasn't bad enough, he also did something else…"

Lydia slowly looked up at the camera; her eyes were still bloodshot from crying non-stop, much like mine were. She'd always been so confident and carefree, but after Danny had told Jay what she did with Dave, it was like a completely different person. Never in a million years did I expect to see her so... destroyed.

"H-He… He fucking told Jay my secret," she croaked out. "A-About two years ago, I went to Danny's party and made a huge mistake... I-I got drunk and slept with Dave, James's brother. I-I never told… anyone about it…. Dave and Danny were the only ones who knew… And I feel so fucking stupid for thinking that McDouchebag was gonna keep quiet about it… T-To this day, I still regret it, because…. B-Because, for six years now, I've been in love with Jay… And Jay, if you do end up watching this… Now you know, and if you end up hating me forever, I-I'll understand…. I just wanted you to know I really feel about you…"

She clasped a hand over her mouth and started to sob again. I looked at the camera, tears already begging to flow down my face. "I-I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but… I hate Danny… I hate him so fucking much… James tried to tell me that he was nothing but trouble, but I wouldn't listen… I really thought he was my friend, but I was wrong… Because friends don't tell your husband-to-be that you aborted their child last year…. Yeah, Danny is that cold… You see, James had mentioned many times that he wanted kids someday, but I, on the other hand, wasn't ready for them. So, w-when I found out that I was pregnant; I didn't know what to do. I-I knew that I wasn't ready to be a mother, and t-that was when I had to make a choice: keep it or get rid of it. You can already guess which route I took… It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, a-and I could hardly live with myself when it was all over... I'm so sorry James… Y-You… You deserve better…"

Lydia wrapped her arms around me as tight as she could as we both continued to sob harder. I didn't know if I could do this any longer. I didn't want to give up, but I don't think I could take another minute of James looking at me with such sheer devastation and hate.

We all stood around the small white table, and Seth brought out the same box of matches that we'd used before.

"I think we all remember how this works," Seth said, lighting one of the matches and swiftly shaking it out. "Whoever gets the burnt match has to go to one of Franco's neighbors houses, get us some food and some water."

"No-ho-ho!" Craig shook his head. "No, I'm not going first!"

"I'll go first," James spoke up, raising his arms dramatically.

"Thank you," Seth said, holding the matches out to him. "Very mature of you. Thank you."

James kept his eyes closed as he took the match. He was safe; the tip was red. He punched the air and yelled, "Yes!" Then he quickly calmed down and muttered, "Sorry."

Seth patted him on the shoulder and said, "Good job." He looked over at Jonah, who looked awful. His skin was deathly pale and he appeared to be very out of it. "You okay Jonah?"

"What's that?" Jonah mumbled.

"You okay?" Seth repeated.

"Yeah," Jonah said monotonically. "Just bad sleep. Crazy dream."

"Here, Jonah." Seth held the matches out to him, and Jonah took one from the pile. His was red as well and he quickly dropped it down on the table.

"Anastasia," Seth said, handing me the pile. I reached out and took one of the matches and turned it around to look at the tip. It was red.

"Hallelujah," I breathed, although I wasn't entirely sure if I should feel guilty or thankful.

"Lydia." Seth turned to her and heled out the matches. With a sigh, she leaned forward and plucked one out. Hers was red too.

Seth, Jay, and Craig shifted uncomfortably, with Craig yelling, "Shit!" Now it was down to all three of them, and one of them was going outside.

"Craigers, you feeling lucky?" Seth asked, passing the matches to him. "Will history repeat itself?" Not this time, because Craig's match was red.

It was down to Jay and Seth. James patted Seth on the back and said, "You got this, dawg." Lydia rolled her eyes and patted Jay on the shoulder and said, "You've got this, don't worry." Even after all the harsh things he said to her, Lydia was still willing to make things right with Jay.

Seth held out the final two matches to Jay, who closed his eyes as he reached for one. His eyes shot open as he pulled out the match of his choice. Jay's match was red also.

"Seth, no! Not you!" James wailed, throwing his match down in frustration. Craig, Lydia, Jonah, Jay, and I, on the other hand, stayed quiet. We didn't want Seth to go out there either, but one of us had to do it.

Seth sighed. "I'm not going."

"What?!" Lydia and Jay spat in unison.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?!" I fumed.

"I'm not going!" Seth insisted. "I'm bowing out. I'm declining to go!"

"What?" Jay repeated.

"Er, let me break it down for you," Seth retorted. "I'm not fucking going!"

"You are definitely going!" Jay asserted. He looked at us. "Tell him he's fucking going!"

"Tell you what," Seth snapped. "Why don't you fucking go, Mr. Self-Righteous? You're constantly saying what assholes we are and how good you are. You go get us some fucking water!"

"Oh, fuck you, Seth!" Lydia said acidly. "You're nothing but a spineless pussy!"

"No, no, it's okay, Lydia," Jay said. He snapped his match in half and looked at Seth. "I will go, because I have something called honor."

"That's good. Yeah, you're very honorable," Seth muttered sarcastically.

"That was really uncalled for, Seth," Lydia snapped, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Oh, like you're any better, Lydia!" James said harshly. "You fucked my brother and probably a bunch of other guys in Hollywood! You've been boarded more times than the Amtrak!"

A loud, sharp SNAP echoed throughout the house, causing all of us to gasp at what just happened. Lydia shook her hand a few times and glared at James, her eyes now watering at his cruel words.

"You know what, Franco," she snarled. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time now and I think it's about fucking time you heard it: I sincerely hope you rot in hell."

"Right back at ya, Lydia," he replied coolly, clutching his cheek. He looked at me for support, but I turned away from him. I wasn't siding with him this time because what he just said was really low.

Craig cleared his throat. "I'll go with you, Jay."

"Really?" Jay asked, sounding touched. "Is this because of our pact upstairs?"

"Nah," Craig shook his head. "Cause you got them skinny-ass arms. You couldn't carry enough to feed a hamster."

"I'll go too," Lydia declared. "You guys are gonna need all the help you can get."

"I doubt they need that kind of help," James muttered under his breath.

Lydia flipped him off with both hands and then turned to Jay and Craig. "Okay, let's grab some garbage bags to put the food and water in and some weapons."

Once they had everything they needed, they stood in front of the doors and James told them where the nearest house was.

I hurried over to them and gave them each a big hug. "Be careful out there, okay? Promise me that no matter what, you'll all come back in one piece."

Craig nodded. "Don't worry, we've got this."

"I promise we won't die," Jay said. "Now, let's get that money."

"Let's do it," Lydia agreed. Jay leaned forward and pushed the door open, smoke immediately flowing into the house.

"Out and to the left," James told them. All three of them nodded in response and walked out the door, which James quickly shut behind them.

Blowing out a sigh, I went over to one of the sofas and sat down. James and Seth had gone upstairs. Jonah, on the other hand, well… To say that he still wasn't all the way there would be a complete understatement.

He was pacing around the house, all pale and sweaty and not saying a word. This was really starting to freak me out. I wouldn't tell if he was just getting sick or if he was in some kind of trance.

"Jonah, you okay?" I asked, snapping my fingers a few times to get his attention. "What's wrong? Are you sick or something?"

He didn't answer me. What he did next, though, nearly gave me a heart-attack. Jonah collapsed, hitting the floor with a loud thud.

"JONAH!" I screamed, rising from the couch and running over to him. Kneeling down beside him, I checked to see if he was still breathing… He was, but just barely.

"FUCK!" I screamed, looking up at the stairs. "JAMES! SETH! HELP! JONAH'S ON THE VERGE OF DEATH!"

It only took about ten seconds for both of them to come stampeding down the stairs.

"Oh, fuck!" Seth yelled.

"Is he okay?!" James demanded.

"Clearly, he's not!" I shrieked, breathing heavily. "He just… He just collapsed out of the blue!"

"Dude! Jonah!" Seth, yelled, clapping his hands in front of Jonah's face. "What the fuck?! What do we do?! Do either of you know First-Aid or anything?!"

James shook his head. "No! I-I suck at First-Aid!"

"I think he's got low blood sugar!" I yelled helplessly.

"Shit!" Seth exclaimed. "He's having an LBS episode! Go get the Milky Way!"

"I'll get the Milky Way!" James announced, immediately making a beeline for the kitchen.

"Come on, Jonah!" I hollered. "Hang in there, dammit!"

"I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it! Open his mouth!" James ran back into the living room, gripping the Milky Way in his hand. "Open his mouth! Open his mouth! Open his mouth! I'll get this in there!"

Leaning forward, I grabbed Jonah's chin and yanked his mouth open. "Wake up, Jonah! Please, wake up!"

James pressed the Milky Way against Jonah's lips, but Jonah wasn't eating it. "Jonah. Milky Way, Jonah!"

"It's not fucking working, man!" Seth yelled. "What the fuck?!"

"How do we get it in there?!" James pressed.

"Chew it up and spit in his mouth like a baby bird!" Seth suggested.

James took a bite and leaned over so he was positioned over Jonah's mouth. To our astonishment, he wound up swallowing a few seconds later.

"You just swallowed it, man!" Seth shouted in disbelief.

"It's so good!" James shot back.

"Give me a bite!" Seth barked, grabbing it from James and taking a bite. "Mmm! The second it hits your mouth is, like, amazing!"

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" I scowled, yanking it out of his hand. "I'll do it!"

I leaned down again so my mouth was just a couple inches away from Jonah's. Seth and James held his mouth open while I allowed some Milky Way saliva to drool out of my mouth.

Before I could get the spit into his mouth however, his head shot up and he began to recite a language I'd never even heard of before. His voice was different as well, it sounded very robotic and inhuman. We all screamed in fear and jumped back.

Jonah started convulsing on the floor, not letting up on muttering said unknown language.

"What's that?!" Seth murmured.

"That's Hebrew!" James said.

"I'm pretty sure it's Latin not Hebrew!" I said. "I would know; I took a few classes back in college!"

"Yeah, I went to Hebrew school for six years!" Seth yelled. "That's not Hebrew!"

Jonah's head suddenly snapped up, his eyes shooting open to reveal bright green irises. "You will drown in a river of blood," he growled. "The End of Days is here! You will quiver in the shadow of Kingdom Come! Judgment Day is upon you! The apocalypse is nigh!" His head sunk down and his eyes closed.

"Holy.. .fuck…." I murmured, looking at the boys. All three of us had nothing but pure fear and shock written all over our faces.

Something brown and slimy began to ooze out of Jonah's mouth. James, Seth, and I stood around him, completely unsure of what to do at this point to save him.

"What is that?" Seth cringed. "Is that bile?"

James ran his finger across Jonah's cheek, swatching some of the mysterious gunk onto his fingertip.

"I don't know," James answered, inspecting it. "It's cold."

"Sniff it," Seth said.

"No!" James shook his head and held his finger out to Seth. "You sniff it!"

Seth leaned forward and smelled it, nearly puking after doing so. "It smells like puke!"

"Ew!" James started to wipe it on Seth's shirt.

Out of nowhere, Jonah sat up again and sprayed all three of us in a shower of dark green vomit. Despite our attempts to shield ourselves to avoid getting it all over us, we ended up drenched head to toe in the stuff. When Jonah was finally done, I did not hesitate in trying to get it out of my eyes and mouth.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I screeched, rubbing my eyes and spitting out some of the remains.

"It's in my eyes!" James yelled, his hands flying up to wipe his face.

"This is so fucked up!" I screamed.

"You guys!" Seth yelled, cutting off our protests. "He's gone!"

"Where is he?!" I demanded, looking around.

"He's fucking gone!" Seth wailed.

"Of course, it all makes sense now!" I hollered, still looking around for Jonah. "Pale skin, different voice, bright green eyes, speaking in tongues…. Jonah's fucking possessed!"

"Bullshit!" James yelled. "I think you've just seen one too many horror movies!"

"James, this isn't the time for your pretentious comebacks!" I shot back.

James ignored me and began to shout Jonah's name repeatedly. Seth and I did the same and looked around for him. Where the hell did he go?!

"Jonah, stop this!" Seth yelled. "Please!"

"Jonah, where the fuck are you?!" James shouted.

"Jonah, get your crazy ass out here!" I hollered. Before I knew it, Jonah appeared out of nowhere, grabbed James by his shoulders and threw him against the sofas. Jonah jumped on him and began to gnaw on his face.

"Jonah, please stop!" I cried. "You need to snap out of it! This isn't you!"

"Bad Jonah!" Seth lectured. "Stop eating him!" Jonah looked over his shoulder and hissed at Seth. Suddenly, he got to his feet and lunged at Seth.

"Watch out!" James yelled. "He's super strong!" But his warnings were too late and Jonah shoved Seth with so much force that he was sent sliding across the floor and almost fell down the hole to the basement.

As much as I wanted to help him, I was currently in the middle of trying to haul James to his feet without falling over (due to us both being covered in vomit and all). However, as soon as we walked onto the hardwood floor, he slipped and dragged me down with him.

"Fuck, are you alright?!" James asked, as I rolled onto my back.

"Never better!" I nodded, both of us holding on to each other as we scrambled to our feet.

Seth was trying to get Jonah off of him, and at one point Jonah threatened to titty-fuck Seth and asked if his man-titties were big Bs or small Cs. Great, as if Seth's agoraphobia wasn't severe enough already.

Seth retaliated quickly and punched Jonah off him, causing him to land flat on his back.

"I'll get you something to help!" James yelled, while I ran into the kitchen to look for any weapons to hold off Jonah. I spotted a broom in the corner and grabbed it. By the time I returned, James had tosses a stool to Seth, but Seth didn't react quick enough and was hit with said stool. Jonah got to his feet and ran towards Seth.

"Leave him alone, you motherfucker!" I yelled, hitting the back of Jonah's head and back repeatedly with the metal side of the broom. Jonah whipped around and his arm struck my chest, sending me flying backwards. My head slammed against the wall and instant pain shot through my body.

Just when I thought that Jonah was gonna finish me off, James ran over and helped me to my feet. The room was still spinning and I could barely walk, so he wrapped a supporting arm around my shoulders as we ran upstairs. Apparently, Jonah had also thrown Seth through the second floor railings and now he was groaning in pain on the floor. Thankfully, he managed to get to his feet as Jonah suddenly let out a roar downstairs.

"Fuck!" I screamed. "We've gotta hide!"

We ran into James and I'd bedroom and looked around for a decent hiding spot.

"We gotta hide! He's coming! He's coming!" James wailed.

"We know he's coming!" Seth said. "I don't know what the fuck to do!"

"Let's hide in here!" I said, pointing to the closet. They both nodded, and we ended up standing behind all James and I's clothes. Since I had heels on, I had to bend my knees in order to fully hide behind the clothes.

Jonah walked into the room and started looking around for us. I just prayed he wouldn't check the closet…

"Please go away," Seth whimpered.

"He's sniffing," James said.

I was silent for about four or five seconds, and then Seth started to breathe as loud as he could through his mouth.

"You're breathing really loud!" James hissed.

"Am I?" Seth replied.

"Shut the fuck up, Seth!" I hissed.

"Don't breathe through your mouth!" James told him.

"Okay." Seth closed his mouth, only to start breathing through his nose.

"Dammit, Seth!" I growled.

"I'm sorry!" he said. "I don't know where else to breathe from!" He started switching back and forth between breathing through his mouth and nose.

That's when Jonah turned his attention towards the closet. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT SHIT! We're dead. We're beyond dead. We tried to hide ourselves with the clothes as Jonah moved closer, but it was useless.

Jonah reached for the door handle, and Seth immediately charged forward with a scream and shoved Jonah to the floor. I kicked Jonah in the stomach and head a few times for good measure before turning around and sprinting after the boys.

We were so anxious to get down the stairs that we ended up tripping and tumbling down them. We landed in a pile at the bottom of the stairs, groaning in pain and struggling to get up.

"You guys okay?!" James asked us as we sat up.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I nodded, clambering to my feet. "We need to get the fuck out of here and find Jay, Craig, and Lydia!"

"Let's go!" James said, helping Seth up as well who kept saying, "Okay!"

Before we could open the front doors however, they were suddenly yanked open to reveal a screaming and panicked Craig, Jay, and Lydia.

"What the fuck?!" Seth yelled. "What are you doing?!"

"There's a fucking demon chasing us!" Craig shouted

"And it nearly ripped us to shreds!" Lydia shrieked.

"A demon?!" James, Seth, and I exclaimed in unison. We were officially in Hell now. All these demons roaming the Earth were living proof of it.

"What the fuck happened to you guys?!" Jay questioned, looking us over.

"That!" Seth said, pointing to something to the side of us. We turned and saw Jonah wobbling towards us, ready to attack.

"It's Jonah!" James shouted. "He's-He's possessed!"

Jay stepped forward and swung the bat he was still wielding, hitting Jonah square in the face with it.

"Oh, fuck!" Seth yelled. "You brained him!"

"Is that… I was supposed to do that, right?" Jay asked uncertainly.

A couple seconds later, Jonah hissed at us again and Jay hit him in the nose again, knocking him unconscious for good this time.

"Motherfucker!" Jay snapped.

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