I got a reviewer that told me the assistant should be Briarlight, the host Dovewing and the antagonists Lionblaze and Firestar. I should make a poll so it's easier, but it doesn't matter. Well, hope you like my chapter!

Previously in the show...

Fastblaze: Why would you do that?

Lionblaze: You hurt our feelings now, you shall pay!

(everyone gasps)

Tigerstar: We got guns!

(shows them guns)

Lionblaze: And we also have a she-cat attractor so that they like us!

(she-cats gasp)

Right now...

(she-cats gasp)

Dovewing: It's the end of the show!

(everyone panics and runs in circles)

Fastblaze: We will not let you do such a thing! The attractor is the worst thing somebody could do!

Dovewing: (whispering to Fastblaze) And take the studio?

Fastblaze: (whispering to Dovewing) Oh. Right. (talking normally to Lionblaze and Tigerstar) And take the studio!

(Dovewing face-paws herself)

Fastblaze: Dovewing, get attacking!

Dovewing: Why?

Fastblaze: We should attack them! Everyone! Attack!

(everyone except Lionblaze and Tigerstar start attacking)

Lionblaze: I don't think this is going to end well.

Tigerstar: I think so too, Dr. Lion Blaze and .

Lionblaze: What did I tell you about saying tha-

(everyone attacks Lionblaze and Tigerstar)

Meanwhile, at the apprentices and kits den...

(the kits and apprentices watch with popcorn and candy the fight)

Back at the studio...

(the cats stop attacking)

Fastblaze: Wait! Lionblaze and Tigerstar are missing!

(everyone gasps)

Dovewing: I see 'em! (looks up) Up!

Briarlight: Up?

(everyone looks up)

(Lionblaze and Tigerstar are flying with jet packs)

Lionblaze: We'll return!

Tigerstar: We will?

Lionblaze: YES, WE WILL!

(the jet packs malfunction)

Lionblaze: Oh, brother...

(the jet packs start flying up at maximum speed)

Lionblaze: (screaming as he flies away) Curse you, Fastblaze the cat!

Tigerstar: (screaming as he flies away with Lionblaze) And Dovewing too!

(Lionblaze and Tigerstar crash on top of Jayfeather who was in a dump with Mapleshade)

(Mapleshade fidgets and attacks them)

Back at the studio...

Fastblaze: For your help cats, we will play one game of...

Dovewing and Fastblaze: The Game...

(everyone cheers loudly)

Fastblaze: Briarlight! Spin the Cat-Choose-Inator!

Briarlight: Yes, ma'am!

(Briarlight spins it)

Dovewing: And the cat chosen is...

(everyone stares at the spin-wheel)

Fastblaze: The cat chosen is... Cloudtail!

(everyone cheers)

(Cloudtail is pushed to the stage)

Cloudtail: Am I in Fastblaze's Truth Game Show? Oh my goodness!

Fastblaze and Dovewing: Yes. Yes you are!

(Cloudtail screams a fangirl scream)

Fastblaze: Ok, Cloudtail. Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise?

Everybody: Oooooooooh...

Cloudtail: Kiss! No, no... I mean, Dare!

Fastblaze: You've already chosen!

Dovewing: Or you'll get torture...

Everyone: Oooooooohh...

Fastblaze: Kiss Daisy in front of Brightheart!

Everyone: Oooooooooh...

Fastblaze: Stop ''ooooing''!

(everyone stops)

Dovewing: Bring Daisy and Brightheart, please!

(they bring Brightheart and Daisy)

Daisy: I was watching the show with the queens and now I'm here?

(both scream a fangirl scream)

Dovewing: Do it, Cloudtail!

Everyone: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

(Cloudtail kisses Daisy and Brightheart faints)

(Brightheart revives and attacks Cloudtail and Daisy)

Briarlight: Wait! We need to make this more interesting!

(Briarlight gets Jayfeather's herbs and the three fighting cats roll over them)

Jayfeather: (appearing out of nowhere) Hey!

(everyone stampedes over Jayfeather and his herbs and the fighting cats)

Fastblaze: (slow-clapping) Bravo, Briarlight. You certainly made this more interesting!

(the Dark Forest and StarClan crash down on the studio)

StarClan: If Cloudtail dies he'll come here!

Yellowfang: Send him to the Dark Forest, then!

Dark Forest cats: What did we ever do to deserve this?

Bluestar: Yoy almost killed all the Clans, you trained Clan cats to betray their Clanmates...

Spottedleaf: Whatev. StarClan attack!

Brokenstar: Dark Forest attack!

(the clans joined the fight)

And so, the second fight against the dark forest was done.

Everyone died, except the studio who used magic to revive them.

Everyone except Cloudtail.

(StarClan and the Dark Forest scream so much Cloudtail becomes deaf and he revives and gets carried by a hawk)

(the hawk drops Cloudtail on Jayfeather who was rolling on his herbs)

Jayfeather: Hey!

Cloudtail: What?

Snowkit: (flying with a hawk grabbing him) What?

Cloudtail: What?

Snowkit: What?

(Jayfeather runs and crashes with the studio)

(the studio stands up and begins to party)

Inside the studio...

Fastblaze: Great idea, Briarlight! Let's party!

Everyone: Yeah!

(everyone begins to dance Gangman Style, including the studio)

So, that's it for today. Maybe I'll do another chapter today, but don't forget we need more votes for host, assistant and antagonists. You can see the list in Chapter 1. Hollyleaf can still be voted as second host, if she wins, Dovewing will take her place as judge.

Fastblaze is a strong ginger pelted she-cat with emerald green eyes. Sorry for mentioning that on the third chapter, but it's better than nothing. So, hope you enjoyed it.