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Chapter 1

Looking at herself in the mirror, Sakura brushed her hair down and smiled. Today's a new day, Sakura, the brown-haired female thought to herself as she gave herself a once over. She ran down the stairs of her apartment and locked the doors behind her. Looking through the parking lot, she spotted her white Prius and quickly ran towards the vehicle, noticing that she was making herself late for her first day of work due to her lax behaviour.

Sakura jumped in the car and checked the time, realising she had 10mins to get somewhere that's a 35min drive away. And this was the rush hour. Her new manager was not going to be amused in the slightest.

The journey was… agonising. The poor female sat in the car, stuck in immovable traffic for a total of 50mins. Sakura's phone begun to ring; she looked down and saw the name of her Manager: Mr. Kurogane.

Sakura put the phone on loudspeaker and braced herself for the phone call that was about to happen.

"Good morning Manager" Sakura put on her usual fun, playful and friendly voice, hoping it would help diffused the inevitable situation

"You're late, girl" The deep, husky voice on the other end of the phone sent Sakura into complete shock.

"Yes, yes I know. I am sorry, sir. I'm stuck in traffic"

"You have 20mins. Thank my right hand man for allowing you this time" The call dropped. Sakura nodded and proceeded focussing on the barely moving traffic ahead of her, realising that because her work-place was on a one-way road, she could not take any shortcuts to get there.

Sakura sighed and shuddered, hoping she wasn't going to lose the job that Syaoran was able get her (with a lot of butt-kissing). After another 6mintues, she realised that the traffic was moving and finally, she saw the huge building that was owned by her corporation.

'I cannot believe that I will be working for Dimension's Incorporated' Sakura whispered to herself as she drove up to the parking area to her work place.

Walking in, she received loads of warm greetings from all of the workers that had been hired for a few years. She smiled and returned the greetings, nodding and waving at various people as she made her way to the manager's room.

The brown-haired girl stood, readying herself for the conversation she was about to have with her Manager. This was something she was not looking forward to, seen as she was 50mins late…

"Kinomoto, hurry up and get in here. You're late" Kurogane's voice was heard from the other side of the door. Sakura pushed the door open, taking a deep breath as she did so. There, in the chair in the middle of a room, behind a desk, sat a blonde haired, slim male. Skin that looked the same consistency of porcelain; including the fragility. His eyes, however, were duo-toned. One striking, ice blue. Whereas the other iris was golden with a slit for a pupil. Sakura was mesmerised as she tried to put the face to the voice. The blonde man smiled a huge grin, and said "You're late. Come in"

Sakura hesitantly walked into the room and sat down, feigning a smile for her 'boss'. She looked the blonde in the eyes, trying to work out why this man's eyes were so different. The male infront of her interlinked his fingers and rested his chin on the back of his new hand-cradle. Sakura could not take her eyes of this man. She was completely absorbed by his presence.

"My eyes? I have Hetrochromia. I was born with it" Kurogane's voice came from this man's mouth again. The blue/golden eyed man looked at Sakura and began to chuckle. Then hysterically laugh.

"I'm just pulling your leg. I'm Fai. D. Flourite. Kurogane's Assistant" The voice had changed to a much younger, refined and fitting voice. Sakura sighed and smiled. She knew the voice didn't add up to the face. After a few moments of breathing, Sakura heard a rustling from under the desk and saw Kurogane's dark hair pop up from underneath the desk. "And here's the real Kurogane" Fai winked and got up, sitting in the chair next to Sakura.

"Don't look at me like that. That idiot, Fai, makes me do stupid things all the time. It's not me. It's him" Kurogane grumbled lazily as he searched the computer for Sakura's files and assignments.

"So, as you've been appointed as leading lady for the firm, I'm going to assume you have a lot of magical power locked in you somewhere?" Fai smiled at Sakura, tilting his head.

"Yeah, I do, I guess" Sakura blushed a little, still feeling completely captivated by the blonde that had tricked her moments ago. There was something about him that she just could not shake. "I'm the… Um… I have… Let's just say many dimensions contain me" Sakura scratched her head, unsure how to speak without sounding as though she was boasting.

"You sound interesting. Kuro-pii please can I take her under my wing?" Fai fluttered his eyelashes, expecting it to grab the attention of the manager who was completely engulfed in his work. It didn't work, Kurogane didn't even turn his head to look at the Blonde.

"No" Kurogane continued to type on his computer, setting things out for Sakura.

"Please please please, Kuro-popo" Fai's eyes became huge, with tears welling up as he tried to convince the raven-haired manager to accept his pleas.


"Kuro-rin. Stop being so selfish! Please, I wanna look after her. I will, I'll look after her, I promise" Fai grabbed Sakura by her shoulder and hugged her tight, still trying to grab the attention of Kurogane.

"Psh. Please. You can't even look after yourself. No." Kurogane printed out an entire binder of documents for Sakura and handed the quite female the huge folder. "Kinomoto, if he starts to get annoying, let me know" With a wave of a hand, Kurogane dismissed the two, so that he could get back at his work.

"Please?" Fai stood as Sakura stood, towering over her

"No, Fai."

Sakura and Fai got to the door and Fai turned around, asking again.

"Pleaseeeeee?" Fai made a last attempt to ask, before opting to take a different approach.


"Well, I'm going to dismiss whoever you have appointed her and I'll take over then" Fai closed the door behind him, feeling being forceful was the only way he was going to get his own way. Kurogane could be as stubborn as a mule when he wanted to be.

"NO!" Both Sakura and Fai giggled as they heard Kurogane's voice through the closed door.

"C'mon Sakura, let's get your things set up" Fai led Sakura to her desk and helped her get the ropes of everything that needed to be done for the day.