Chapter 4

Sakura sat down in a dream world of grey, kneeling with her eyes calmly closed. She opened her eyes to see a younger her with a star staff making her way into the bubble.

"Please, you must tell him to be free. His former master's life is destroying my world!" The younger, star-staffed Sakura spoke, tears in her eyes.

"Tell who? I must tell who to be free?" Still on her knees, Sakura's heart panged as she saw the other version of herself crying.

"Him. You must tell him. Please, tell him…" The Star-staff begun to disintegrate, alongside with its owner. Within seconds, Sakura was there alone. She sat there quietly, readying herself to meditate to try and bring the other Sakura back. Just as she was about to start, a voice begun to resound in the bubble she was in, absorbing all of her senses.

"Sakura, you must, you must wake up" The voice of the Dimensional Witch echoed within Sakura's eardrums.

"But I must stay. I must help the other me. I must talk to her"

"Sakura, you being awake is the wish of a person. Awaken. You will meet her new another time. Open your eyes, child. Open your eyes to see the wish of another come true…"

Sakura's eyes fluttered open to see the body of Fai being held by two royal guards, a sword at his neck held by the king.

"Sakura, you are awake" Both men spoke simultaneously. When they realised, they looked at one another and grimaced, expressing their own disapproval.

Sakura looked at the two men in confusion, trying to remember what had happened before she fell asleep.

"Fai, what's going on?" Sakura drew nearer to Fai, hugging him. She looked at the King and felt afraid, very nervous. His aura was unbearably intimidating.

"I have to sacrifice my life to save yours." Fai said, grabbing the edge of the sword closer to his neck; His face solemn, expressionless and stern. "It's my price"

The king grinned, revelling in the power that he had, knowing that Fai was a Wizard. The King lifted the large sword in his hand, and as he was about to bring it down on the back of the neck of the pale mage, Sakura shot up, right in front of the sword and used her body as a barricade.

"No" she assertively spoke, throwing her arms up in the way of the sword. A wave of spiritual force pushing the sword out of the King's hand. Sakura's eyes grew sinister as she looked at the king, arms down at her side. "If it's me you want. Don't be a coward and kill people for it. Ask me." Sakura continued, breathing heavily.

The king chuckled, standing with his back against the wall "Well, apostate. Either come with me to my chambers or both your friend and you will be beheaded in front of the entire kingdom" The king begun to increase the proximity between himself and Sakura whilst speaking "You have just broken the law" the king grabbed the arm of Sakura and pulled her closer to him "You decide." The man smiled, looking at the brunette.

Sakura winced as the king's hand begun to cause her pain and glanced at a restricted Fai. She looked the blonde haired mage in his eyes; feeling the weight of her heart increase as she felt the emptiness that was once inside, fill. She knew love with half-blooded mages was forbidden for dream seers. But, you cannot choose who you love.

Sakura turned and looked at the king and, with a straight face, nodded; immediately being dragged away by the king. Tears filled her eyes as she heard the voice of Fai shriek her name until she was out of ear-shot.

Fai continued to scream Sakura's name as he tried to follow her, only to be restrained by the two guards that were originally holding him. After he realised his attempts were futile, Fai allowed his body to go limp and, with the help from the guards, slowly sunk onto the ground and begun weeping.

"Please leave the room and let us talk in private" Fai looked up to see The Prince, Kaname, standing in the doorway.

"Excuse us, Your Majesty, but His Royal Highness told us-" One of the guards sternly spoke, only to be cut off half way.

"Do you dear defy your prince?" Prince Kaname walked into the room, slowly,his eyes growing dark and menacing and he looked both guards in the eye one by one. Both guards nodded and scuttled quickly out of the room, closing the door behind them.

The prince took hold of Fai's hand and knelt down beside him, before speaking softly.

"Please, help me save my kingdom"

Fai looked up to see the young Prince's eyes pleading as he held Fai's hand tight.

"Please. You and your friend are our only hope. I have your talking toy" The prince went into his cloak and pulled out a sleeping Mokona who was adorned with a miniature crown, a velvet, red cloak with white leopard neck-hemming and a cat expression flitted across its face. "She was a pleasure to get to know"

Fai nodded and smiled, placing Mokona on his lap before proceeding "What's going on?"

The prince clicked his fingers and every window, door and chest in the room locked, as a strong gust of wind made its way around the room before immediately settling. Kaname looked at Fai and his eyes flashed from the crisp brown colour they were, to a golden, sun-set colour; only to set back to their original brown. Prince Kaname looked at Fai with a light smirk on his face and proceeded to crawl towards the mage as he bore his fangs at Fai.