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Beca grabbed her computer bag and looked at the university that would be her home for the next year or four years. She sighed. She didn't want to be here at all, she wanted to be in a plane to LA, but her father had made her go there.

She was grateful for the fact that there was a man in a yellow shirt from the university that would carry her bags, otherwise she wouldn't be able to carry them.

She jumped when a blonde woman came to her with a cheery speech, welcoming her to Barden University.

Beca was too busy paying attention to a guy that was singing a song out loud in a car nearby. Sure, the guy seemed like a sweet guy, but he did look like a dork.

"…here's your official BU rape whistle. Don't blow it unless it's actually happening." The blonde said.

Beca smirked, putting the whistle on her mouth, grabbing her computer bag before following the directions the blonde gave her.

Opening the door to her dorm, she saw it was… small. Her roommate was unpacking her stuff when she came in. Cool, I have a roommate too.

Beca tried to communicate with her roommate, whose name she knew was Kimmy Jin, but the Asian girl didn't say anything to her, just glared at her.

Beca was working on her latest mix, when a voice spoke from behind the door,

"This is campus police! Hide your wine coolers!"

The door opened and Beca's father popped his head in, laughing with a goofy face.

"It's just your old man… making a funny." He said.

"Chris Rock, everybody." I mumbled.

"I just came here to check on you." He said in a softer tone.

Beca stopped what she was doing and turned to face him.

"I'm fine." She said. "I honestly don't need you monitoring me."

"I just worry, Beca." Dr. Mitchell shrugged and turned to Kimmy Jin. "Hi, you must be Beca's roommate, I'm Dr. Mitchell, Beca's dad." The girl just stared at him. "I teach Comparative Literature here." Kimmy Jin turned back to what she was doing. "So, when did you get here? How did you get here?"

"Took a cab." Beca said. "I didn't want inconvenience you and Sheila. How is the stepmonster?"

Dr. Mitchell nodded, expecting this from his daughter.

"She is fine, thank you for asking, she's actually in Vegas, at a conference-"

"Oh, no, dad, I don't actually care, I just wanted to say stepmonster." Beca said.

"So, have you guys been out on the quad yet? In the springtime all the students study on the grass."

"I don't wanna study on the grass, dad, I need to move to LA and get a job at a record label and start paying my dues." Beca said.

"Ah, here we go again. Beca, Djing is not a profession, it's a hobby." Dr. Mitchell said. "Unless you're Rick Dees or someone awesome."

"That's not-" Beca groaned. "I wanna produce music, I wanna make music, dad."

"But you're going to get a college education first. For free, I might add, end of story." Dr. Mitchell said.

Beca rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to answer to him, when Kimmy Jin spoke as if to save her life.

"I'm going to the Activities Fair." She stood up and was out the door.

Seeing this as an opportunity to escape from her father, quickly added she was going too and followed her roommate out the door.


Beca braced herself as she walked through the fair. Kimmy Jin quickly found some sort of Korean students union and part of Beca was glad. She then continued walking alone, feeling the need to sit under a tree and stay there until her father decided to stop acting like she was a baby. She understood that he still saw her as a twelve-year-old, but that was annoying most of the times.

On a stand nearby, Chloe and Aubrey just stopped talking to a girl who named herself Fat Amy and they were still worried. After Aubrey threw up on the stage last year, nobody wanted to audition for the Barden Bellas and they needed people more than ever.

"I can't believe it, no one wants to audition!" Aubrey said.

"Well." Chloe shrugged. "We need to find girls and we need to find girls fast."

"Yeah." Aubrey said. "I just hope we don't get another Fat Amy."

"Aubrey, be nice, the girl was a good singer." Chloe said. "We should stop worrying about them being hot and just get… good singers."

"No, the Bellas were always attractive, we'll stick to tradition." Aubrey said.

"Aubrey, we need girls, we can't be picky." Chloe said and spotted an alternative looking girl and something in her got the redhead's attention. She couldn't pinpoint what and before she could stop herself, she was saying, "What about her?"

Aubrey looked at the girl Chloe was pointing at and didn't like what she saw.

"I don't know, she looks a little too alternative for us." Aubrey looked at Chloe, hoping she'd understand.

As Beca approached them, Chloe handed out a flyer.

"Hi, any interested in joining out a capella group?" Chloe asked.

Beca looked at the flyer.

"Oh, right! This is like a thing now." Beca said, staring at the two, but especially the redhead.

"Oh, totes!" Chloe said. "We sing covers of songs but we do it without any instruments, it's all from our mouths."

"Yikes." Beca said.

"There's four groups on campus. The Bellas, that's us, we're the tits." Chloe said. "The BU Harmonics, they sing a lot of Madonna, the High Notes, they're not particularly motivated." Chloe pointed both groups, none of them catching Beca's attention, though. "And then there's…" Chloe trailed off, pointing at the Treblemakers as they sang Let It Whip. She then turned to the brunette.

Beca stared at the boys then looked back at the two girls.

"So, are you interested?" Chloe asked with a smile.

"Sorry, it's just it's pretty lame." Beca said.

"A-ca-scuse me?" the blonde asked, offended Beca would say something like that. "Synchronized lady dancing to the Mariah Carey chart chopper is not lame." Aubrey said.

"We sing all over the world and compete in National championships." Chloe said.

"On purpose?" Beca asked. Chloe nodded.

"We played the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, you bitch!" Aubrey smiled as Chloe stopped her.

"What Aubrey means to say," Chloe eyed Aubrey. "is that we're a close knit, talented group of ladies whose dream is to return to the national finals at Lincoln Center this year." She explained. "Help us turn our dreams into a reality?"

Beca just stared at those bright blue eyes full of hope and she almost gave in. She wanted to say yes, she wanted to say she'd sing with them and help them.

"Sorry, I don't even sing, but it was really nice to meet you guys." She said and walked away.

Beca couldn't help but think to herself why she just did that. Okay, maybe she would've accepted the offer just because of the hot redhead whose name she didn't even know, but why did she say no and why did she lie?

You know why you couldn't join them, Beca. You know why. You can't afford the Caiden fiasco to happen again, if people find out your secret, no one will want to be with you or even be your friend.

Beca then spotted a stand that said 'Campus Internship' and she thought to herself she might as well get a job and get some money while she was there. Maybe it'd make things more tolerable.


Beca had her backpack as she walked towards the campus radio station. If she wanted to do something with music, she might as well stay close to music. Music was the only thing that could relax her when everything else stressed her.

Beca looked through the shelves as she entered a door and saw a lot of CD's and vinyl discos. It was a little dark, there was music playing and it was quiet. It was quite perfect! She could easily spend many hours there.

She eyed the booth and there was nobody out there.

"Hi." The guy came out of the booth and turned down the volume. "Have you been standing there long?" he asked in a British accent.

"No, I just got here, I wasn't just standing here." Beca said as he went back into the booth to grab a box full of CD's.

Beca stepped into the booth after him, but he looked at her.

"Freshmen aren't allowed in the booth." She said.

"Sorry." She said and stepped back.

"I'm Luke, station manager, you must Becky the intern?"

"Um, it's-"

Before Beca had a chance to correct him, another person entered.

"Hey man, what's up? I'm Jesse." He said, coming in.

"I'm Luke, you're late." Luke said and went over to the desk with the box of CD's in his hands.

"Hey! I know you!" Jesse said.

Beca turned to him.

"No, you don't." she said.

"Yeah, I do!"

"He doesn't." Beca looked at Luke.

"Totally know her." Jesse said to Luke as he eyed the two.

"Okay, cool, well you guys can figure it out while stacking CD's." he said, pointing the box. "When you're done, there's more. "Well, you guys will be spending a lot of downtime together so, please, just no sex on the desk." He eyed the two. "I've been burned before."

Luke walked back into the booth, leaving the two Freshmen alone.

Beca took her backpack off and put it on the ground.

"I do know you. I sang to you." Jesse said as he walked behind Beca to drop his backpack. "I remember because you were in a taxi. Wait, is your dad a taxi driver?"

"No." Beca said, shortly and Jesse nodded. She picked up a CD case, suddenly not liking this job that much. "This sucks, I wanted to play music."

"Not me. I'm here for one reason only, I really love stacking CD's." Jesse said.

Beca looked at him with a black expression.

"So what's your deal?" he asked, going to the shelves. "You're one of those girls who's all dark and mysterious and then she takes off her glasses and the amazingly scary ear spikes and you realize that, you know, she was beautiful the whole time?"

"I don't wear glasses." Beca looked up at Jesse at the end of the sentence.

"Then you're halfway there." Jesse said and she looked at him as if she was asking 'what's wrong with you?'.

Beca just shook her head and they continued to work silently. Or if Jesse spoke to her, she ignored him. Sure, he did seem like a nice guy, but he was annoying.


Beca was sleeping in her dorm while she listened to her mix, her headphones were beside her head on the pillow. She knew Kimmy Jin wouldn't like it if she listened to it out loud, and listening to it while wearing her headphones while sleeping hurt her ears, so she was satisfied with what she had now.

Dr. Mitchell came in, not bothering to say hello to Beca's roommate, since the girl never spoke to him, and went straight for her bed.

"Beca?" he sat down, poking her thigh. "Beca, wake up!"

Beca woke up and looked up at her father and groaned, sitting up.

"Funny, this doesn't look like your Intro to Philosophy class." Dr. Mitchell said.

"I'm imposing an important philosophical question." Beca said. "If I don't actually go to that class, will it still suck?"

Dr. Mitchell rolled his eyes at his daughter's antics.

"Look, honey, college is great. You get to create memories here, I see it everyday! You just have to give it a chance." Dr. Mitchell said. "You've been here, what, a month now? Do you have any friends?"

"Kimmy Jin is my friend." Beca said.

"Nope." The Asian girl quickly said and Beca glared at the back of her head.

"You gotta get out there, Bec. You gotta do something." Dr. Mitchell said, looking at his daughter's computer.

"I got a job at the radio station." Beca said.

"Oh, great, that place. It's dark and dirty and it has, what, those three weirdos who work there?" Dr. Mitchell sat down on Beca's computer desk.

"Well, four now." Beca pointed at herself.

"You gotta try something new, Bec, join one club on campus." Dr. Mitchell said. "Maybe it'll make your stay here less… torturing."

Beca looked up at him and thought they agreed on one thing.

"When is your next doctor's appointment?" he asked.

"Next week." Beca mumbled.

"Want me to go with you?"

"I can go by myself, dad, thank you. If there's any news I'll let you know." Beca said.

"Have you been taking the medication I gave you for your nausea?" Dr. Mitchell asked.

"A little nausea is not gonna kill me, dad." Beca said, annoyed as she got her towel and her shower kit.

"I just-"

"I know, you want to make sure I'm as comfortable as possible." Beca said. "Trust me, I won't get any more comfortable. I can take the nausea."

"Well." Dr. Mitchell sighed. "If you need anything, call me, you have me on speed dial, right?"

"Yes and I have the doctor as well." Beca nodded. "If something happens, you, mom and Dr. Storo will be the firsts to know."

"Alright." Dr. Mitchell nodded.

"I have a class at nine, so I'm going to take a shower." Beca announced. "See you."

"Alright, bye." Dr. Mitchell nodded and left.

Beca took off her clothes and put on her bathrobe before heading for the showers. She got Titanium stuck in her head, so she started singing it, knowing the showers were empty at this hour.

She chose a stall and put her stuff in, took off her robe and turned on the water, continuing to sing.

"You can sing!" a female voice spoke behind her and Beca turned around quickly, her eyes widening.

"Dude!" she reached for the curtain and closed it, only to have it open again by the same redhead that was in the Activities Fair.

"How high does your belt go?" the girl asked as she reached behind Beca and turned off the water.

"My what?" she asked. "Oh my God!" she said as if trying to make the girl see what was happening.

"You have to audition for the Bellas." Chloe said.

"I can't concentrate on anything you're saying until you cover your junk." Beca said, not looking at the naked girl in front of her as she tried to cover herself.

"Just… consider it! One time, we sang backup for Prince." Chloe said, getting closer to the brunette. "His butt is so tiny that I could hold it with, like, one hand." She brought her hand between them and made the hand motions, but accidentally dropped Beca's shampoo and conditioner bottles that she was using to try and cover herself.

Beca bent down to pick them up, but gave up and stood back up, facing the wall, trying to get as far from the girl as she could.

"Seriously, I am nude." She said.

"You were singing Titanium right?" Chloe asked and the brunette girl looked at her over her shoulder.

"You know David Guetta?"

"Have I been living under a rock? Yeah. That song is my jam." Chloe said and got closer to Beca, whispering, "My lady-jam." With a smirk.

"That's nice." Beca turned to the wall, nervously.

"It is." Chloe nodded. "The song really builds." She winked at Beca.

"Gross." Beca said.

"Can you sing it for me?" Chloe bit her lower lip with hope.

"Dude, no! Get out!" Beca said.

"Not for that reason." Chloe said. "I'm not leaving here until you sing, so." She said confidently.

Beca didn't do anything and she heard a tired sigh coming from the girl behind her and she rolled her eyes, thinking singing was the fastest way to get the girl to leave, so she slowly turned around, avoiding the girl's eyes.

Beca started singing from where she had stopped and Chloe smiled. She joined Beca at some point and Beca immediately looked into her eyes. She felt some connection with this girl that she couldn't explain. They harmonized perfectly together and they sounded amazing, the two could tell. No instruments, no huge effects, just them, in a shower stall.

Chloe smiled at Beca and Beca smiled back at Chloe, then looked at her body and looked away, biting her lips, as if trying to remind Chloe that she was still naked.

"Oh, yeah." Chloe looked at herself. "I'm pretty confident about… all this." She pointed her body and still made no effort to cover it.

"You should be." Beca nodded.

Chloe smiled at her and turned around, handing her her towel, looking at her body before the brunette had the chance to cover it up.

"I… still need to shower." Beca said, but covered herself with the towel anyway.

A guy came in from the next stall and smiled at the two.

"You have a lovely voice." He said and smirked at Chloe.

Beca looked at Chloe with disbelief as she left with the boy, before saying 'see you at auditions!'.


Beca thought about the shower encounter the entire week, she still had her flyer, so she knew when auditions were going to be, but she wasn't sure. She wanted to belong somewhere, but she was afraid.

Come on, Bec, give yourself a chance, you might end up making friends and you could get closer to the hot ginger!

Come on, that girl was fooling around with that boy, she's taken! Plus, she wouldn't go out with someone like you, and you can't afford to have friends, they'll leave you, just like Caiden did

That doesn't mean I can't try, I'm stronger. Ever since Caiden left me, I became stronger and, besides, the girls from the group don't need to know about me, I can keep it a secret

There's a certain amount of time you can keep it a secret, one time or another you'll have to tell them

Alright, but before that, it'll give me time to think about it and see if they deserve my trust

Deciding to go for it after her internal battle, Beca put on some clothes and left for the auditions. When she got in the auditorium, she saw a blonde girl singing Since U Been Gone and she clenched her teeth. She had no idea she was supposed to prepare a song, it didn't say anything on the flyer. Maybe if she hadn't been late, she'd know.

Chloe lightened up when she saw the tiny brunette standing there and she turned to Tommy and Justin.

"Oh, wait, there's one more!" she said.

Aubrey eyed the girl as she came into everyone's view.

"Hello." Beca said.

"Hi!" Chloe smiled as she waved at Beca to come closer.

"I didn't know we had to prepare that song." Beca said.

"Oh, that's okay. Sing anything you want." Chloe said. She didn't really care, she knew the girl was good, she just wanted to hear her voice again.

Aubrey saw that interaction and got worried. She thought she saw something on the Activities Fair, but she was sure she was seeing things, but this made her feel alarmed.

Beca spotted a yellow cup on the desk the two girls were sitting and she had an idea. She sat down and reached for the cup.

"May I?" she asked, grabbing the cup and putting the pens and pencils carefully on the desk before sitting on the stage and placing the cup upside down in front of her.

Chloe's heart started beating faster when she saw Beca create a rhythm with the cup and start singing. She was amazed by that and she knew that girl had talent. She couldn't understand how someone could do more than one thing at the same time, singing and dancing was enough for her.

When Beca stopped singing, she just looked at the blonde and redhead with a look on her face that was asking 'so?', knowing she did great.

Chloe smiled huge and nodded at Beca before turning to Aubrey, who didn't look so convinced as she stared at Beca.


Beca was working on a mix as she heard a knock on the door. She knew she was alone in the room so she walked up and opened it, knowing her father would've just walked in. Whoever was on the door put a bag over her head and pulled her out of the room. Beca tried to punch the person, but the person grabbed her hands and whispered in her ear.

"Calm down, it's me, Chloe." She said.

"Oh." Beca said, calming down. "Wanna tell me what this is all about?"

Chloe giggled, guiding Beca out of Baker Hall.

"I'm kidnapping you." Chloe said.

"Duh, I get that part." Beca said. "By the way, this thing stinks!"

"That's what everybody says. I've been there." Chloe said.

"Where are we going?" Beca asked.

"You'll see soon enough." Chloe said.

"Why can't you just tell me now?" Beca asked. "That way I can call the cops and send them there."

"You won't need to call the cops."

"Can I please know where you're taking me?"

"You waited nine months to be born, you can't wait five minutes to see where you're going? I'm not supposed to tell!" Chloe said.

"Technically, I waited eight months."

"That's a testimony to how impatient you are."

Beca growled.

"You waited eight months, huh? Is that why you're in a pocket size?" Chloe asked and laughed when the girl said 'hey!'.

Beca didn't say anything the rest of the walk, she just crossed her arms and let Chloe take her wherever she was taking her.

Beca then stopped as Chloe told her to. She could feel someone else by her side and she could tell the lights were out and she smelled candles.

Where the hell am I?

"The sopranos: Jessica, Mary Elise, Lilly." She heard Aubrey's voice. Oh, I think I get it. "The mezzos: Cynthia Rose, Stacie, Kori. And our altos: Fat Amy, Denise, Ashley and Beca."

The bag was taken from Beca's head and she saw she was in an auditorium, surrounded by candles.

"We shall begin by drinking the blood of the sisters that came before you." Aubrey said and passed the huge glass to Chloe who went over to were Beca was standing beside the girls.

"Dude, no!" Beca said.

"Don't worry, it's Boone's Farm." Chloe winked at her.

"I don't drink." Beca said.

"Come on, it's tradition." Chloe said. Beca rolled her eyes and Chloe brought the glass to her lips, doing this to all of the girls.

Chloe then gave them all yellow and blue scarves.

"Now place your scarves in your right hand." Chloe said and the girls obeyed.

"I, sing your name." Aubrey said and the girls did, not very good, but they did. "Promise to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a Bella woman." She waited to hear the girls. "And I solemnly promise to never have sexual relations with a Treblemaker or may my vocal chords be ripped out by wolves."

Chloe could tell the girls found this weird, but they said it anyway and she smiled and nodded.

"You're all Bellas now." Aubrey smiled as many of the girls cheered and she turned the lights back on.

"We did it!" Chloe said to her best friend.

"Did we?" Aubrey asked, looking at the girls. She saw Beca didn't even celebrate, she was just laughing as the other girls acted like schoolgirls who were asked out by their crush.

"Okay girls, we have a place to take you now." Chloe said. "Since tonight is our a-ca-initiation night, all the a capella groups of Barden will go out and party."

The girls cheered even louder.

"Follow us, ladies." Aubrey said and she and Chloe led the way.

Beca was just watching as the girls spoke to each other about how amazing this was and she giggled.

"Ladies, welcome to a-ca-initiation night!" Aubrey said. "Prepare to soften the beach." She said as she walked down to where the rest of the groups were, followed by the girls.

"I don't know what I'm doing here." Beca mumbled to the blonde girl beside her.

"Living the dream." Fat Amy said. "I still can't believe they let my sexy fat ass in." she said before following the girls down.

Beca stood where she was. She didn't want to interact with anyone new. The Bellas was enough for now. She then heard a familiar voice calling her.

"Beca! Beca!" she looked up and saw Jesse coming towards her. "Be-caw! Be-caw!"

Beca tried not to look annoyed as he came towards her.

"Do my eyes deceive me? Or are you a Barden Bella?" he asked.

"No." she shook her head.

"You're one of those a capella girls, I'm one of those a capella boys and we're gonna have a-ca-children." He said with a shrug. "It's inevitable."

"You're really drunk right now, I don't think you're gonna remember any of this." Beca said.

"No, I'm not drunk at all, you're just blurry." He said.

"You okay? Yeah? You almost fell over?" She asked, chuckling at Jesse.

"Nope." He said as she pushed him, but he stood back up.

"You could pass a sobriety test right now?" she asked, pushing him again.

"See how I come right?" he said and let himself fall further, but stood back up. "And I come right back." He said.


"Can I get you a drink?" Jesse asked.

"Sounds great." Beca said.

"I'm gonna go get you a drink." Jesse said.

"Go for it." Beca said, needing to be alone for a little while.

"I think we need to get you to this level." Jesse said.

"Please be careful!"

Beca felt a little relieved when he left, but soon Chloe came and grabbed her hands, pulling her close to herself, their faces inches apart.

"Hi!" Chloe said. "I'm so glad that I met you. I think that we're gonna be really fast friends."



"Well, you saw me naked, so." Beca winked at her and Chloe giggled. "Just please don't invade my shower again, Red."

"I'll try." Chloe giggled." Alright, I'm gonna go get a drink. This ginger needs her jingle juice!" Chloe shook her hips for a second, before slapping her own butt and pointing at the dance floor. "See you later!"

"Make good choices." Beca said.

Mary Elise came to chat with her too, but nothing major. Just getting to know her and stuff and Beca chatted with her, before Jesse started making his way back with two red cups in his hands.

He handed her one and she thanked him, before he looked down at the dance floor.

"This is awesome." He said.

"It's definitely something." Beca said, but she was pretty sure he didn't hear her.

"We are the kings of campus!" Jesse screamed, but got no attention, as Beca bit back her laughter.

She spotted people dancing, Fat Amy dancing between the stone seats and Chloe making out with a guy in the distance. She felt a little sad, but there was nothing she could do about it. Sure, she felt a connection with her and she thought she was attractive, but she was way too afraid to make a move.

See? It's disappointment after disappointment. At least you weren't going out with her.

Beca rolled her eyes as the voice inside her head spoke.


An hour later, pretty much everyone was drunk, many couples had left the party and there weren't many sober people.

Beca was still standing on the same spot. She saw people were leaving and she thought now would be a good time to leave, she was sleepy and she had to wake up early tomorrow for… well, Bellas practice.

She started walking out, but she made a quick stop and threw up on the side. She felt someone pull her hair back. She wished it wasn't Jesse, she hoped it wasn't him.

"Whoa, had too much to drink here, Beca?" it was Fat Amy.

Beca stopped throwing up and wished she was in the bathroom to brush her teeth.

"Here, it's water." Fat Amy said, handing her a blue cup, which Beca took. She took a sip, letting the water in her mouth for a while before she spit it out.

"Be careful next time." Fat Amy said. "Need help getting to your dorm?"

"That'd be good." Beca mumbled.

Fat Amy held her by her waist and held her close to herself, trying to help Beca walk, but that only made it more difficult for Beca to walk, but the brunette didn't complain.

Beca was grateful when Fat Amy left her in her dorm, wished her goodnight and said if she ever needed anything, she was there.

Beca brushed her teeth, put on a tank top and shorts and went to sleep, happy to finally be in her comfortable bed.