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It was Friday night and Gwen was extremely nervous, she couldn't believe that she got the role of Belle in the school play! Yeah she was a goth and would never wear ball gowns just for fun but doing this project was something that would look good on her college application so for that purpose alone she would put on the bright yellow dress and a brown wig and pretend she was a poor girl in a village. It wasn't so bad, the guy who was playing the Beast was a guy named Keith Viewlent and they had History class together as well. It was a full house and everyone was in the audience including her Mother, Brother and her Father that she only sees once a month.

Gwen was on stage and it was the scene where Belle was stuck in the Beast's castle and was opening the curtains to bring some life to the place.

"What are you doing?" Keith as the Beast approached Gwen.

"Just bringing some life in this place." Gwen smiled at him. "It's time to see the world."

"I don't need to see the world." Keith told her. "I'm happy here where I am."

"Surely you can't be happy living here all alone." Gwen told him. "Maybe if you give people a chance you'll see that they can be decent."

The play continued on to the part where Belle and the Beast are dancing in the Ballroom and Gwen was still amazed that she managed to learn to dance this way.

"I just want to stay with you." Gwen told Keith.

"You don't belong here..." Keith told Gwen

Gwen was about to kiss Keith and finish the dance when she suddenly saw someone on stage, someone who didn't belong there, someone she never wanted to see again...Cody.

Cody ran out on stage in the same clothes he wore since he was in Total Drama, it's even been a year since she had seen him and now he's on the stage at her senior play. Everyone was looking at her and Keith on stage and that's when Cody pushed him out of the way and Keith almost fell on the ground.

"Gwen, you look stunning in that dress." Cody almost drooled as he approached Gwen and grabbed her hands. "I've been waiting to see you for so long! You wouldn't believe how much money I had to save just so I could make this trip!"

"It's nice to see you too, Cody..." Gwen awkwardly laughed. "Get off this stage..."

"Don't marry the beast." Cody got on his knee. "Marry me instead! Gwen, I've loved you since the first day our eyes met on Total Drama island."

"Cody, get off the stage...My parents are here." Gwen told him as she started to blush. The crowd started to say 'Awwwwww' like it was the most romantic thing ever.

"Don't awwwww him!" Gwen yelled at the crowd. "He's not my boyfriend! I met him on a reality show! No Cody I'm not marrying you! Why on earth would you think I would?"

"Because we're on a stage?" Cody asked. "Please say yes, Gwen!"

"No way." Gwen stormed off the stage as the crowd booed her. When she got backstage her teacher shook his head.

"Gwen, you do realize this is going on your final grade? You broke character..." The teacher told her.

"I know and I don't care." Gwen threw the wig off and slammed the door going into the hallway.

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