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Tammy never liked school, the only good thing about it was after School on Friday's when they had a LARPing club meeting. Other than that, Tammy didn't really like school very much and she didn't have friends, except for the ones in the LARP club with her but those kids wouldn't even admit they were in the club and refused to hang out with her when the club wasn't going on. It would seem that most of the kids were ashamed of their inner geek.

One Friday, Tammy had enough of being ignored and decided that she was going to finally be herself and wear her costume to School for the whole day. Even if nobody else wanted to express themselves with their LARP life, she was going to. It no longer mattered to her if people liked what she did anymore.

People talked and whispered about Tammy all day, just for wearing her costume. The Teachers asked her to not wear the costume anymore and Tammy agreed, however she still wanted to make the best of the day while she had the costume on and stayed happy in her thoughts, knowing that what she was currently wearing on the outside, made her feel good on the inside.

It was later in the day and School had finally ended and Tammy was getting ready to go to her LARP club. While she was on her way to the club, this group of girls walked up behind her and slammed her into the lockers. The girls in question were from Tammy's Third period class that she tried to cast several spells on. The girls obviously weren't happy with her.

"Tammy, you're such a weirdo." The girl shoved her against it again. "You tried to silence me, like you're some kind of wizard or something. L-O-L."

"You better watch it!" Tammy yelled at her. "I'll send you blasting to the other end of the hallway!"

"As if." The girl laughed and opened up a locker. "The only thing you'll be doing is spending your night in my boyfriend's locker."

Tammy made a 'whoosh' noise as she put her arms out and tried to give herself a force field as two of the girls grabbed Tammy's arms and threw her in the locker while the girl whose boyfriend's locker was being used, slammed the door shut and left Tammy in there.

Tammy was trying to get out of the locker for almost a half an hour, realizing she was missing the LARP club and that none of them even came looking for her. When she heard noise in the hallway, she yelled for help and all that came from that was more laughing, followed by the locker opening quickly and a guy wearing a Green robe and hat was shoved in and the door was shut behind him.

"Well I guess I met her boyfriend…" Tammy sighed.

"Huh?" Leonard asked.

"The girl who put me in here." Tammy told him. "She said this was her boyfriend's. I'm Tammy."

"I'm Leonard." Leonard introduced himself. "I just moved here and today was my first day here."

"I didn't see you at all today." Tammy told him. "I like the costume."

"I'm a real Wizard." Leonard told her. "I can teach you how to do some spells…?"

"If you're a wizard, I can just be your sidekick!" Tammy gasped. "It'll be soooo fun!"

"You'd be my sidekick?!" Leonard got wide eyed. "I think we'd do really well. Will you marry me?! We can be together forever! Wife for Life!"

"Uh, I just met you." Tammy awkwardly laughed. "You seem nice and I'm glad we met but I don't want to get married to some guy I'm trapped in a locker with."

"I think we'd go really wear together and I really like costume." Leonard blushed.

"I'm not allowed to wear this outfit anymore." Tammy told him. "The principal will probably tell you about it."

"So, you won't marry me?" Leonard sighed. "You remind me of this girl I competed with on Total Drama, her name was Sugar."

"I don't watch TV." Tammy told him. "I just want to live the life I want to live, I want to be who I am on the outside like I feel on the inside."

"Do you want to be my partner on this new show called 'The Ridonculous Race' with me?" Leonard asked. "Being my partner is practically like reality show marriage."

"Uh…" Tammy thought for a second.

"If you agree, I have the number of an intern who will come and get us out of this locker….." Leonard told her.

"Okay." Tammy smiled. "You have a deal."

Tammy didn't want to be on a reality show and she didn't want to marry Leonard but she did want to get out of this locker. She was really hoping she didn't have to get married on a reality show and that Leonard was a Wizard who used his powers for good.

Okay guys! This was not as funny as I could have made it but Tammy really didn't have many lines and nor did Leonard. The locker scenario as well as the couple was suggested to me in a skype chat by my friend SecretAgent12 from the Total Drama Writers' Forum.

I hope you guys liked this chapter! Tell me what couples you guys want to see! As of now, I'm doing Ridonculous Race couples as well!

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