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"Bart we have to slow down more. Try siphoning off the energy attacking Wally." Barry Allen said firmly. They slowed down but Wally still kept getting hit. His body was becoming transparent and Wally knew what was going to happen soon. He had to tell Barry to tell Artemis. To say that he loved her. "It's no good Barry. Oh man Artemis is so gonna kill me for this. And don't even get me started on Mom and Dad." Wally said sadness evident in his voice. Wally felt his body fading even more and it hurt. But not as much as Artemis not getting the letters. Or knowing that Wally loved her with all his heart and soul.

"Kid." Barry said warningly. "Just tell them." Kid Flash said sadly. He started disappearing more and Wally yelled out one more thing. "Barry! The letters in my souvenir box.* Give them to who they belong to. And tell them I'm sorry." Wally said urgently. His voice was getting smaller and weaker by the end.

"Wally!" Barry yelled out in pain. Wally's body faded into dust. Barry and Bart looked at each other with pain and sadness. Barry, who had lost a nephew he had known for years and loved like a son, hurt more than Bart. But that didn't mean Bart wasn't hurting. He was supposed to stop the ones he loved from dying but all he did was make another die. Wally was supposed to live till he was old with Artemis. They were as happy as one could be in his time. Always a smile on their faces when they saw the other. They pushed past their grief for the moment and kept running. They would not let Wally's sacrifice be in vain. They ran faster hoping to end it. A minute after Wally's death they had done it. But Wally wasn't with them. Barry looked down in shame as he saw the smiling faces of the team and Bart turned his head away to hide his tears.

Barry and Bart panted in exhaustion. They had run a lot but their running wasn't enough to save Wally. The team ran over to them and helped them up. "You guys did it!" M'gann cheered. No we didn't it. We didn't save Wally. Barry thought. "Congratulations. You have saved-" Kaldur said before getting interrupted by Artemis. "Wait." she said looking around for the love of her life. She looked towards them with tears forming in her eyes. "Where's Wally?" she said her voice wobbly.

The Flash spoke up. "Artemis. He wanted me to tell you." he said sadly. Her eyes widened. "No." she whispered brokenly. "He loved you." he said his face filled with grief and sympathy. Artemis's eyes filled with tears. Tears flowed down her face and her legs couldn't support her anymore. She collapsed onto the ground and M'gann ran over to her. She hugged Artemis while they both sobbed. Artemis didn't know how the rest of the was reacting but she knew not one of them could understand how she felt. It felt like someone had ripped her half her soul out. She felt broken. Like she wouldn't, couldn't love again. She sobbed harder when she thought about how she would never get kiss him or see his stupid grin again. How her last memory of Wally was of him going off to saved the world. He was a hero. But he was still gone.

She didn't know how she got on the bio-ship or how she got to the Watchtower. She had been stuck in her mind, reliving every moment she had with Wally. She only came back to the world when she heard Barry try to tell her something about Wally. "What?" Artemis asked, her voice hoarse from crying. "Wally said he left letters for people. I'm certain one is for you. It's in his souvenir box." Barry said. His face had dried tear tracks like Artemis was sure she had on hers.

"It's in our apartment." she said. Flash looked at her hard probably trying to figure out if she was emotionally stable enough to be left alone. Especially in a place filled with things that would remind her of Wally. "Do you- do you want me to go with you?" asked a hoarse voice. Nightwing's voice. Artemis glanced at him and saw his face was still glistening with tears. Of course he still did. He was Wally's best friend. She looked at everyone and noticed Nightwing's face was the only one without a trace of pity on it. She didn't want pity right now; she wanted Wally.

Artemis nodded. Nightwing walked over to her and helped her to her feet. They quickly went off to their rooms to change into civvies. He led her towards the zeta beams and he typed in the coordinates for Palo Alto, California. They walked into it and Artemis felt the familiar tingling sensation that came every time she used the zeta beams. Recognized: Artemis B07 Nightwing B01. They began the short trek towards her and Wally's apartment. When Artemis opened the door she felt like someone punched her in the chest. She staggered back. The whole apartment brought back every memory of her and Wally's lives there from when they bought the place to the last day they were her together. It brought back memories of sitting on the couch kissing, and every happy memory they had. Dick placed a hand on her shoulder, bringing out of her memories.

"Are you okay? Sorry, I know that's a stupid question to ask." Dick asked gently. Artemis wished she could say yes but the only way she could was if Wally were here. She shook her head. "No I'm not okay. Not without Wally. And it wasn't that stupid a question Dick." Artemis said, her voice cracking on Wally's name. Dick smiled a little but it seemed forced. Like he was trying to stay strong for her sake. She knew he could understand her pain more than others because of his parents, Jason, and now Wally. She couldn't help but wonder if he would crack one day. "Are you okay Dick? Because it's okay of your not." she asked.

Nightwing's forced smile faltered. It fell off his face and he shook his head. Tears slipped down his face silently. "I'm not okay Artemis. He was my best friend. I never got the chance to mend our relationship. I never got to apologize for putting you in harm's way." Dick said. He broke down in sobs and fell to his knees. She knelt down next to him and comforted him. She always forgot he was younger than her. That he had been through too much for someone so young. She felt tears slip out of her eyes and sobbed with him. "I'm sorry Artemis. I'm supposed to be here to comfort you. Not to break down and cry." he choked out between sobs. Artemis shook her head. "Dick it's fine. Nobody expects you to be invulnerable. You're allowed to break down once in a while." she said.

She calmed herself and comforted Dick. He calmed down after a while and got up. He helped her up and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about breaking down on you." he said. "It's fine. Let's go get those letters. We still need to tell his parents what happened." she said sadly. Dick's face became understanding and sorrowful. He nodded and walked with her to her bedroom. She walked over to the closet and pulled out a brown box. It was filled with pictures of Wally's souvenirs. When he left the team he left his souvenirs behind. He wanted to have something that reminded him of his superhero days so he took pictures. Lots of pictures.

There was one of New Years when they kissed for the first time. He had Dick take a screen shot off the video recording so he could have that picture. She took all the pictures out and set them aside. She dug through the box till she came across a folded piece of paper with her name on it. She pulled it out and held it against her chest. She set it down on her lap and pulled out the one with Dick's name on it. "This one's yours." Artemis said, handing it to Dick. He grabbed it and put it in his pocket. She looked down and pulled out the rest of the letters. There were ones with different dates on them for the same person. Dick ended up with a letter for every year he knew Wally. Roy had the same. Wally's parents had one from the day he began his experiment to become Kid Flash to now. Barry and Iris had one from that day as well. Every one on the team, past and present had one. Even Jade had one. She didn't have the most letters but she made the top five. She knew she would cherish each and every one of those letters.

"Are you going to read yours now?" Dick asked hesitantly. She shook her head. "I'm going to make mine last. I'm only going to read them when losing him hurts the most." she said firmly. Dick nodded in understanding. "I was going to do the same." he said. She gathered up the letters and stood up. "We better go. I still have to tell Wally's parents." Artemis said sadly. "Do you want me to go with you?" Dick asked softly. "No. This is something I have to do alone. But thanks for offering." Artemis said resolutely. "No problem. But if you change your mind you can call me or Barry." Dick offered.

"I will." Artemis said. They walked back to the zeta beams and Dick entered his coordinates. "Artemis. I know it hurts know but it gets better. Never back to normal but close enough." he said to her. He walked into the zeta beam. "Dick." Artemis said. He turned back. "Thank you." she said sincerely. He nodded and then he was gone. Recognized: Nightwing B01. She entered her coordinates and walked in. Recognized: Artemis B07. She materialized down the street from Wally's parent's house. She walked thinking about what she would tell them. They loved Wally dearly and were always afraid that one day someone would come and tell them he died on a mission. She had made it her personal mission to make sure that never happened but she had failed. She arrived at their door and knocked. They opened it and Artemis broke when she saw them. Her eyes filled with tears and they knew. They knew their son was never coming home. They enveloped her in a hug and they all cried. Cried for one they loved. The one they would never see again.

Artemis had explained what happened to Wally's parents. They were proud their son had saved the world but they missed their son terribly. Barry, Iris, and Bart came over and they cried with them. They all talked about Wally and Artemis gave them their letters. They had decided to save them for when they were alone. Each had gone off to their respective homes and Artemis was left alone. It was still early so she went to the Watchtower to give everyone else their letters. Recognized: Artemis B07. Everyone looked over at her. "Wally left letters for everybody. I have them right here." Artemis said . Everyone walked over and Artemis handed them out to their intended readers. Everyone seemed to want to read theirs alone. She looked around for Nightwing to see how he was holding up and she couldn't find him. "Where's Nightwing?" she asked. Everyone averted their eyes from her. She felt worry and panic rise up in her. "Is he okay?" Artemis said alarmed. "He's fine. He's just taking a leave of absence." Kaldur rushed to reassure her.

Artemis felt so relieved. She wouldn't have been able to deal with Dick being gone too. She decided to go home and read her first letter. She really wanted to know what Wally would say to her if he died back then. She hurried home. She rushed to open her apartment and when she got in she fed Brucely and opened her first letter.

Dear Artemis,

If you're reading this then it means I'm dead. I know you're probably surprised I wrote you this but we're teammates. We were going to have to trust each other and you saved my life. I don't really know that much about you but I still trusted you. I know I didn't show it but I was glad to have you on the team. So I hope you don't grieve too much but do me one favor? Open up to the team and cut back on the coldness will you?


Your teammate Wally

Artemis was crying after she read that. It was just so Wally. She was surprised she had wrote one because she thought he hated her back then. She had saved his life back then but couldn't do it now. She folded the letter back up and she set it aside on her dresser. She heard a whimper come from the foot of her bed. Brucely. "I know boy. He's not coming home. I miss him too." she whispered.

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