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Chapter 2: Nightwing's letter + Roy's letter

"Business as usual." Nightwing said with a hint of a sad smile on his face. He walked out of the room, Aqualad's firm voice sounding in the background. He walked to the zeta beams and typed in the coordinates for Bludhaven. Recognized: Nightwing B01. Nightwing walked to the warehouse he called home.

Once inside he felt the brave front he had been putting up at the Watchtower fall. Tears sprang into his eyes and a couple escaped the confines of his mask. He took off his mask and then traded his uniform for civvies. He sat down at his computer and pulled up some pictures. There were ones of the team doing various things, one from his first official day as Robin and Nightwing, one of his parents and some of him and Wally.

He started looking through the ones of him and Wally and sighed. In every picture they were smiling. All of the ones in the beginning were genuine but as the boys in the pictures got older the smiles became more strained. In the most recent one Wally looked like he would rather be anywhere else and Dick himself looked like his smile was fake and the dead look in his eyes didn't help.

They had taken that on the teams five year anniversary and it was only on the insistence of Miss Martian. They had taken a group shot and then Miss Martian had wanted one of them. After pleading for a good ten minutes they finally gave in. She made Dick take off his shades and then took the picture.

Knock Knock Knock. Dick jumped up startled. He got up and walked over to the door. When he got closer he could hear Roy swearing loudly for Dick to hurry up. He started opening the door and hurried when he heard Roy muttering to himself about whether or not he should just knock it down.

He swung the door open to reveal Roy. Roy's face had tear tracks on it and his face had formed itself into a mask of neutrality that Dick knew was false. Roy strode in and Dick shut the door behind him. He saw the picture Dick had been looking at and sighed.

"Can't you look at happier pictures?" was all Roy said. Dick walked over silently and changed it into the one of him, Roy and, Wally. Roy nodded in approval.

"That's better. Now tell me. What happened to him?" Roy said sternly. Dick looked down. "H-he died saving the world." Dick said. Roy said nothing, just reached a hand out and set it on Dick's back. "The Flash and Impulse were trying to turn off-. You know what? I can't even remember. I can't remember what killed my best friend." Dick said, his voice turning closer to tears as he made that revelation.

"It's okay Dick. You don't have to remember how he died. Just remember how he lived. He wouldn't have wanted you to dwell on that." Roy said comfortingly towards the younger man next to me. "You can't be sure of that." Dick argued back softly.

"Yes I can. Let's check your letter. See what Wally really had to say." Roy said determinedly. Roy stood up and gestured for Dick to do so as well. Dick stood up hesitantly and lead Roy to his desk where Wally's letters rested.

"Pick one. I'm sure all of them tell you not to focus on his death." Roy said. Dick picked one up and opened it. He held it there, not reading it. Just holding it. Roy walked away a little, giving Dick some space to read it alone.

Dear Dick,

If you're reading this then I'm gone. I know you're probably blaming yourself. You tend to do that when people you love die. Like your parents, and like Jason. And now probably me. So stop. Right now. Stop blaming yourself for something that wasn't your fault. And even if you continue to think it is, and nothing I say will convince you, at least know none of us blame you. I know you are definitely sad and not acting like yourself. So stop that too. Some people need you to be happy. Your team, Alfred, the League, and even Batman. All of them need you to be you. So do that. I need to ask something of you Dick. Something important. Will you take care of Artemis for me? I know other people will but you guys have a connection. Ever since the Reds. Dick I want to let you know. I forgive you for sending Artemis in. I know you did what you had to do but I hated it. When she gets out she'll need someone to be there for her. So please be that someone for her. I'm sorry, I'm not there to be that person but we trust you the most.

Your best friend and brother,


Dick's vision was clouded by tears but he refused to let them fall. Only when he was alone or when he was with two certain people. Wally and Roy. Bruce used to be there but ever since their fight, they weren't as close.

"Are you okay?" Roy asked as Dick had looked away. "No Roy. I'm not okay. You were right. He told me not to focus on his-his death." Dick said, stuttering. Roy moved closer to him and Dick hugged him. "Thanks for being here Roy. I really needed somebody." Dick told him.

"No problem. Hey. Do you think he left me one? I know we weren't as close this past five years but I was hoping-" Roy said hesitantly. "He did. Artemis has them. She can give it to you." Dick interrupted. Roy nodded. "Uh do you think I could go now?" Roy said.

Dick checked his watch for the time and saw it was still early. "Yeah. Want me to come with you or are you okay on your own?" he asked. Roy looked conflicted. "I'm good. Is it okay if I come back later?" Roy asked. "Of course. I think I'm going to go to the Manor though. What time will you come back?" Dick asked.

"I might be gone for like two hours." Roy answered. Dick nodded and they walked out together towards the zeta tube. Roy entered first and set off for Palo Alto. He waved to Dick before being transported to Palo Alto.

Roy walked up the steps of Artemis's apartment and knocked on the door. He heard footsteps approaching and a dog barking. "Shush, Brucely." Artemis said. She opened it and Roy took in her appearance.

Artemis's blond hair was disheveled, her eyes red rimmed, and she held the energy of one who's given up on the world. Roy could relate to that feeling. When he found out he was a clone he felt so lost. That's how Artemis looked now.

Like she was lost and only one person could find her. Wally. Roy drew her into a hug after examining her for a minute. She spluttered for a moment and then finally found her voice.

"Why are you here?" she asked, in a defeated voice. "I heard about what happened. I just wanted to see if you were okay. And to get my letter." Roy said softly.

"It's in our-my room. I'll go get them." she said correcting herself. She walked out and Roy followed her. She picked up a stack of letters and handed them to him. "These are yours, Jade's, and Lian's. Most of them are yours." she said, handing them to him.

"Thank you. Do you want me to stay?" Roy asked. She shook her head. "I'm fine." she said unconvincingly. She guided Roy towards the door and pretty much kicked him out. "Thanks so much for coming. But tell Dick I'm fine." she had said. How she had known Dick had sent him was beyond him but it didn't matter. He had a letter to read.

Dick drove his motorcycle through Gotham City at a leisure pace. Well as leisurely as one could afford to be in Gotham. He soon approached the daunting gates of Wayne Manor and zoomed past them. He soon parked and dismounted. He walked towards the mahogany door and knocked.

"Good evening Master Dick." Alfred said as greeting. His voice was sad and he looked like he might cry. "Hi Alfred. Is Tim here? I wanted to see how he was...coping." Dick asked. Alfred sighed. "Master Timothy is indeed home but has locked himself away in his room. He has refused to come out. Maybe you'll have better luck." Alfred said wearily.

"Thanks Alfred. I'll try." Dick said, already heading towards Tim's room. He walked to the door and knocked gently. "Tim? You in there?" Dick called. The door opened to reveal a tear stained face. Tim's tear stained face.

Dick immediately drew him into a hug, which Tim responded to by holding tightly. He sobbed into the older man's arms who cried along with him. After a while they both calmed down and walked into Tim's room.

"Did you get your letter?" Dick asked Tim. "Yeah. I haven't read it though. It didn't feel right." Tim said shakily. Dick nodded. "I read one of mine." he said. Tim nodded but didn't say anything. They sat in an amiable silence until Dick finally broke it. "I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow though." he said. Tim nodded and Dick left. Hopefully he got there before Roy.

Dick walked back to his warehouse, his usual leisure pace a bit faster. He wanted to get there before Roy after all. He got to the door and was unlocking it when Roy walked up. "Damn. I was hoping to get here before you." Roy said.

"Well Gotham is closer to Bludhaven. How did it go with Artemis?" Dick asked, unlocking the door and going inside. Roy followed him. "She's not doing so good. Though you already knew that. She said to tell you that she's fine. I wouldn't believe her if I were you." Roy told Dick wearily.

"I don't believe her. I know what it's like to lose someone you love and you don't get over it this fast. She's hurting. Denying it won't help her." Dick said, his voice sad as he remembered how broken Artemis looked. How her gray eyes that usually burned with passion had dulled.

"We both know that and she knows that but she's hurting. Logic tends to go out the window when that happens." Roy replied. He fiddled with the letter in his hand. He had picked one randomly and put the rest in his pocket earlier.

"Is that one of your letters?" Dick asked. Roy looked at it and nodded. "Do you want to read it right now?" Dick asked. "Yeah. Do you mind if I read it alone?" Roy asked a bit hesitantly.

"Of course not. I'll go read mine again. Or something." Dick hurriedly said. He walked off to another room leaving Roy alone with his letter.

Roy opened his letter slowly, a little afraid of what it might say. It could be anything. Could be words of love, or words of hate.

He unfolded it and began reading.

Dear Roy,

Hey Roy-Joy. If you're reading this it means I'm dead. Now since everyone seems to blame themselves when someone dies I want to tell you. It's not your fault. It was whoever killed me's fault. That aside I want to tell you that you are an awesome big brother to me and to Dick. He idolizes you as much as he does Superman. I know you're already going to do this but I still want to ask. Make sure Dick's okay? He'll be in a pretty bad state. Tell him I'm sorry. He's been through to much for a ten year old. Roy. I know we've only known each other for a year but we're close. At least I think so. I know I have annoyed you a lot but I care for you. So Roy just please do me a couple of favors. One don't let your grief consume you. Two take care of Dick. And last of all please don't try to find who killed me and try to cross that line. I know you won't but grief can change people so please don't let my death cloud your judgment.

Your brother,


A couple of tears fell onto the paper. They were tears of sadness and to Roy's shame happiness. Happiness because Wally hadn't written him words of anger or hate. But words of love. He folded the letter carefully and put it with the rest. "Hey Dick? I'm uh done here." Roy called. But he didn't get a reply.

He walked over to the other room and found Dick asleep on his couch, letter in hand. A bittersweet smile crossed Roy's face. It was bittersweet because the younger man's face was peaceful. Something it only looked like in sleep and in his younger days.

Back when he was Robin, young without grief changing him. Roy sighed and searched around for a blanket. He would have normally woken Dick up and guided him to his room but he looked so peaceful. Roy didn't want to shatter that.

He found one and walked back to Dick. He draped the blanket around Dick and walked away. He had a wife and daughter waiting for him at home after all.

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