Maka's Pov

Hi my name is maka albarn I'm a loner. Ever since my friend Tsubaki disappeared a year ago things haven't been the same. She was always out with some guy but I never knew who he was. She always said she couldn't tell me, I went to her house and everything was gone even the door was open I called the police but they couldn't find her I thought the worse. Now ever since then I changed. My flat chested girl body became a woman's like my mama. I'm 5'4 still short with 36 D boobs and mile long legs my hair in a ponytail or down I got rid of my pig tails. I was tired of getting bullied ever since Tsubaki left. I'm 18 years old almost graduating from the top of my class. That's another thing todays my birthday I have no one to celebrate it with and I have to work. .t least ill have Mrs. Marie to cheer my up. There's just one thing I have to watch out for while I'm out though.


Well there was the first chapter of my first fan fiction don't worry ill update later today if u guys want