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Maka's Pov

I woke up in what feels like leather I looked around and it looks like I was in a limo. I took a better look at my surrounding's and saw all my belongings "what the heck".

I looked to the front and saw the same guys from earlier so I did the only thing that came to mind I screamed as loud as I could "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" The car seemed to swerve and they both looked back with frightened eyes


"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GIRLY" Wow the blue haired guy is really loud I rolled my eyes

"oh nothing just being kidnapped was so exciting I had to scream with joy" I used every bit of sarcasm I could with my voice.

"Well I'm sorry mam my name is death the kid but you can just call me kid"

"I AM THE ALMIGHTY BLACK STAR WATS UP SHORTY" I cringed at the loudness and the nick name.

"Hello kidnapper's I'm maka can you mind letting me go I kind of have somewhere to be."

"We know who you are and I'm sorry but we have orders to take you to the boss emidietly."

"Who in the hell do you think you are I don't want to go any were with you to or meet your boss so you can just tell him to shove it up his…."

"Look here maka before you finish that sentence I suggest you know who you're dealing with we are demons so your position isn't looking good for threats right now"

"YEA! So just sit back and relax and bask in my godliness."

I calmed down after the word demon I wasn't going to argue with them their they were dangerous any other way. So I decided any way to sleep until we got were we were going.

I woke up to find us leaving an airport. Yo what are we doing here? "Oh good to see you awake maka we just got off welcome to California" "WHAT! I looked around he was right here we were in sunny California." "Yeah this will be your new home lets go" agene we were getting into another limo and we soon pulled up to a four way parted mansion it was huge.

We soon walked in threw to golden double doors. We entered and I saw something that made me lose all trust in the people I knew there was Liz and patty playing the Wii in the kidnaper's house. They both looked at me with shocked and scare faces.

"Maka what's up hehehe."
"Save it Liz I don't know why you're here but it seems you were in on these thugs little plan so just play your game or whatever I'm done talking." Liz had a hurt expression on her face but I couldn't care how could they did they know all along lots of thoughts were running through my mind.

Soon Patty broke the silence "Maka-Chan we know what you're thinking but were doing this for your own good" "Oh? And what are you going to do kill me." "Hahahahaha no you silly willy, patty did the most menacing voice I've ever heard. "Get her a** and take her down". Soon I was tackled to the floor with cuffs hearing Liz mutter a sorry but she knows how violent I can get.

"Oh my goodness what going on here." That voice the sweet kind words ill remember them any day. "Tsubaki!" "Hello maka how have you been" "F*** the b*** Tsubaki I thought you were dead what the hell happened to you. "I came to live with black star he is my mate after all." "Wait so that guy you were always talking about was this loud blue monkey" "HEY I RESENT THAT". "Anyway maka its time you were introduced to someone"

"Hold up can someone tell me please what the hell is going on" "In due time maka" said Liz. We all walked to a new set of doors they were both black with red designs with the words soul eater on them.

The doors opened by themselves and their stood a man. He stood a god 6 feet muscular arms snow white hair s*** and messy but it looked good on him we locked eyes for a moment his were blood red. He smirked at e and I saw his razor sharp teeth. Then he spoke to me

"Hello beautiful glad of you to finally make it to Me." he touched my face. I snapped "Don't f*** touch me you dumb b***."

The girls gasped the guys just surprised as a new voice came. "Um did I miss something "I turned to see a dark man with some type of dreads coming from his head.


patty screamed and ran in his arms but everything turned back to me and this whited haired guy. He said nothing so I spoke agine. "Who the hell do you think you are touching me?"

He let out a dark chuckle that seemed to send shivers up everyone's spines. "I am soul eater the demon king and you my darling are my mate."

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