Pokémon School

Chapter 2: Captured or Survival?

By: Link P. Slate.

(3rd person P.O.V)

After Link explained to Vina of what happened after she left, causing Vina to become more shocked out of her mind, trying to process all she can take in. Soon she then looked at him and sighed.

"Why is she even here?", Vina asked.

"Honestly, I have no clue", he honestly answered.

Before Vina said anything else, a holo-image of Mewtwo appeared in the room. In that result; it surprised Vina, Lin, and Link.

{Attention all students. the school will be holding an event of both skill and benefit. An event of hunter and prey, but one twist. As you may have heard, we have one human male in our school. Whoever captures him and remains with him for a full 24 hours, wins the event and the secret prize. But before you just get wild, the event will be only held once a week. I repeat, once a week all students will hunt and capture the human male}, Mewtwo announced as he slowly became pale as a ghost as he listened.

"That's not good for creator to handle so much before…", Lin heard a thump on the floor, she turned her head to where that noise came and she saw him on the floor, fainted from the idea of being a target and the pressure of the event. "… Before he passes out", she finished as she sighed.

"Is there any way for him to survive the event?", Vina asked, hoping for a small chance of his survival to be at least a good level. Lin looked to her with a hesitant look on her face, though Lin thought about and processed the survival level with her powerful non-organic and organic brain receptors, calculating possibilities. Then, Lin finished calculating and her face looked grim, which meant the survival level was too low unless a miracle could happen. Lin only replied with slowly shaking her head 'no' for the answer.

Vina's face turned pale, afraid and feeling the horror losing her first and only roommate to every girl in the school, she shivered as she thought of it. Vina tried to think of a way to aid her roommate to survive such an event, but then she saw it was getting dark. She knew the school had a curfew, Vina then picked him up and set him on the bottom bunk as she took the top bunk. Then, Lin jumped on the bottom bunk and layed next to him like a normal canine.

As the night came and gone, the beams of the morning sun slowly flooded the room, the morning light slowly awakened him from his slumber. When he awoke, the first thing he saw was Lin siting on the floor, waiting and happily wagging her long silver tail. He smiled at this, gently petting her head as she leaned to him for more attention like a normal canine does. Then soon, Vina awoke to see the happy sight, but she knew they had class today.

"We have class today, you only got yesterday off because you were nearly 'kidnaped' by two Pokémon", Vina said as she climbed down and walked to the door.

"Okay. I'll need a few minutes to get ready", he said as he got up and headed to his essential supplies for his class. After he stored the supplies in his satchel, he headed out the door with Vina to our class.

"I hope your prepared for class, Link", Vina said as they walk in the hall towards the lobby.

"Hopefully with the current supplies I have. But, what class we're going to?", he asked honestly, clueless of the classes in this school.

"Biology, it's my first time going in that kind of class", she said as they neared the school 'gate' doors, which were massive from our distance.

"Don't worry, I know some biology, in fact", he said as he took out his old biology binder from all these years, "I have my old notes on biology. You can have them if you want", he smiled warmly to her, which made her blush.

"Your so kind, thank you Link", she smiled and he handed her the old binder, then she held it close to be sure she does not to drop it.

As we neared the class room, the door looked odd. The door was made of hardened cast iron, only an airlock handle on it, and only a small window in the top middle of the heavy iron plated door. He opened the door for Vina, because she had both arms to keep hold of the binder he gave her. And once they entered the classroom; we saw three Espeons, two Alakazams, a Blazakin, two Fennekins, four vulpixes, and finally a Charmander.

Are you two going to stand there and stare or you two get to your seats?

Both he and Vina flinched and turned to the source of the voice, once they did, we saw Genesect.

"A human?", Genesect questioned in confusion.

"Yes", He answered very calmly and honestly, trying to avoid any trouble.

"I was not informed that a human was going to attend my class", Genesect said as the whole class turned to stare at him, their facials told him they were amazed, curious, and in wonder.

"I was transferred from my school by Mewtwo", he said honestly as he held up the letter and handed it to Genesect.

As Genesect read the letter, soon then he saw signs of sweat on Genesect, meaning that the letter was real. Then, Genesect gave him back the letter.

"Well, this is a first", Genesect said while wiping the sweat off, "Class, we have a transfer student here. I hope you all be kind to him".

"Um… hello, my name is Link p. Slate. It's nice to meet you all", he bowed to the whole class.

"You can take your seat, Mr. Link", Genesect said. He nodded as he headed to my seat, luckily it was next to Vina.

When he took his seat, Genesect started the class lesson. As the hours pass, the Holo-projector glowed and projected Mewtwo's image.

{Attention students, in three hours the event will begin. Again, the event will begin in three hours}, Mewtwo announced and, again, he turned pale as a ghost. Then, Genesect noticed this.

"Mr. Slate, you look pale. Do you need to see the school nurse?", Genesect asked in concern. He couldn't answer, his body was frozen. Then Vina leaned near and gently point his arm, suddenly he slowly fell sideways. And now, he was on his side on the floor. Genesect then sighed in grief, disappointed on this problem.

"Vina, could you carry Mr. Slate to the nurse?", Genesect asked calmly, "you can watch him while he recovers, just this once".

Vina nodded and lifted him up and carried him out the door and headed to the nurse's office. Once we arrived, Vina sets him on an empty nursing bed, tucking him in. Then she sat in the chair next to the bed, she waited for him to recover as she watch him.

The hours passes, only minutes remained until the 'event'. Vina grows worried that he haven't awakened yet, starting to get scared. She turns to the clock and watched the minutes grow less and less. Ever so close to that 'event', fearing horrible things the others would do just to get the prize. Only seconds remained until it begins.




The holo-image of Mewtwo appeared and said, {Attention students, the event will now begin. Happy hunting}, the last part echoed as a growing small, soft rumble was heard as it grew into a small earthquake. Then, the door of the nurse's office was forcedly opened by a Mienshao with a massive crowd of Pokémon behind her.

When Vina saw this, she could only panic, shocked of the massive amount of Pokémon who would want the prize that badly and so afraid of losing her friend to a crowd like that.

"So… this was where he was", said the Mienshao, eager to claim the 'secret prize' for herself, soon she turns to Vina and frowned in dis-taste, "why are you here?", she questioned.

"I'm here because he is pale and I need to watch over him to see if he can get better soon", Vina answered as tried to get closer to him, incase to fend off the massive crowd if she had little choice.

"Hmmm….", the Mienshao thought as she stared at his pale condition from the distance, then she grinned mischievously. "That makes it easier for us to capture him without a struggle", the Mienshao said with a chilling tone.

"You'd have to go through me first", Vina stated as she formed an aura bone staff (A.K.A BONE RUSH), readying to battle the massive crowd as she took a fighting stance.

"Have it your way", the Mienshao said as a few Pokémon behind her walked to her side, taking their stances as well.

The two stared at each other for a moment as the clock's second hand clicked and clack, nearing the top of the minute mark. When the minute mark was reached, Mienshao moved swiftly towards Vina in a blink of an eye, landing a solid punch squarely on Vina's stomach, making her lose her air as she was thrown back to the wall in impact, an softly howled in pain as she fell unconscious. And with that sound of Vina's pain, it awakened something that wasn't supposed to be awakened. His Rage.

"That was easy, you should train more before you challenge me, Halin Mienshan, to a battle", the Mienshao now known as Halin, said in victory as she walked near the bed that he rested in.

But, before Halin got close to him, the ground began to rumble and shake violently as the bed he was resting in started to fall apart. Bolts screws, nails slowly rattle and shaking violently from their place and breaking apart. Aura energy soon flooding inside his body, raising the energy equally to his rage as he started to glow blood red. When the bed fully fell apart, he was just floating in mid-air, his eyes glowing red with rage at the one that hurt the one he called friend.

His rage emitted a dark energy as the massive crowd of Pokémon flinched in fear, haven't seen anything like this before in their lives.

"Scary, but… I'm still going to get yo-", Halin was thrown to stone wall before she could finish, her air forced out for a seconded as her eyes widened in pain of the impact of the wall.

When Halin got back up on her feet, she only saw a red aura sphere just seconds away from her face before it made contact, forcing her through the stone wall with monstrous force. As the smoke slowly cleared, link floated in the hole and hovered in front of Halin, his eyes glowed red with rage still.

"Lucky shot, human", she said as she weakly stood up on her feet, still wanting to capture him for the prize, "But your still going to be captured", she added as she lounged towards him, but only to get grabbed by the collar. Her eyes went from determined to fear, her speed finally failed her and unknowing of what to occur next.

"You hurt my friend, you pay… NOW!", Link's dark red aura said through his mouth as he thrown her to the wall, making Halin forcefully lose her air once more.

Halin tried to stand once more, but she get mock punched square in the jaw, causing her to crash through four solid thick stone walls and landed in the school lobby. Then, Link's glowing red body floated towards Halin once more and hovered in front of her, waiting for a response. Thou she struggled to get up on her feet, but she fell unconscious, the troll of going through five stone walls recoiled on her.

Instead of continuing the battle, Link set his feet to the ground and walked to Halin, picking her unconscious body up and headed back to the nurse's office. Once he get there, he set Halin in an empty bed an tucked her in. Then he motioned to Vina, picked her up bridal style, soon headed towards the door as the crowd of Pokémon moved out of the way, horrified of what just happened that they wouldn't enrage him anymore. Thou, his dark red aura slowly began to fade, he still motioned to outside and headed to the dorm. Once he entered the dorm, he walked to his room, the door opened without a touch as he approached and walked in. After he's in his room, he walked towards the bunk bed and sets Vina on her bunk, tucking her in.

As his glowing aura faded completely, he fell to the ground, unconscious from the massive use of aura energy recoil. Soon, day became night and slowly turned into morning, the sun's light filled the room as it did the day before. As Vina awoke, she recalled yesterday's events as she shot out of bed and tripped before she got to the door. When she looked at what she tripped on, her eyes widened in shock and confusion. Vina quickly picked him up and looked closely to see any injuries would have. And to her relief, he had no injuries. Then, she suddenly blushed wildly, realizing what she was doing. Dropping his body and jumped back a bit, shocked of what just happened.

"W-What did I just do just now?", Vina questioned in shock her thoughts were at high speed, her red with embarrassment.

But then, she sensed something different about him, she looked closer at him. Soon Vina's paw slowly hovered over him, trying to identify the strange feeling about him. Suddenly her eyes widen, quickly retracted her paw with shock.

"T-That not possible… I-It couldn't be possible!", she panicked in shock and fear, "H-He has Pokémon aura!?", she shouted the last part that shook the entire school grounds that would put an earthquake to shame.

Before Vina could freak out more, the door opened, and at the door was Mewtwo herself. Vina was confused of why Mewtwo was here, then Vina remembered the event rules from yesterday. Yet, Vina was still curious about the 'secret prize' that Mewtwo mentioned.

"Congregations on being with him for a full 24 hours, Vina von Lucando, you win the secret prize of this week's event", Mewtwo said with glee, shaking Vina's paw.

"Not to be rude to you, Mewtwo. But, what is the secret prize?", Vina asked in curiosity, her mind wondering what it was.

Mewtwo leaned to Vina's canine ear and whispered, "A wish stone", handing Vina a multi-colored stone. Then, Mewtwo smiled with glee, thou to Vina it was like she was planning something very complex.

"What's a wish stone?", Vina asked, curious and wondering of her planning.

"The name would tell you what it does", Mewtwo answered calmly, thou she was right.

"So… it grants a wish?", Vina questioned in wonder.

"Yep~", Mewtwo replied with a glee, patting her shoulder, "have fun with the stone, it can only be used once", Mewtwo added as she left the room, leaving Vina to her thoughts.

"One wish to use…", Vina said to herself quietly, her thoughts processing of what to do with the stone.

Then she remembered Link's unconscious body, she panicked again, putting the stone under her pillow and then picked up his limp body, shaking him desperately to wake him up an then she said his name over and over, so scared of losing him.

(Link's P.O.V)

I felt like someone was shaking me, hearing my name repeatedly. My eyes slowly opened, adjusting my vision to see who it was. When my vision fully adjusted, I saw Vina shaking me and saying my name.

"U-Um… Vina?", I said nervously as I blushed, my body reacting to her touch.

Vina stopped and looked into my eyes, she just smiled and hugged me close, almost squeezing me. I couldn't help but smile softly and let her, after what she gone through, she needed it. Without a second thought, I hugged her back, the first time for me to do something like that to a girl, who I just meet recently and know very little about her. Thou, I noticed something different about her. When I looked to see what it was, I was very shocked and surprised. She had no chest spike, which was uncommon for a Lucario to not have a chest spike. After noticing this, I blushed once more, the nip scent emitted as I became nervous.

"Are you okay, Link?", Vina asked as she looked at me, curious and confused. But when she nose detected the nip scent, she then knew why. She back away a bit, covering her nose to prevent any more nip scent to enter her nose.

Suddenly, I stood up and went straight to the bathroom and closed the door, rushing off my clothes and turned on the shower to warm, hoping that it could stop the flow of nip scent. After a fast hot shower, I put my clothes back on and went back in the room, very much hoping that she would be okay, I was sadly and horribly wrong. I was soon then pounced back into the bathroom by Vina, which packed quite a wallop as I pinned to the tiled floor.

"V-Vina?! What are you d-doing?!", I questioned in panic, surprised and shocked as the nip scent returned.

Vina didn't replied back by words, she only sniffed and nuzzled my cheek, which made me very confused and blush lightly. To my guess, her primal instincts took over after she had just a small amount of nip scent in her nasal cavity, thou her kind was related to canine after all.

I slowly got my right arm freed and lightly petted her head, which in result made her lean to my hand as she liked it. I softly smiled as I continued to pet her lightly, remembering the same way my dog ,"Lilly", liked attention and petting. Thou, I was surprised that Vina didn't go and do her 'needs' on me by force. It made me wonder. But I shook it off, and kept petting Vina's head as I saw her tail wag back and forth, which told me that she really likes it.

But the moment was short lived, Vina's ears twitched, then she went into the other room and she growled as the door. When I in the room to check what she is growling about, I felt a really bad feeling in my gut, I shivered fear. I now know what Vina was growling about, I rushed to check the door, looking very closely at the frame and the door itself. It was as I feared, they haven't fixed the air leak of the door yet. In result, all the nip scent was slowly emitting out my room, spreading into the dorm itself. The very thought of it made me shudder in total horror.

Before I could fix this problem, I felt a small growing vibration from the ground, my entire body lost its color. Rushing to the door in desperation, looking in the turn-able looking hole in the door, only to become more in horror. A massive mob of nip effected Pokémon, from first generation to sixth (current knowledge of generations), nearing my room slowly and on target.

"Meep", I quietly said in total horror, freaking out of my mind. Slowly stepping back way of the door in horror, completely terrified of this outcome. Then Vina nudged on my left leg, trying to get my attention. When I turned to her, she had a strange multi-colored stone in her mouth, wagging her tail as she smiled with the stone in her moth. Curious of this, I took the stone out of her mouth and looked at it closely, then a memory flashed in my head, making me hold my head and grunt in pain as the vision of the memory took hold and revealed a piece of my past long forgotten.

(Three years ago/ Resource Room)

(Link's P.O.V [Still])

My class was going to watch a movie called, "Shorts: Adventures of the Wishing Rock", for the class period. As the movie played, the imagination of a kid had grown, but not just me, the whole class was too. As the movie progress, the time seemed to fly. When we seen the part of the daughter of the 'Black Box Unlimited Worldwide Industries Incorporated' wished her father would listen to her, the class was over with the PM making a signal note tone once until it stopped after three seconds.

(Present Time)

(3rd person P.O.V)

After the memory faded, he now knew what he was holding in his hands, a wish stone. As he stared at the stone in his palm, Vina growled at the door once more, but louder this time. He snapped out of it and sealed the door, hoping it would hold them off. But he was once again sadly and horribly wrong. They bang and pounded on the door repeatedly, forcing the safe lock on the door exceeding its maxim limit. The metal rods of the safe lock started to screech and slowly bend, his heart was racing just by watching the metal getting stressed over its limit.

Suddenly for reasons unknown, the stone glowed and flashed blindingly as the door finally broke of the frame and fell to the ground with a loud thump. As the light continued to glow blindingly, link felt metal cling on his body, merging to him, fusing to his bones and expending them as he yelled in agony. As the blinding light finally died down, Link's body felt different… a bit taller even. When he saw his right hand, he freaked out. His right hand was fuzzy and silver with black spots as points for griping. He jerked his head to see his other hand, his jaw dropped like a brick. His left hand was metal and mechanical, springs, gears, and wires connecting to his metal finger tips. He looked at himself; he had canine/human shaped body, his legs were longer with and had metal and fur fused to his legs but yet canine like in shape, and a 50cm long silver tail for a finishing touch.

Though, he was dressed in peace time samurai clothing… mostly; Wearing kimono secured by an obi (belt), a fundoshi (loincloth), tabi (socks), waraji (sandals). Regardless of his shape, the samurai clothing shown no signs of rips or damage, it was like recently handmade to his every line and curve of his body.

Only one matched in his knowledge of Pokémon… Techkano-Were. A machine were-wolf Pokémon of his own creation and the final evolve form of Mecho-Wolf. Techkano-Were can form energy-matter sword from thin air and hard enough to cut through solid bedrock. And Techkano-Were is a mecha, fighting, an electric type Pokémon.

Suddenly, he was snapped out of his thoughts and onto his back, getting tackled by one Pokémon after another. Soon, they dog piled on top of him, making it difficult for him to move or get free. As for him, he was struggling to at least move his arms, but no dice. But then, all his memories of his creation's battle information flooded into his mind, knowing all the moves he can now use.

In one spilt second, he vanished out of sight and out from under the pile of Pokémon, reappearing outside the dorm. But only five feet above ground, then gravity took hold on him once more and he fell to the hard ground. He may had remembered the moves, but never practiced any of them, including Shadow Step.

When he got up and on his foot, he looked around to see if he was safe for the moment, luckily he was right. Soon, he walked near the forest entrance, wondering if he can use the location to make a secret Dojo for his training. But suddenly his canine nose detected a scent nearby and closing on his location, he took a battle stance and narrowing his eyes, readying for self-defense action. Minutes passed and wind sailed acrossed the tree tops, then his left ear twitched, signaling that someone is in the forest. To his guess, someone is using the forest terrain and it's near endless spots for hidden cover to ambush him.

Then, without warning, he throw three flash bombs at a nearby bush, a blinding flash of light emitted behind the bush and a Lopunny walked out of the bush, her yellow fluffed paws covering her eyes.

"A Lopunny?", Link questioned in confusion, wondering why she is out in the forest instead of the dorms.

"Who said that?", the Lopunny asked as she uncovered her eyes as her sight was blared and unclear, but her hearing surprisingly skyrocketed when one sense has decreased.

"Why are you way out here and not at the dorms?", he asked in curiosity, still in wonder of her being in the forest.

"I like to come out here to find berries and make my meals", she answered calmly, "and why are you out here?", she was also curious of his presents at the forest as well.

He flinched, doesn't know what would happen if he told her who or what he once was as he tried to think of a way to answer her question. Then he thought of something that may be answer her question without having her being too curious of him.

"I come to the forest to make a Dojo in front of it", he said with passion, in a proud stance.

"A Dojo?", she questioned in wonder, doesn't know what a Dojo is at all, "What's a Dojo?".

"It's a place for others to train of many types of training styles", he answered with glee, just getting excited of the training he could do.

"Ohh~, that sounds awesome~", she said with joy, getting excited herself of just hearing about a place with exciting ways to train.

"Yes it is~", he said with a warm smile, "Would you like to help build the Dojo?", he asked the Lopunny with a happy tone.

"Sure, why not~", she nodded with a big, happy, joyful smile.

"I'm thankful for your help", he said as he bowed like a honorable samurai.

"Hehe. You're very welcome", she said with a giggle as she walked to the source of his voice.

Link offered his arm for her to help her to be her eyes until she can regain her sight back. Which she did as she held onto his arm, feeling his arm as she tried to hold onto his arm right.

"Your arm feels soft but hard", she said as she firmly had her paw on his arm, "are you a fighting type?", curious of his type.

"yes, I also an electric type too~", he answered happily, "May I ask your name?", he asked politely as they started to walked to the far end of the forest.

"Sure", she answered happily as she smiled warm, "My name is Yukie Usagi", she said with a warm and kind personality, "May I learn your name too?".

"Um… sure", he answered, a bit nervous, "It's… Rinku p. Surēto", he said timidly as he tried to conceal his nervousness from her.

"Rinku?", she was curious of such a mysteries name, "This is first time I heard such a name", she said as she put her other paw on her chin and wondered.

"And the first time I noticed that your last name means rabbit", he giggled as they walked near the edge of the forest.

"Meany~", she playfully bopped his arm as she giggled with a warm happy smile.

"We're here, Yukie", he said as they finally reached the edge of the forest.

"That's good, but how can I help when my vision is bad?", she questioned as she looked to ground with a sad face, feeling hopeless with herself.

"Your sight will return soon, I'm sure of it", he said with a warm and caring passion as he smiled warmly to her.

"I hope your right, Rinku", she sighed as she shook off her sadness, smiled big as she felt better.

Link smiled warmly to her as he sat down and focused his mind and energy. Focusing his aura to his surroundings, channeling the energy of the solid earth to intone with his aura. The ground soon began to quack violently as his focus become more and more strong. His eyes began to glow sky blue as the ground halted it violent quacks as pebbles, small stones, rocks of all shapes and sizes soon began to float in the air.

Soon, the floating pieces of earth began to come to one another, forming large floating chunks of land. Then, the large chunks of land began to change their shape; forming into walls, floors, rooms, even furniture and training equipment of all sorts. After moments of defying gravity; gravity itself slowly took hold of the floating stone walls, then the floors, next the rooms, and finally the furniture and training equipment go into their place. All going firmly in their place, like perfect balance and harmony.