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The First Time

The first time Merlin Holmes was kidnapped, he was six years old. The Holmes were a very old wealthy family, and particularly after Mycroft secured a higher level position in the government they became an obvious target for financial ransom, especially the younger family members.

Merlin was playing in the park with William, one of his new friends from school when it happened. Sherlock had been on his mobile, the sixteen year old sulking about being dragged away from his latest experiment, which involved the rate of decomposition of dead squirrels, in order to pander to his younger brother's meaningless pleasantries with boring children. He personally didn't understand how Merlin could associate with such dull individuals who rambled on about trivial things, like the latest games console or how unfair it was that they had recently been given a surprise spelling test.

Unsurprisingly, Merlin had excelled in the test, and had even written a note underneath the test as to whether he could have a more advanced test, with words like 'cat' or 'had' changed to 'disembowelled' and 'constitutional'. Sherlock chuckled to himself as he thought of the look on that stupid woman's face as she called his parents in to discuss Merlin's advanced academics.

Suddenly shrill screams came from the playground, startling Sherlock from his thoughts and making him raise his head towards the commotion. What he saw chilled him to the bone.

A van, which had clearly driven over the grass judging by the tracks on the muddy field, was white with the number plates still displayed, indicating it was more than likely stolen, or was being driven by imbeciles. But that wasn't the horrifying part. That was the two men, both wearing plain day clothes, one of whom holding a rag to his younger brother face whilst the other tied his now limp wrists and ankles with wire. To his outrage, Sherlock could see blood trickling from the areas where the wire was cutting into Merlin's wrists. Will was hiding under the slide, screaming but unharmed , merely shocked.

Suddenly a hand clamped on Sherlock's shoulder, startling him from his deduction. "Hey Pete, the other 'olmes is right 'ere!" a male said, pulling Sherlock off the bench and pushing him towards the other two men.

"Shut up Barry, 'e might remember our names!" shouted the man holding Merlin. Sherlock had been right the second times, this kidnapping was clearly an attempt by three complete morons. "Just put that cloth over 'is face and knock 'im out already!"

Before Sherlock could protest, Barry and the man next to Pete grabbed Sherlock and held a rag over his face. Head reeling and vision blurring, he faintly recognised the sickly sweet smell of chloroform before he lost consciousness completely.


As Sherlock regained consciousness, the first thing he noticed was a biting pain in his wrists and ankles, which as he opened his eyes he realised was due to telephone cords being tightly wound around them. The second thing he noticed was a sickening feeling in his stomach, as well as a dizziness that he would usually associate with being drunk. He lifted his head slowly,wincing at the effect it had on his stomach, taking note of the unfamiliar room he appeared to be lying in before noticing Merlin lying in a similar position a few feet away from him, the younger child's body trembling and spasming.

"Merlin!" the older boy hissed, before slowly dragging himself over to his brother. "Shit," he whispered to himself as he took note of the younger boys unfocused eyes and lax expression. This was not good. Both boys were showing severe symptoms of chloroform poisoning, the reason why the substance was no longer used in hospitals.

Suddenly Merlin roused a little more. "Sherlock?" the younger boy asked weakly, before rolling onto his side and promptly throwing up. "Shit, definitely not good," Sherlock muttered as he took in the extent of Merlin's symptoms, the dose having a much worse effect on the smaller child. He looked around to see if there was any sign of their kidnappers, then sighed to himself as he saw the three of them sat in the living room littered with empty beer cans, snoring as the commentary of a football match blasted from the television.

"Worst kidnapping ever," Sherlock muttered, before turning to face Merlin again.

"Sherlock, was happening?" the younger boy slurred, before groaning and curling further in on himself.

"It appears we've been taken for hostages, although these buffoons don't seem to be doing a very good job of it," Sherlock replied, before beginning to untangle the chords which encased his brothers wrists and ankles and gesturing for Merlin to do the same for him.

"Oh," the younger boy huffed, before falling straight back unconscious. Sherlock sighed before untangling his own chords, then picking up the younger boy and fighting the growing nausea he began stealthily walking towards the door. As he opened it he turned back to see if he had alerted the men who were their captors. When he saw that they hadn't moved, he continued out, taking note of his location, which was a small bungalow roughly 40 minutes away from his house, then he began to walk in the direction of the police station that according to the GPS on his phone was just 5 minutes up the road.


PC Greg Lestrade was just sitting down at his desk when a teenager walked into the building, a small child in his arms. The constable was shocked to see blood coating both boys wrists, and the younger one was trembling and sweating as though he had a fever.

"I'd like to report an attempted kidnapping at 121 Maxwelton Close, as well as requesting that you take both myself and my younger brother to the nearest A&E as we are both suffering from acute poisoning due to over inhalation of chloroform." the older boy said in an almost bored tone.

PC Lestrade looked at him blankly for a moment. "I'm sorry, what?"

Sherlock sighed exasperatedly before repeating himself and adding, "You're supposed to be a constable, surely this sort of thing should be right up your alleyway. I'll be waiting by your car, it's the one parked on a disgraceful angle out front judging by the amount of empty coffee cups that surround you." And without waiting for a confirmation, he turned around and went back out the door.

Greg stared at the empty space shell shocked for a few more moments, then stood up and grabbed his coat and keys. "Why do I always get the nutters?" He grumbled to himself.


As Merlin regained consciousness, he noticed a beeping noise, as well as the sound of a ventilator. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that he was the one using this equipment, and judging by the amount of white in the room he assumed he must be in a hospital ward. He went to pull the breathing tube out of his throat as it felt uncomfortable, only for a hand to grab his own. Sherlock smiled at his younger brother, a rare thing, then pulled out the tube carefully for him.

"Sher-" Merlin began to ask before breaking into a coughing fit, which was not helping the raw feeling in his throat. Sherlock passed the younger boy some water. After a few sips, he tried again. "Sherlock, what happened?" he asked hoarsely.

"Well, after you passed out the second time, those utter imbeciles who attempted to unintentionally kill us were still asleep, so I merely picked you up and walked out the door. Then I went to the police, who are also idiots by the looks of things, and got us here. They kept me under observation for 2 days, which was so very dull of them, but I escaped and came here. You've been out for 4, but that's because the concentration of chloroform was much higher for you."

"What about those m-men who t-took us?" Merlin stammered fearfully.

"I believe Lestrade, the officer who drove us here, arrested them. Although I have a feeling Mycroft may want to have a word with them before they are sentenced." Sherlock paused, noticing the tenseness of his brother's body and the fear in his eyes. He sighed. "Merls, we're perfectly safe. Besides, if they ever tried it again, I would just rescue us."

"But what about if you're not there?" Merlin asked.

"Merlin, I promise you, no matter where you are I will always save you." Sherlock said, ruffling the younger boy's hair.

Merlin smiled before wrapping iOS arms around his brother, who although tensed at first, soon returned the gesture.

"Wait," Merlin said, "I didn't get the chance to thank the policeman for helping us."

"I hardly call driving us around helping," Sherlock scoffed. "But if you're really that worried about it, I have a feeling Mycroft may be able to help."


A few hours after the incident involving the two strange kids, Greg was sat at his desk doing some paperwork when he received a telephone which said that he had been promoted to Inspector, by order of the British Government. Shocked by the bizarre turn his day had taken, he hung up and rubbed his eyes. "It must be a Thursday," he said. "I could never get the hang of Thursdays."