Brother of Another

It was too bloody bright, was the first thought that ran through John's mind as he began to slowly open his eyes. The headache he had from the light above mixed with the nauseous feeling in his gut told the doctor that he had at the very least a mild concussion, although for the life of him he couldn't figure out why.

As he looked around further, he noticed that he was in a small messy bedroom lying on a single bed, with medieval posters plastered on the walls. There were a few tin knights scattered on the floor, along with several scarves. On the table next to him was two white tablets and a glass of water, a piece of paper lying next to them with "To take when awake," written on it in a messy scrawl. Unsure as to what they were John left them, instead forcing himself to sit upright and take in his surroundings.

For a moment the doctor squinted upwards at the cheap florescent bulb with a confused expression, considering the last thing he remembered was going to the shop and it had been late at night. "Think Watson, what happened next," he muttered to himself,

"You're awake," a voice with a soft Dublin lilt said from next to him, startling John out of his thoughts. He turned his head to see a young teenager stood by the doorway, about 14 or 15 years old, arms crossed. At first, John had to rub his eyes to ensure he wasn't seeing things, for the boy held a startling resemblance to Sherlock. He wouldn't put it past his strange life for him to have accidentally time travelled, or for Sherlock to have messed up an experiment and de-aged himself.

"I notice you didn't touch the paracetamol I left you, I imagine your head must be aching," the boy continued. When John looked at him suspiciously, he added, "It's not poison, I promise."

John reluctantly took the tablets, making the boy smile. "What's your name?" the teenager asked.

"Where am I?" John asked, ignoring the child's question.

"My room," the boy replied. "Jimmy always puts people in my room when he has guests."

"And Jimmy is?"

"My older brother. He's the one you really ought to talk to if you have any questions. Jimmy says I shouldn't get involved in his affairs yet." He looked around to check that there's no one there, then leant in and whispered,"I think he's a hitman."

"So what's your name then?" asked the doctor, trying to change the topic.

The boy looked a little embarrassed before answering, "It's Merlin. Merlin Moriarty."

"Moriarty?" John questioned. "So you're the one behind all the bombs. Do you know how many people could have been hurt if Sherlock hadn't guessed in time! The man doesn't even know how many bloody planets there are in the solar system!"

"Bombs?" Merlin said curiously. "I've been at school all day how could I possibly-"

"Merlin deary, I do wish you would stop talking to my captives. I know how easily you make friends and I hate to see you hurt when they don't come and visit again. Besides Johnny boy and I have an appointment and you know how I hate to be late, " came a lilting Irish voice from outside the room, and in stepped a dark haired man with large brown eyes.

"Sorry Jimmy," Merlin said sheepishly, standing up and walking past the other man. Just before he walked out, the teenager turned back to face John. "Sorry we didn't get to know each other better John, you seem like a really nice guy. I hope Sherlock finds you in time." And with that he was gone, leaving the two remaining men facing each other.

"Hello there Johnny boy, I hope that my little friend here didn't hit you too hard. After all, how are you going to enjoy the show if you're all sleepy?"

John looked Merlin's brother up and down with an unamused expression.

"But you're the-"

"The guy who was hitting on Sherlock?" Jim exclaimed. "What can I say, who can resist a piece of Sherlock Holmes. You certainly don't seem to be able to-"

"We're not a couple!" John interrupted angrily.

"No, I suppose not." Moriarty mused. "It's a pleasure to meet you anyway Johnny boy, face to face."

"I can't exactly say that it's a pleasure to meet you, Jim Moriarty, especially given the circumstances."

"Why John I'm hurt!" Moriarty exclaimed with an overdramatic expression. John's expression remained the same.

"Why are you doing this Moriarty?" the doctor asked bluntly. "What is it about stalking Sherlock Holmes that gives you such a thrill?"

Moriarty shrugged childishly and replied "I imagine it's the same reason as you." He then walked out of the door, leaving John alone with his thoughts.


As the gun lined up with the bomb, John found himself shutting his eyes and waiting for the inevitable explosion. Instead the sound of the Bee Gees echoed in the otherwise silent swimming pool, followed by a groan. As he opened his eyes, he noticed Moriarty answer the phone and visibly pale at whatever was said.

"I swear to God if you touch one hair on that kid's head know that I will find you, and I will skin you," he spat, before hanging up. Moriarty then raised his head, and said, "Sorry, wrong day to die. It...appears that I have business to attend to." He began walking away, simply adding "I'll be in touch Sherlock," exiting the pool and leaving the two other men completely alone.

AN: So I've been away a while, A levels final year has really taken it out of me, along with learning to drive amongst other things. (It took me four attempts to pass because nerves turn me into a bundle of anxiety but I finally did it!) But it's over now and I've been furiously trying to force my muse to get some work out, especially seeing as I have a ton of prompts to fill, plus I have had a couple of ideas of my own. This story follows a prompt from Tolleren who said "I thought it could be fun that instead of Merlin being related to Sherlock, he could be related to Moriarty?" This scene takes place during S01E03, before Sherlock arrives at the pool. I also have an idea in the Merlin Moriarty verse to take place after S02E03, if you've seen the episode I'm sure you can guess why that episode in particular, so please tell me if you're interested in that. If you want to see my summer schedule then I've written it in my profile, although I have no idea how well I'll be sticking to it, although I'm hoping to write something new and upload at least once a week. Please send me prompts for the Merlin-Holmes oneshot saga and for any other stories you'd like to see, and thank you to everyone who has reviewed, favourited and followed so far, you guys all get virtual cookies!

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