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A/N SPOILER! If you have not seen "Deadly Desire" then you are going to be lost. If you have than you will remember Lorna Templeton, the scorpion feral who seduced Brennnan and then escaped Genomex. This is months after that happened. The timeline for this story is completely messed up. All of the team have their new powers (that they got in "A Breed Apart") so if you didn't see the final episode you're going to be confused on that part too. However Gabriel isn't in this story, Mason Eckhart is the villain. I'm sorry, but Mason is easier to write for. And since this IS months later, I'm assuming that Mason is out of the stasis pods and Gabriel is gone. OK? OK. Pairings; SHALIMAR/BRENNAN ALL THE WAY BABY!

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Brennan melted into her. She tasted so good! Kissing Shalimar was incredible, kisses didn't get more intense, and he should know-he had had his share of them. Something was screaming at him to stop, he didn't want to ruin the friendship that he had with her, he had never had many friends and here he was, doing something that could make him lose one of the few that he DID have. But. it felt so good. He didn't want to stop. He didn't know how it happened, it was just the two of them hanging around, and Shal on the computer and him 'helping' by standing around and asking if she was done yet. She had gotten ticked at him and he had been teasing her. What had happened after that? He couldn't really think, his brain was turning into mush fast. And now they were kissing; he was kissing one of his best friends!

When they broke the kiss they were both breathing hard and shaking slightly. Shalimar looked at him letting out a shaky breath. God, the man could kiss! She didn't know that you could even do that with your tongue. He had been teasing her, and she had gotten fed up with it. She had jumped up and tackled it, intent on a good spar and making him cry uncle. Or just cry. She hadn't expected to react so strongly to being right next to him, feeling him right against to her and the next thing that she knew. Woah! Brennan kissage.

Embarrassed, they fumbled for something to do, not looking at each other. Brennan taking a deep breath managed to mutter, "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me, it just kind of." he trailed off.

".Happened?" Shalimar gulped. [1]

"Yeah." Brennan nodded. They shared a look. Their eyes locked and Brennan felt as if he might faint. She had incredible eyes. Shalimar wasn't faring to well herself, drowning in chocolate brown pools.

"Brennan, Shalimar, I need you to." Both the feral and the elemental jumped in response to Adam's voice. Adam had drifted off as he saw his two team members and now was looking at the two crimson-faced new mutants with a look of concern. "Are you two all right? You're both flushed and out of breath!" He then looked suspiciously at the two. "What exactly did I walk in on?"

Shalimar squeaked and Brennan sputtered, and both were about to make excuses when Adam interrupted. "If you two want to spar, do it in the dojo, and not near the extremely expensive super computer, got that?" Both nodded meekly. "But not right now. Right now I need you to go pick up a new mutant that has contacted us with an interest of going into the underground. When you get back you can finish what you started, but in the dojo, got that?" At which both Shalimar and Brennan both got very red once again. "Good." And with that Adam left the two alone.


The two went to the pick up spot. It was too easy. The new mutant's story checked out, and it looked like they had actually gotten someone who wanted to go into the underground and start a new life. For once it wasn't a trap, ambush or scheme by Eckhart to capture Mutant X. After getting Stacey Sheffield, or should I say, Veronica Winner, set up with her new identity and on her way the two headed back to the car.

Brennan, in a good mood since things had gone smoothly for a change, whistled as he headed to the car. He flung his arm around Shalimar. "Ah, nothing like a job well done, eh Shal?" Then, realizing he had his arm around her he blushed and removed it. "Sorry." He muttered. Man, he hated this. It was just like he thought. He had walked with his arm around Shalimar all the time, and he had never had a problem with it before, but now he was worried she might take it wrong. or something. Now that they had kissed, did the rules change? He usually meant it as a buddy-buddy gesture, if he did it to Jesse or Emma, and it used to be, Shalimar. But now, it felt different with her. 'God, love is confusing!' He stopped in his tracks, causing Shalimar to turn around and ask what was wrong. He didn't hear her, to shocked by his own thought. 'LOVE?! Am I in LOVE with SHALIMAR?' Shalimar touched his arm and looked up at him with concern. Snapping out of his reverie, he blinked and looked down at her.

"Brennan? Are you okay? You checked out on me for a second there." Shalimar looked up at him.

"I'm fine. I just. realized something that's all." He answered throatily.

"What did you realize?" Shalimar asked him, still looking concerned. "You looked pretty absorbed."

"Huh? Oh, um, it was nothing, it's not really important." 'I just realized that I love you is all.'

"Well, if you're sure."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Peachy keen, Jelly Bean."

Shalimar snorted. 'Very dignified.' She thought to herself. But, did the boy seriously just say 'peachy keen, Jelly Bean'? She laughed, gasping for breath. "P-peachy keen, Jelly Bean?" she snorted again, laughing uncontrollably. Brennan just shrugged.

"What? This little girl in the apartment building I used to live in said it all the time. She thought it was hysterical too. She was a cute kid."

"You old softie!" Shalimar exclaimed, still giggling at the thought of the twenty-nine year old ex-thief saying, 'Peachy keen, Jelly Bean'.

"Yeah, well, I used to watch her sometimes, and I just kind of picked it up from her."

"Awww, that's so sweet!" she reached over and gave him a hug. You would have thought that after the scene earlier she would have learned just what that kind of contact did to her, because suddenly she was deadly serious blushing and looking into his eyes. As soon as she did she was lost. God, why did he have to have such captivating eyes? The next thing she knew was the feeling of Brennan's lips catching hers in another mind-melting kiss.

Brennan's brain was turning to mush again. He couldn't think, he needed to think. Oh, God he had never had this before, with anyone. He had experienced. God damn what was it? That subject that he had failed in high school. Chemistry that was it. What had he been thinking? Right. Shalimar. He needed to stop this. Right now. Yeah. Now would be a good time. Oh, yes, he would be stopping any second now. Now would definitely be a good time for his body to co-operate with his brain.

"Brennan, I need you. I need you so bad!" whimpered Shalimar against him.

Brennan looked down at her. He felt himself nod. 'Crap.'

[1] finishing each other's sentences already!

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