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Moka groaned as she lifted her head. There was a compressing weight on her chest and she slowly opened her eyes to see a sea of red obscuring her vision. Grunting, she rolled over and pushed the weight from her body, coughing as she sat up and caught her breath.

Rias rolled over the ground a little away from the person she had crashed into and lay still, catching her breath for a moment. She knew she shouldn't stop and that the vampire guards could still be on her tail, but she really had been running for quite a long time.

Finally catching her breath, Rias groaned as she glanced up, rubbing her head. The person she had bumped into was also getting to their hands and knees, their long silver hair covering their face from her. Off in the trees, she could hear the guards getting steadily closer to her location. Standing, she turned to the other person and gasped. Red eyes the same shade as her hair stared back at her in shock.

Moka couldn't believe it. There was a Gremory Devil on a Shuzen vampire's land. Has the world gone insane? She could easily be killed! No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than a shout from nearby sounded off to the side.

"Over there! I see some red!" Great, castle guards. If they find me here, they'll tell Father and I'll have a guard posted at all of the exits to my room twenty-four seven.

Moka quickly lifted the girl into her arms and leaped into a tree just before the guards rushed into the clearing and began searching around. Using a hand to unnecessarily cover the Devil's mouth, Moka watched the guards carefully, nodding in relief as they raced off in a random direction.

Turning to the girl, she did not expect for her to pull away quickly enough to send both of them falling from the tree. Landing easily on her feet, Moka moved over to catch the girl easily and set her on her feet as well. Realizing what she was doing, the silverette quickly backed away, eyes narrowed as the girl glared at her.

Rias growled as she faced this red-eyed girl that her brother had told her was one of the Vampire Lord's daughters. Silver hair fell into the abnormally pale face and blood red eyes narrowed in suspicion of the person in front of them.

"Who are you?" the girl demanded, standing straight as she surveyed Rias.

Rias mimicked her stance and replied, "Rias Gremory. And you're one of the Vampire Lord's daughters."

Moka took this girl in and felt a blush coming to her cheeks. Limited contact with anyone other than the castle staff and her family made meeting this girl more exciting for the vampire. It helped that the Devil had nice round hips and a cute face. Her bust was certainly nothing to laugh at either, easily surpassing Moka's own size. The silverette quickly shook her head to clear such thoughts, wiping her hands against her skirt to calm herself.

Now is not the time for such thoughts, especially about the enemy. I have to focus on getting her off our land before more of my father's men find her here. "You need to leave," she stated bluntly.

"Or what?" Rias sniffed. "You'll call your guards back? Why were you avoiding them anyway? They're supposed to protect you."

"My father doesn't approve of me leaving the castle," Moka responded, trying to keep her tone calm. "You need to leave before they come back of their own accord and return to their stations."

"They wouldn't need those stations if you're family wasn't so ready to kill mine," Rias grumbled, still not moving.

"Your family isn't the only enemy we have!" Moka snapped, her patience wearing thin.

"Well, that seems to be one thing we have in common," Rias wouldn't admit it, but she was getting a kind of thrill from pissing the vampire girl off as much as she could. "But we have a higher death rate than your family."

"Only because there are less of you," the silverette sniffed in contempt, sliding into a fighting crouch. Rias mimicked the move instantly, not wanting to be caught off guard. "I could kill you before you got close enough to strike a blow," Moka snarled.

"And I could kill you before you moved from the spot you're standing in," Rias retorted, eyes blazing.

I forgot. Moka thought to herself. The Gremory family has the power of Destruction. She could obliterate me if I made one move in the wrong direction.

They glared at each other, neither moving nor trusting the other not to kill them as soon as they did move. A rustling in the bushes caught their attention, but neither took their eyes off their current opponent; instead they used their ears to discern whether or not the incoming person was a threat.

From the bushes stepped a figure, tall and lean. From the light of the full moon, it appeared to be a young man. He didn't seem too tense about meeting them both in this place, so he must not have been a Devil or vampire, but he didn't smell like a Fallen Angel either. Mutually agreeing, the two young women turned to face him at the same time, their stances straightening as they surveyed him.

"Evening, ladies," the man called, swaggering calmly toward them.

"Who are you?" Rias inquired brusquely.

"And what are you doing here?" Moka added with the same tone.

"Can't a guy take a nighttime stroll without seeming suspicious?" the stranger smirked.

"Not in this part of the forest, he can't," Moka snarled. "This land belongs to my family."

"Someone's being high and mighty," the man huffed.

"No, I'm being territorial." The silverette clenched her teeth in irritation. This makes two intruders in one night. I will have to get Aqua to speak with father about security because it is ridiculously lax if a Devil and this man can sneak onto our land with no trouble.

Suddenly, the wind shifted while Moka was thinking of what she could say to her sister. The scent that caught her nose made her stiffen considerably. A snarl ripped through her teeth at the revelation of the threat in front of them.

"He's a werewolf!" Moka shouted, going back on the defensive as Rias did the same, both of them glaring hatred at the man. Werewolves were the enemies of both Devils and vampires. Vampires naturally didn't get along with any type of monster and Devils looked down upon any kind of monster, but werewolves were especially vile to them because of their speed and the perverted way in which they used it.

The young man snickered as he watched them, noting how the wind lifted both their skirts slightly. "Well, took you long enough to notice. Though, I suppose I did have the unfair advantage of looking human. Here, is this better?" Within seconds he had transformed to the point that only his clothing and headband marked him as the man they had seen before.

Rias growled and raised her hand, the Power of Destruction forming in her palm. Moka noticed the little black ball and did some calculations in her mind. If the Gremory Princess were to throw that ball right now, the werewolf could still possibly dodge. However, she would create a good enough smoke for them both to escape.

Nodding to herself, Moka turned her body slightly, shifting her stance as she prepared to bolt for home. Rias noticed too, and gave her a nod, throwing the ball of destructive power at the werewolf in front of them. He was already moving before the ball was halfway to him, but so were the girls, racing toward separate sides of the clearing.

But they miscalculated. By assuming that the werewolf would simply dodge and do nothing else, they had both left themselves vulnerable to him. He snickered and leaped in front of Moka, causing her to stop in her tracks lest she slam into him.

"Ooh, the vampire girl looks absolutely hot!" he sneered, jumping at Moka. The silverette barely had enough time to dodge and received a scratch along her arm. Her Shinso healing took care of it, but the sting still remained. Her mother hadn't helped her to unlock her full power, so her speed was still far inferior to the werewolf's.

"Come on, Babe," the werewolf grinned, leaning against a tree and smiling roguishly. "Don't you want to play with me?"

"Leave me alone!" Moka snarled, making to turn as quickly as she could.

The werewolf was having none of this and grabbed her arm, slamming her into the tree he had been leaning against. Moka grunted at the impact, but found herself swinging through the air to smash into the ground with nearly enough force to break her ribs. Coughing, she pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, but the werewolf wasn't done.

"I want to play," he growled, kicking a clawed foot into her already bruised ribs, snapping a few. "And when a big dog wants to play, it pounces." Moka screamed out in agony at the blow and the werewolf grinned, bending over her. His paw reached for her skirt, drool dripping from his jaws as he prepared for the sight to befall him. Moka slammed her foot out, thankful that at least some of her strength had been unlocked.

The werewolf smashed into a tree nearby, but stood almost instantly. His bright red eyes glared at her furiously and he took a running start. The speed added to the force of impact as his foot lifted to impact against her stomach, rupturing the organ. Moka gasped desperately, her arms shaking as they tried to keep her up. A clawed foot pounded onto her back, sending her head cracking against the ground. Vision swimming, the silverette just barely managed to stay conscious as the werewolf bore down on her once more.

Rias chanced a glance back and her eyes widened when she spotted blood dribbling from the vampire girl's mouth. Partially turning back, she fought with herself to just get out of there. It's just one vampire. It's not like anyone would miss her anyway.

But she is the Vampire Lord's daughter and daughter of the most powerful Shinso in the world. A tiny voice told her. If you let her die here, the Vampire Lord will assume it was the work of Devils and lead an all-out massacre against your family. There is no point in having such an intense battle over something that wasn't even our doing.

Rias rolled her eyes in frustration and turned back, lighting her hand with the Power of Destruction once more. Throwing a ball of the black and red flame, she smirked as it hit home against the werewolf and slammed him against a tree across the clearing. Rias walked over to the downed vampire and contemplated leaving her there. After all, she needed to be out of the territory before some other guard stumbled upon her and attempted capture.

But there was the possibility that the werewolf could wake up and continue where he left off. With a soft groan of irritation, the redhead leaned down and lifted the vampire into her arms, carrying her through the trees. She had no idea where she was going, but the more distance between herself and the werewolf, the better. Besides, the vampire was light and… carrying her didn't feel entirely uncomfortable…

And there you have it. I'm sorry I had to make Gin a bad guy, but technically, he could be considering this is alternate universe and all. Anyway, tell me what you think of this development and what you think is going to happen next. Review!