And we're back! More Rias and Moka bonding!

Rias sighed as she paced the area near her realm's entrance. She wasn't really all that sure what she wanted to do. She could rejoice in being able to visit her servants again, but at the same time, she wanted to seek out the Vampire Princess to get some questions answered. Moka Akashiya confused Rias, since she hadn't tried to kill the Devil Princess, but wasn't amicable with her either. If Rias' family was one of their biggest enemies, why wouldn't Moka take the chance to kill her or imprison her or anything that would give the vampires an advantage? Why had she helped Rias hide the night before when her father's men had come searching?

The redhead sighed and rubbed her forehead. She would get nothing done by staying near the entrance. She needed to choose what she was going to do before the sun started to rise. Akeno would probably be a good first trip, just to see her oldest friend again and catch up.

Before she could move, Rias heard footsteps racing in her direction and she leapt into a tree. Not a moment too soon, either, as a silver head streaked passed right where she had been standing, a few others on her tail. Rias blinked. Why were the guards chasing one of their own? Did Moka do something? Was she leading them to the entrance? Blue eyes narrowed in suspicion and Rias took off after the group. She kept to the trees so she wasn't easily heard or spotted, but she kept an eye on the guards.

As she followed, Rias took note that Moka had taken them right passed the entrance without even slowing down. So, if her purpose wasn't to lead them to the Underworld, what was she doing running from them? This entire situation was becoming more and more confusing. There was only one way to get answers.

Moka panted as she raced through the trees. Internally, she cursed herself for misstepping and getting the guards on her tail. She was sure none of them could tell it was her, but that didn't matter. If they caught up to her, or trapped her somehow, they would know and they would report to her father that she'd left the palace.

This is infuriating! she grumbled, swerving around a large tree and turning in a new direction. I should be allowed outside the palace, too. Why do I have to be the one locked away in a tower, like in a fairy tale? What, does Father think my knight in shining armor will-.

Something grabbed her as she was passing and lifted her into the branches of a tree. A hand covered her mouth and Moka froze as the guards passed right under where she was being held. Once their footsteps faded off, the hand lowered and Moka slowly turned. Bright red was all she needed to see before she grabbed the Devil Princess and propelled them in the direction opposite where the guards had gone.

Rias lost her breath as they landed on the ground. She coughed slightly as the vampire set her on her feet and stepped back. At least she knew the manners from the previous night weren't a fluke. It made sense, considering Moka was also raised royalty.

"What are you doing back here?" Moka asked softly. She didn't mention how excited she was to see the Devil Princess again. "You're in danger; I thought I made that clear last night."

"From the looks of things, you needed help," Rias shrugged. "Why were those guards chasing you? And why were you running for that matter?"

Moka groaned, running a hand down her face. "The guards didn't know who I was, I'm sure. They most likely just thought I was an intruder."

"That doesn't explain why you were running instead of showing yourself to them," the Devil pointed out.

"Because I'm not allowed to be out of the castle," Moka replied. She couldn't believe she was explaining this to a Devil of all people.

Rias blinked. "You're… not allowed outside of your home?"

"Father has me on house arrest for some reason," the silver-haired woman grumbled, crossing her arms. Admittedly, it was nice being able to tell someone about her frustrations. "So, I just sneak out on my own. Unfortunately, I misstepped tonight and alerted the guards to my presence."

"Well, if it's dangerous for both of us to be here, isn't there somewhere we can go for both of us to not be in danger from being caught by your father's men?" Rias suggested.

"That would be off my family's property," Moka retorted.

"Great," the older princess chirped. "Then let's go!"

Moka didn't move. Rias raised an eyebrow, but the vampire avoided her eyes, turning away. "Okay…" Rias glanced around. "Do you… want to be caught by your father's men?"

"I don't," the stubborn woman responded.

"Then why aren't you moving?"

"Because I-." Moka stopped and took a deep breath. It's not like saying it would give the Devil an advantage over her. She could say this small thing. "I've never been off my family's property before. I don't know what's out there."

Rias stared at her in shock. She hadn't expected that. So, the reason Moka stayed on her family's land and risked getting caught by her father's men was because she was afraid of venturing too far and getting lost in an unknown area.

"Well, I mean, I've been out there," she said slowly. "Maybe I could show you some good routes to take back and forth from your family's land to the outside?" Rias wasn't sure why she was offering to take the other woman off the property with her. She could have easily left Moka there and gone on her own. But that seemed really unfair, especially since Rias herself had been in the same position just the day before.

"Why are you offering to help me?" Moka asked in confusion, turning slightly to gaze at her. "I could have turned you in to my father tonight, or even last night."

"But you haven't," the Devil pointed out. "And whatever your reason, you haven't told him where the surface world entrance to my home is either, which means I owe you more than I thought. So, even if it's small in comparison, I can at least show you what the world outside of your family's forest is like."

The vampire bit her lip. She was putting her trust in a Devil not to lead her into a trap. That had to be absolutely ridiculous to anyone who knew of the war going on. However, Rias was also offering her a way to walk free without her father's restrictions. If it was a trap, she would have no reason to trust Rias again. If it wasn't a trap and she didn't take it, she would be giving up something amazing.

"Alright," Moka agreed at last. "I'll follow your lead then."

Rias grinned at her and took off through the trees. As they ran, she and Moka raced one another. They both knew Moka was faster with her Shinso power, but she kept it neck-and-neck so that she didn't leave Rias behind. They were both avoiding the guards, after all. While Moka could outrun them, Rias wasn't so lucky, as the previous night had proven. They enjoyed the feeling of having someone else to sprint with as they neared the border.

Moka's eyes narrowed as they spotted the border patrol. Grabbing Rias and lifting the Devil onto her back, Moka sped up, Rias gripping her tighter to hold on. Moka stopped just before they were in the visual of the border patrol and forced all of her power into a kick off the ground. Rias watched in awe as they soared right over the border patrol and landed outside of their visuals on the other side of the border.

Moka gently let the other woman down and Rias took a deep breath. "That power is amazing," she whispered.

"It's not much different than your Power of Destruction," Moka pointed out as they started walking through the field outside of the Shuzen property.

"Yes, but my Power only has the ability to obliterate," Rias shot back with a smile. "It's nothing like being able to soar over the heads of enemies and land without them being aware."

"It's something Mother taught me," the vampire laughed. "She would do it to me a lot during training, so I just eventually picked up on it."

"That's actually how I learned control from my brother," her companion gasped. "I loved watching him train, so I would try to mimic everything he did to control my own power."

They lapsed into silence after that, both of them realizing that their families, or at least the two of them, weren't all that different. Moka cleared her throat, hoping to clear the awkwardness. "So, where are we going? It can't be too far if the both of us are supposed to be back by sunrise."

"Don't worry, it's not far," Rias grinned, taking her hand and leading her along a road. Moka's cheeks flared to life at the contact and she wondered if Rias even realized what she'd just done. The Devil Princess led her a little ways along the road before turning and tightening her grip. Before the vampire with her could question it, Rias leapt off the road and down the hill they were on.

Moka's eyes widened as they neared the bottom, but she gasped as they fell into a large pentagram instead. Rias dropped out first and quickly caught Moka, similar to how the vampire had done her the night before. Rias gently set Moka on her feet and the two of them turned to where they had landed. The redhead turned to her silver-haired companion and Moka blinked in shock.

"A… shrine?"

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