there is something missing from our world: the amazing animals that time has left behind

but what if we could bring them back?

what if extinction didn't have to be forever

we're going back in time on a safari with a difference as wildlife expert nigel marven plunges into prehistory to rescue creautures on the brink of extinction

his plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance

in his latest mission he travels to prehistoric africa in order to bring back a predator of the first sabre teeth

welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary

welcome to prehistoric park

chapter 1 the reptile-mammal hunter

The scene is an office where a man with black hair is sitting it is the famous nigel marven "oh hello" he laughs "I see you're back things have been much more calm since the mass break out and we got some breeding pairs now so some aren't so lonely like theo but every once and a while me and bob still need to get out the tractor-ceratops but now I am prepared to get some more creatures for the park and I have already thought of what to go for next"Nigel said as a balding man walked in and it was head keeper bob "you asked to see me Nigel?"Bob said "yes bob now I would like you to build an enclosure for this"Nigel said showing bob a picture of a creature that resembled a large crocodile but with longer legs that face down like a dinosaur "blimey haven't we already got a big croc Nigel?" Bob asked looking at the pictures size comparison "actually bob these aren't even related to crocodiles it's gorgonops a mammal-like reptile that lived in the late permian deserts of south africa and was the top predator of its time because of its sabre teeth"Nigel explained "so you want me to get an arid area for him then I guess"bob replied "exactly but we'll also need a watering hole for the big guy as well"Nigel answered.

289 million years ago south africa was a very different place,it was an arid desert land with enough room to fit a large carnivore

Nigel gets into his jeep and goes through the portal and appears in a vast desert "now this is south Africa you can tell that this isn't the grasslands it's going to be in millions of years this looks lifeless it's actually not so if we keep moving we should find a water hole and there's bound to be some life there" Nigel then notices some holes in the ground "these are probably hole of dictodon a burrowing mammal-like reptile that were no bigger than a chihuahua and I would love some of these little guys and I've got a plan"Nigel says as he sets up the portal and pulls a water bottle out of his bag "now this is a technique used to get worms to come out of the what I'm gonna do is I'll stomp on the ground and pore some water to drive them out of here"Nigel does so and lots of lizard like creatures with small tusks come out and run into the portal and bob has a look and sees about 16 little creatures come out of the portal "well these aren't what I thought he'd surprise me with this time"bob said chuckling to himself.

back on the other side of the portal Nigel is putting his bag back on "right now back to our search for a water hole"

back at the park head keeper bob is having a few troubles with one of the residents

"now we've been having a few troubles with rascal,"

rascal the troodon was rescued from prehistoric texas but is only park resident to be unintentional and he single handedly caused the mass breakout

"he's living here the way he came,mischievous. he keeps escaping no matter what he's put in I mean he digs,he squeezes his way through and he even climbs out and every time we have to use a new technique to lure him back. 'cause of his intelligence he learns from mistakes easily just watch"bob explains as we see some workers trying to lure him with some meat tied to a rope when he just cuts the rope with his claws and runs off with the meat "we think he's looking for something but we don't know what"bob explains

back in prehistoric south america Nigel has found something big but not a gorgonops

we see Nigel looking at a herd of ox sized creatures resembling a type of ankylosaur "these are scutosaurus they look like ankylosaurus but are more closely related to tortoises and turtles and live in herds like this one and if we follow this herd we should be able to find our gorgonops as they are its main prey" and he looks through his binoculars and sees a watering hole "that's a watering hole and where this herd is going because it's what they search for their hole life as there's food, there's water basically everything they need to survive out here in the desert and one or two gorgonops should be there in wait for these beasts and I have a plan to get both of them back to the park" Nigel says as he rushes ahead of the scutosaurus herd to the watering hole where he quickly ducks down "get down now!"he yells as the camera man ducks down behind a mound of dirt "look over their just as we suspected a gorgonops female lying in wait for its prey" Nigel explains as we in fact do see a gorgonops lying down by the water hole and the scutosaurus arrive and start drinking and the gorgonops attacks a scutosaurus as Nigel sets up the portal and all the scutosaurs start panicking and run into the portal and the gorgonops starts eating but then starts sniffing the air and looks at Nigel "it looks like he's now gained an interest in eating something more mammal than him so we better run through the portal now!"Nigel yelled running through the portal with the gorgonops in hot pursuit and on the other side Nigel climbs up a ladder and the second he finishes the gorgonops rips the ladder down "just look at that jaw power it just ripped that ladder fromits place but I don't think bob'll be happy about that

"well nigel just look at'er she's huge"Bob remarked "but I am not happy about what she did to the ladder "I didn't think you'd be happy about it and by the way did you find out what rascal's looking for?"Nigel asked "no but I think he's looking for his old pack so next time you should get'em some palls"Bob suggested "good idea and I might get some new creatures as well"Nigel said "okay and by the way we just finished her inclosure and have you thought of a name for'er?"Bob asked "yes how about jade?" Nigel asked "that sounds like a nice name"Bob agreed

next time on prehistoric park

nigel brings back a pack for rascal

a troodon pokes its head out of a bush

a flying reptile

a pterosaur attacks someone

and a new recruit is on the prehistoric park team

someone pushes nigel back before theo can attack them

all next time on prehistoric park

creatures rescued:16 dictodon

23 scutosaurus

1 gorgonops