there is something missing from our world: the amazing animals that time has left behind

but what if we could bring them back?

what if extinction didn't have to be forever

we're going back in time on a safari with a difference as wildlife expert nigel marven plunges into prehistory to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction

his plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance

in his next rescue he goes once again to prehistoric texas to bring back some friends for rascal and maybe some more creatures for the park

welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary

welcome to prehistoric park

chapter 2: 7 heads are better than one

Nigel was in his office and Bob came in looking a bit stressed "hello Bob. why do you look so stressed?"Nigel asked worried for his friend "it's rascal, every time he escapes we need to figure out how a new way to get him back"bob answered "well I think that if I bring back more troodon he will be satisfied and stop looking for a pack"Nigel said "are there any more creatures you'd like to bring'ere"bob asked "well I was thinking of bringing back some parasaurolophus so you should build quite a big pen for them so they have some space to run around in"Nigel answered "and I am going back to around a weeks time after we last went there in the exact same place so I can actually rescue his old pack so they will most likely accept him back"Nigel explained "oh and the new recruit is waiting for you at the triceratops enclosure"Bob said "I'll go see him then"

A teenage boy with dark brown hair,a black t-shirt,grey trousers and a light blue jacket with the prehistoric park logo on it is seen in front of the triceratops pen "hello my names Tristan"the boy said shaking hands with Nigel "I see that you like the triceratops"Nigel pointed out "yeah triceratops are one of my favourites"Tristan said and theo scratched the ground with his foot and Tristan pushed Nigel back "get back!get back!" Tristan yelled and theo charged for the fence and his horns just missed them "how did you know he was about to charge?"Nigel asked "he scraped the ground with his foot which is similar to what oxen and bulls do when they are about to charge"Tristan explained

going back to 75 million years ago seems like it won't be as bad as last time since he was actually looking for the troodon that made it so hard last time but he will get quite a surprise once he's on the other side of the portal

when they were on the other side of the portal they was shocked as they turned up right in the middle of a herd of parasaurolophus and Nigel had to slam the brakes to stop himself from one of them to be the first dino road kill and after they all passed him he breathed a sigh of relief "that was close I almost hit one of them and that would not have been nice "yeah we would get a major scolding from the space time continuem"Tristan joked making both of them laugh. "but at least these are one of the creatures I wanted to bring back as a bonus and I have a plan to bring them back so open the portal and grab some plants to make them go in front of it"Nigel said.

Tristan then ran in front of the herd and put some plants in front of them which enticed most of them to go in that direction then Nigel went to the truck slowly moving it behind the duck-bills and then slammed the horn which scared them all into running into the portal but one went a little to the side and kept running until an amber coloured T-rex like creature attacked it and killed it and another joined in but was roared at by the other one which then looked at Nigel "albertosaurus and it looks like the one that lost the kill is going after us so RUN!"Nigel yelled as they ran into the forest and when they got in the forest the albertosaurus didn't follow do to there being no room.

like a T-rex albertosaurs are to heavy to risk falling over

"that was a close one he almost got us-wait a minute"Nigel then noticeed a troodons head poking out of a bush and it had a scar on its face "this is definitetly one of rascals pack because I remember one of them having a distinct scar on it so we should try and see where the rest are"

unknown to Nigel they doesn't actually have to go that far

suddenly a hissing sound is heard and Tristan turned around and saw five more "or maybe they'll find us"Tristan remarked and they started attacking the two and they ran out and Tristan tripped and was splashed by wave "well it looks like I'll smell like fish for a while"Tristan said making Nigel chuckle but this was cut short when a pterosaur started attacking Tristan "hey!get away from me!stop it!"Tristan said slightly panicking an Nigel got his air horn and scared it away "why'd it do that?" Tristan asked "it was probably because you smelled like fish and that nyctosaurus thought you were food"Nigel explained and got his walkie talkie and called bob "hello bob? yeah we're gonna need you to put a ceiling on the other side of the portal pronto"Nigel asked his head keeper "why?"bob asked "just do it I've got a surprise for you"Nigel said

back at the park while the ceiling is being put up bob has to deal with a problem

"I don't know why he wants a ceiling here but this will probably be something different to the other creatur-oh come on!"bob said as he saw rascal on the ceiling that was just put on "so this is where you've decided to visit"bob said clearly annoyed and rascal jumped off landing in front of bob scaring bob into falling over "Nigel better be right about him staying where he's supposed to cause if the rest act like this I just might have a h

eart attack"

back to prehistoric texas Nigel and Tristan are trying to think of a plan to catch these pterosaurs

Nigel was sitting on a log with his fingers on his chin and Tristan was tapping his chest when he noticed something about his jacket "Nigel I've got"Tristan said "What's the plan?"Nigel asked "their crests are light blue and so is my jacket so if I wave it on a stick like a jacket the colour combined with the smell of fish on it should attract them to come to me and I'll open the portal so they'll go through it"Tristan explained putting a stick through the arm holes making it look like a flag waving it around like onewhile Nigel opened the portal and they go through it "great now if only we can figure out how to get the troodon"Tristan said "I actually have a plan for that last time when we left some meat for the dienosuchus the troodon took it so we should leaves some meat and use the air horn to scare them into going through the portal"Nigel explained and they put some meat down on the beach

the seen switches to dusk and they see some troodon going for the meat and Tristan sets up the portal while Nigel gets behind them and uses the air horn which scares them into going through the portal "YES!"they both rejoice in getting them through.

now at the park there is a dividing wall between rascal and scar "we weren't entirely sure they would recoginise him and accept him back and we were right because he keeps getting hissed at but luckily the nyctosaurs and parasaurolophus' haven't caused any problems so far"

next time on prehistoric park

Nigel and Tristan go back to prehistoric england to capture the largest predator of the uk

Nigel and Tristan are running from a T-rex like creature

a herbivore with one of the strangest defences

an iguandont is jabbing its thumb into a large predator

and things turn for the worst with rascal

two troodon are fighting with one of them clawing it with its sickle claw

all next time on prehistoric park

creatures rescued:

5 nyctosaurs

12 parasaurolophus'

6 troodon

by the way I changed the title from "prehistoric park back to work" to "prehistoric park the past returns"