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Little note, this story, so far as I can tell, will end on a bittersweet note. So if you're going to hate me, then I'm warning you now not to (Or at least try not to), because I JUST warned you.

Son of the Snake

Chapter 2

And so two weeks go by

Naruto walked down a hall, he already didn't like it here, it was too dark, and he wanted to see some sunlight, and trees he really wanted to see trees, not to mention everyone he saw looked like ghosts, probably because of the lack of sunlight. Oh and was it mentioned he was lost? I don't think so. Yea, he was lost.

5 ft. 7 in, about 12 years old, green eyes, tawny brown hair to the waist, ninja boots, sleek grey pants, sleeveless light gray shirt, dull yellow cloth tied around the neck, sound headband holding her hair back, and nails painted a bloody crimson, this was Aurea Kimichi, she saw the boy lost so she decided to show up randomly around the corner. She walked gracefully, letting the blonde boy knock into her, catching him before he actually hit the ground.

"Oh sorry, I hadn't seen you there!" He said.

"It's alright, are you lost or something."

"Well actually yea…Do you know how to get back to my room by chance?"

"Yes I do. Come with me." She said grabbing his hand and leading him through the many corridors. Finally they stopped in front of the door, and she opened it, Naruto found it was his room… "Would you like me to see if I can take you out for a walk later?"

"Like above ground in the light?!" He asked excitedly.

"If that's what you want…And well if your father says it's alright…"

"Are there a lot of trees around?" He asked.

"Yes…After a bit of walking there are many trees around. I'll have to see if we can go out for a while…"

Hiruzen sighed, he was going to die in the afterlife at this rate…And he figured he completely deserved it too…He had not only let Naruto get attacked, mistreated, and kidnapped. But he was afraid he would never be able to find the poor kid again. He sighed; standing up writing up a note and putting it on the door, so the next person to enter his office would find it. Then he took off his robes exposing his armor, and jumped out the window.

Aurea returned about ten minutes later with a smile. For some reason the blond boy had that effect on…Well anyone he met really…Not that there were a lot of people to meet, most of them spent all their time on missions so they could keep buying more weapons, and food, the entire village was connected, even if only Oto nin knew that tiny fact. There were crawlspaces deep underground that could only be opened by the correct sound based jutsu. Those crawl spaces also happened lead to their pantries, and kitchens, they had figured why not make use of the space, and it had worked out well.

"Well...?" Naruto asked.

"Four things; first of all I've been assigned the task of watching you, switching out with Kabuto when he's here. Second you have to have dinner with Lord Orochimaru...And the last two your father will explain during dinner."

"He has to earn that title before it should be used..." Naruto said quietly.

"I see...Well...I won't use it I guess...At least not yet."

"Ah. Naruto, how are you feeling?"


"Hmm...Not much of an answer but I guess I'll have to work with it...I heard you like ramen so I had some made...But you aren't going to eat just ramen, it's not healthy, you'll have to eat some fruits and vegetables as well."

"What?! B-b-b-b-b-but...Ramen..." Naruto managed to stutter out. But Orochimaru ignored him and began speaking again.

"Tomorrow I would like to train you for a while, then after training Aurea is allowed to take you out for a walk, above ground like you want but...You will lose that privilege if you try to escape..." He said. Naruto shifted nervously at the tone.

"I-I never go back on my word...I promised I would stay here for two weeks. So I will..."

"Good...So how were your academy grades looking?"

Naruto thought about it; He wasn't doing really bad...But it wasn't at all good either. His chakra control sucked, his jutsu were hard to do even the basics, academically...He sucked; and his reading and writing skills...they sucked too... But it wasn't exactly his fault...Maybe he could have studied the books a bit more, but his physical training took a lot of time and effort, and he get small results so he tended to do more physical than mental...Not to mention he was lacking the single most important skill to reading books...The ability to read...

"Well...To put it simply...They sucked."

"That will be worked on. What was your biggest trouble?"

"Pretty much everything,"

Hiruzen sighed in relief when he found Jiraiya.

"Sensei...? What are you doing away from your paperwork?"

"I'm out here to help you for a few days...I know Orochimaru. He would be somewhere we wouldn't expect him to be."

"Like underground?"

"Possibly; why did you instantly think of underground?"

"One of my spies found an underground village. It was very small, maybe one-one-hundredth of Konoha. But it was a village."

"I see. Was there anyone there?"

"No. By the time he had made it in it was abandoned. Somehow they all got out, and maybe we can use that to try to find Orochimaru...And probably Naruto..."

"So there were people there...Right before he entered."

"Yes. He must've been seen or something. But my point is...They got out without being seen, they must've had an escape route, and there might be a trail there. I've spent all day looking around the place."

"What if there are more? Maybe instead we should be scouring the area for more underground villages. Or at least their escape route,"

"I'd already thought of that...I even looked in every nook and cranny of that forest, But I didn't find anything."

Hiruzen sighed; they were getting nowhere.

Aurea stood leaning back on the wall. She would have been gone several minutes ago but Naruto had really wanted her to stay. She finally gave in after a puppy dog look...A puppy dog look that she doubted even Orochimaru could stand up too...She suppressed a giggle at the thought of Orochimaru giving into a puppy dog look...No. Thee puppy dog look. She started to leave when Naruto began snoring, and slowly she crept out of the room. Once the door was finally closed she sighed deciding to go to bed.

Naruto sat up. Somehow an alarm clock had appeared beside his bed overnight...It read 7 a.m. He got up out of bed and went to the closet to find some clothes to get dressed. He chose his old clothes, they were good for mobility, and already in pretty bad shape. He jumped slightly when Aurea opened the door and entered.

"Here, these are for you, Lord Orochimaru is going to be busy for another fifteen minutes and wants you to practice with them." She said tossing a weapons holster to the young boy. He caught it a bit clumsily and looked inside his eyes widening at the high grade material.

"These are really nice." He said.

"Yea...Well come on, let's get to where you can practice." She said taking his hand and beginning to lead him down the hall, after a few minutes and about a hundred corners- none of which Naruto remembered- they entered a large forest area, with a huge glass window at the top letting in enough light for the plants to grow. There were all sorts of things, trees, bushes, moss, fruit trees, berry plants. It was amazing to see something like it in an underground fortress. He looked around him in wonder while Aurea kept moving him forward. Finally they stopped.

"This is the tree you'll be aiming at." She said grabbing a bottle of spray paint she did a gold dot in the middle then did a blue ring around it, then a red ring, and then she took out a paintbrush and made a tiny black dot in the middle of the gold dot. "You have to try and hit the gold dot, that's your goal for now." She said waving her hand in front of the paint drying it quicker.

"Alright; better move your hand!" He said. Aurea stepped back a couple steps, and Naruto threw a shuriken, it grazed the blue paint but still hit the red area of the target. He threw again, this time getting a few centimeters closer.

"Better." Aurea said, clapping a bit. "But you still have a long way to go."

"I can do better..."

"Try to. It's good." Naruto took another shuriken and in an invisible movement it was gone and smack dab in the black dot.

"Interesting," A voice purred from behind. "You aim better when you modify the movement, and put more speed behind it..." He said. Naruto felt a little shiver go down his spine. "Aurea you can go for now. Come back in about an hour and a half."

"Yes Lord Orochimaru." She said leaving. Orochimaru took a step forward.

"Take out a shuriken; I want you to show me exactly how you throw it."

"O-ok..." He agreed taking one out and making the movement landing it exactly on the spike of the last one.

"Slower..." Naruto did the movement slowly. "Good...Hn...So, now what can I teach you...I know, let's start with chakra control."

An hour later...

"Good. That's so much better now, let's try the clone again,"

"Can we take a break?"

"Only half an hour left, and then you can go for your walk."


"Good, now I want one clone."

"Ok, ok..." He said sighing.

Half an hour later...

Aurea got back exactly an hour and a half later to find Naruto passed out, and Orochimaru waiting.

"Take him back to his room. You can take him for a walk later..."

"Y-yes Lord Orochimaru," Aurea said picking Naruto up.

"Oh, and take him as far as he wants on that walk, so long as it's the opposite direction from that town, I've heard some people I used to know are searching for him."

"May I ask who is looking?"

"My old sensei; Hiruzen Sarutobi and Jiraiya; my old teammate," He said bitterly. Aurea left, embedding that information in her mind and remembering everything about the two so she would know if she ran into them.

Naruto woke up his sight slightly bleary; luckily it was pretty dark so his eyes didn't have to adjust much. Finally he could see better and his eyes picked Aurea's from out of the shadows.

"Aurea...?" He asked. She started, and jumped up from her wall sitting...Which she had fallen asleep doing...

"You're awake. Did you still want to go for that walk?" She asked.

"Yea!" Naruto said, getting out of bed, and getting dressed. Aurea chuckled quietly at his energy and excitement.

"You don't have to rush, it'll still be light for a little over three hours. We have plenty of time to walk out a ways then rest for a few minutes and come back."

"I know! But I'm so excited to see the sun! And I mean actually see it, not have light coming through glass!"

"Alright." Aurea agree, deciding not to fight a battle she didn't think she could win. "Well, now that you're ready, we can go."

"Yay!" He said in delight, skipping after the slightly grinning young woman.

'Hee, hee! He's so full of energy, so cheerful, so...innocent...I wonder when the last time I acted so innocent was...? Three maybe four years?' "Longer?" She whispered to herself. Naruto had suddenly stopped as he bumped into someone. She recognized him as one of her teammates -Inagu; he looked slightly panicked, but definitely didn't miss the 60 pound seven year old walking into him, for a second his eyes said he was now angry. She could tell he was about to yell at the young boy, but she managed to signal him from behind not to say a word "Or else" was the threat no one in Oto had to finish, they all knew the usual penalty for failing a task given by Orochimaru. Luckily Kabuto was more forgiving... In a way...

"Hello." Inagu said. The only hint of his anger resting in his eyes, but still he inserted a friendly tone into his voice. "You must be Naruto." He said.

"Y-yes... Sorry for knocking into you like that..." He said, his voice sounding pathetically weak. The anger seemed to melt out of Inagu's eyes.

"It's alright, I admittedly knocked into you too...I'm Inagu."

Now Aurea cut into the conversation. "Hello Inagu. What's wrong? You look worried."

"I have to report to Lord Orochimaru about something..."

"Ok well...Naruto and I were just going for a walk so, we'll see you later."

"Ok." He agreed, and then walked away.

"How do you know him?"

"He's one of my teammates."

"Oh." He said following her as she went down about another hundred corridors, finally he saw light, and dashed ahead quickly climbing up a tree to get a better look of the sky. "Wow! This is a great view! Aurea you should come up here and look! There's a bunch of birdies!" He said excitedly looking around from the top of the forest. The wind ruffled his hair a bit as he sat there smiling like a child should, and completely happy. Aurea appeared behind him and looked around herself. Being underground all the time made you used to the dark, you didn't like to think about the sky, it was irrelevant- it was dark underground. But standing at the top of a tree looking at it made her feel free in a way. No one ever felt free underground, it felt like you were being suffocated, or worse crushed. Something chirped right in her ear.

"You're right there are birds up here." She said. She did a few hand seals, and held out a finger, a bird then hopped onto it, and she sat down. "Look at this little bird."

"Wow! Birdie!" He exclaimed, looking at it in wonder. "How did you get it on your finger like that?!"

"Yes." She said letting her lips tremble into a little smile. 'Now's my chance…If I tell him how I got it on my finger like that, maybe it'll help convince him to stay here...Because the truth is that I really have started to like him around, even after a couple days.' "I used a sound jutsu."


Aurea put the little bird back on its original tree branch. "Well, we should probably go, we have a while to take our walk, and then we have to get back, before its dark. Ok?"

"Ok." Naruto agreed starting to climb down. Once they were down they went to the east, and Aurea carried him up the steep incline leading to the top of a cliff. After several hours of talking, watching the land below as the sun set, and then at Naruto's insistence, and Aurea's caving, looking at the stars.

"This has been the best day ever!" He said weakly, half asleep, as Aurea piggy backed him down from the cliff.

"Well...Maybe we'll have to go outside again."


The next week passed well, Aurea grew more attached by the hour, while Naruto grew from Orochimaru's daily training, and while he was happy, he still didn't feel he belonged. He still thought about all his friends that were back in Konoha…That's when Kabuto came back…

He doesn't hate it here, but he doesn't like it either, he still feels an attachment to the people he knows from back home…"

"Would you like me to precede with the memory…rearrangement…?"

"I believe that would be best, send Aurea here in the meantime."

"Yes Lord Orochimaru."

"Aurea; come here for a moment."

"Uh, yes?"

"Lord Orochimaru wishes to see you."

"O-ok," She said uncertainly, then strode away in a manner that was hurried but not rushed.

Kabuto now turned his attention to Naruto. It was late, and Aurea had just been putting him to sleep. "Perfect, it'll make it all the easier."

Aurea walked down the hall towards Orochimaru. She didn't really like Kabuto. He was creepy, and his eyes were ice. Aside from common belief, not all Oto nin were cold as ice, even if they acted like it in battle. The ones that were, gave them the bad appearance. She made it to Orochimaru and knelt in respect.

"Aurea...We need to talk about the boy..."

"What about him?"


Kabuto took the young boy and lifted him off the bed, then promptly left the room and went to one of his labs.

"He is still too attached to his village. His few friends back there are holding his mind there. So Kabuto is going to erase those people from his mind. The memories will be locked away, allowing him to live here...I was wondering, how you would feel about having him as your little brother, in a sense."

"You're going to tamper with his mind?"

"Yes, or would you like him to go back to that despicable village forever," He looked into her eyes and saw that she wanted to object. "If you must, object it, and I'll hear what you want to say."

"But Lord Orochimaru…Tampering…Mind, isn't that taking it a bit far? I mean he's only seven, still only a child,"

"True…But that is why it has to be done. If you'd like you can read the copies of the incident reports." Orochimaru said pointing to the foot tall pile of files. She took one look, and finally nodded in submission.