Louis jots down an address on a piece of stationary for Harvey. "I will make a call and have them wrap it. Is it for something special?" Harvey is surprised by Louis helping him so freely and is not quite sure how to process it. "No, it is just because." Harvey looks down at the address that Louis has handed him on the paper. "You are sure about this." Harvey glances back up at Louis for confirmation. Harvey can see the determination on Louis' face. He knows Louis is being genuine at this moment. "Yes, Harvey, I screw up my fair share of things but this... This I know." Louis picks up his phone and begins a conversation shooing Harvey from his office. Harvey's gut is telling him to trust Louis so he will trust Louis.

Lunch with her father has returned Tess to Manhattan, she needs some time to mediate off some of the disappointment from the day and fate has placed her close to Max's parish. The sun is rapidly heading towards the a time where the interior of the cathedral will be bathed in the glow of color from the late afternoon sun. Tess walks into the silence and peace of the space. Though you are never alone in the space, there is still solitude to be had. Tess makes her way to the center pews, she knows this is the spot to watch the rays dance on the ceiling vaults. She assumes the irreverent position of laying across the pew with her gaze upward at the paintings on the ceiling awash in the delicate reflection of the sun dance of colors.

Tess' thoughts drift through the last rather remarkable week and the memories that she has not shared outside of her own head. Thoughts of Harvey are a pleasant pause. Daphne and Nate run through her brain. She wonders if Daphne deleted her phone to remove Harvey or to remove her affair or perhaps a mix a both. She knows it was done out of love but it also sank her deeper into the abyss. The thought keeps circling her mind as to why people are protective or why they think she is different now. In her heart, Tess knows she has likely already done the hardest things she will ever have to do. She lost a parent, she lost a lover and basically a husband. She lost friends and companions. Those were the hard things. This secret that Harvey holds is so very small in scope. What is unclear in her head is what she has told Harvey about her life. She knows herself well enough to know that she holds back. She knows that it takes time to know her and the context of time with Harvey is unclear. Tess acknowledges the very limited frame of reference she has. Tess is afraid to let her emotions go. This is not new or different. This fear has been around since she lost Matt. Losing Matt was pain. It was the kind of pain that rips your heart from your chest and lingers in your soul. She could only hope that is once in a lifetime pain.

Tess feels the tap on the bottom of her feet as Max stands with his arms folded in mock admonishment. Tess could feel Max's approach like disturbance in the force. Max has been there for a while watching her, Tess knows that she has no defense to Max. Max knows exactly what is going through her head. Max knocks Tess' feet to the floor and takes the seat in the pew next to her. "The candle is still lit Tess." Max has always kept his promise to his twin. The candle burns since that day so long ago. He lights one every few days in Matt's honor as a promise to Tess.

Tess' eyes instinctively trace a line up to the upper right hand corner of the iron candle holder across the room. She made a promise so long ago. "Only you know when the time is right, Tessie." Max drapes his arm over to the top of the pew for Tess to lean against. "In the end Tess it is just wax and cotton. Tess gaze returns to Max. "It's time Tesla. Have a little faith." Max messes Tess' hair before getting up to continue his preparations for mass. Tess' eyes cast a glance to the candles before she feels her phone vibrate as if on cue. The smile is instinctive as sees Harvey's number pop up. Tess exchanges a nod with her twin before walking out of cathedral to hail a cab as she returns Harvey's call.

As she prepares to leave for the day, Donna watches Harvey again at his desk. The smile is unmistakable. It brings a smile to her own face as she taps on the glass and waves good night to Harvey. Donna meets Louis as she heads to the elevators. Donna cannot remember the last time her world here at the firm was this serene. Jessica passes Harvey's door she takes in her partner through the glass as Harvey sits at his desk with his feet up having what is obviously a very animated personal conversation. Before her is not Harvey the closer, before her is Harvey in love. Jessica turns away before her presence is realized. Harvey hangs up the phone and makes a beeline for the elevator meeting up with Jessica as she waits.

"Where you headed so early." Harvey taps the button as Jessica smiles. "Believe it or not Harvey, you are not the only one who has a date." Jessica and Harvey make small talk as they exit the building to their waiting cars. Harvey pulls out the paper from his pocket has he heads towards Ray. Ray acknowledges the address. Harvey knows he has a bit of time to make the stop. The address that Louis gave Harvey is to a quaint shop that looks like it was pulled from a European town and plopped on a New York street. Harvey is met by the shop keeper as soon as he crosses the threshold. "Right this way, Mr. Specter. We have been expecting you. Any friend of Mr. Litt is welcome here."

Harvey is escorted through the shop to a counter where there is an exquisitely wrapped box. "Would you like to see it?" The package is so beautifully wrapped that Harvey hates the thought of disturbing the packaging. "That will not be necessary." Harvey pays for the gift and thanks the shop keeper. If the outside is any indication of what is on the side he will never doubt Louis again about Tess' tastes.

Tess takes a cab over to Daphne's house. Tess rushes in and straight up the stairs to change her clothes and refresh her make up for her date with Harvey. Though this is not the first time Tess has used Daphne's house as a predate pit stop, this time it is amusing the hell out of Daphne. As Tess rummages through her closet in Tasmania Devil fashion. . Daphne questions Tess about her doctor's appointment. From the offhanded answers she is receiving, the situation is telling Daphne that Harvey may be just what Tess needs right now. None of them want Tess back on the job and Harvey is providing a much needed distraction.

Daphne decides to join in the fun since this is also distracting Tess from any further discussion of Nate as well and Nate is due to arrive soon. Daphne needs to get her little vixen dressed and on her way in short order. Tess decides on a vintage dress from Daphne's collection. In a moment of weakness, Daphne channels her internal makeup artist and goes to down on her Tesla. Tess hits the summoned car looking every inch a lady. Daphne is even a bit dazzled at the sparkle in Tess this evening.