May 10th

Dear Miss Prism,

I snuck a look at Gwendolen writing one of these letters home and was inspired to create one of my own. After spending a great deal of time writing letters to Earnest, one might be convinced I'd be an expert at the craft. Unfortunately, I am only a few short sentences in and feeling this is not as exciting as I anticipated. I'd hate to waste Algernon's paper, though. He was so kind as to lend me some. I do hope he isn't expecting me to return it.

As for the two of us, our wedding went very well and we are now enjoying our honeymoon. I bought myself a beautiful wedding ring in Algernon's name. He has such wonderful taste. He is also planning on buying a necklace to match, which I don't know about yet. How romantically sinister he is, keeping secrets from me.

I don't see how Jack and Gwendolen can say they're enjoying their end of the honeymoon when Gwendolen seems more taken with the residents of Brighton than her groom. Jack seems content either way. It does upset me that they aren't as close as Algernon and I. This morning I had a bit of spare time, so I wrote about a lovely picnic the four of us had in my diary.

Speaking of which, my diary seems to be filling up at an exciting pace, mostly with various adventures Algernon has taken me on. I am very happy. Soon it will be ready for publication, which Algernon has promised to help with. He is exceedingly sweet to me.

I can write with absolute sincerity that we've grown quite comfortable around each other. Unlike when we first met, I can part from him now with ease. Sometimes this is necessary, as Algernon does become a bit of a bore, in which case I simply find a fresh page with pen in hand. It would have been in my diary, but this time my pen chose a single piece of paper instead.

I present this paper to you, Miss Prism. The reverse side is blank. You may write a letter of you own on it if you post it to me. Then I really can return Algernon's original paper to him! Perhaps he can find a better use for it?

Best wishes,