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Duncan exits the prison gates, a guard closing them behind him. Duncan breathes in the fresh air. After three months, he has been released from his jail sentence and is free to go. His sentence normally would have been longer, but after good behaviour and hearing the reason for his sentence, he was deemed not to need such a long sentence, especially since the judge believed dealing with Chris McLean was enough of a punishment.

Duncan's time in jail was rough at first, being picked on by the larger and tougher prisoners, but after they heard his reason for being there, they quickly accepted him as one of them. This was because Chris himself was held in the same jail, and he was hated by everyone, even the guards, so they believed that anyone that had to deal with Chris regularly deserves some slack.

Duncan turns back to face the jail, reliving his many memories of the place. After having one look of his home for the past three months, he turns away and heads to the taxi that was called to take him away from the jail. He tells the driver the address of his parents' house and the taxi starts on its way. Here's hoping that they actually let me stay…

The reason Duncan has this fear is because not only is his father a police officer and was not pleased that he was sent to jail, but also because Chris told him that he would make sure Duncan had a difficult time after being released, due to his shorter sentence. With these thoughts bouncing around in his head, Duncan was extremely anxious about going home.

The taxi stops outside his parents' house, and Duncan hops out, thanking the driver, who then drives away. Duncan takes a moment to inspect his street, since it had been a long time since he had been here. Looks like nothing's changed. Same old crummy neighbourhood.

Turning to his house, Duncan takes a deep breath before picking up his duffel bag and walking to the front door. After a moment of hesitation, Duncan knocks on the door.

After a couple of seconds, the door opens, revealing his mother. Her eyes widen and, to Duncan's surprise, she grabs him in a hug, which he slowly returns. He didn't expect such a warm reception after being locked up in jail.

"Duncan! It's been two years! I've missed you so much!" his mother exclaims, and Duncan is alarmed when he feels his shirt getting wet.

"I missed you too, Ma." Duncan replies sincerely. Having his mother embrace him was one of his best experiences of the past two years, after the torture he was put through on Total Drama and his time in jail. When she lets go, she is revealed to have her mascara running because of her tears. "Don't cry, Ma. I'm back now, and I don't plan on going away any time soon." At these words, his mother's smile slightly dropped, causing some unease in Duncan.

"Well, come in, dear. You should sit down after your journey." his mother ushers him in, closing the door behind them. As they enter the house, Duncan can't help but look around the room. It was exactly the same as he remembered, but it also seemed so unfamiliar after so long. Duncan's mother puts an arm around her son, a small smile on her face.

"Come on, let's go into the lounge room and sit down, shall we?" she asks, and Duncan nods, still looking around. He puts his duffel bag down and follows his mother into the lounge room, and Duncan sits down in the chair that used to be his favourite, and was surprised when it felt the same as he remembered.

"Has this chair even been used?" Duncan asks his mother, who shakes her head.

"We thought you would have come home sooner, so we didn't dare to touch it." Duncan smiles at the memory of snapping at anyone who was in the chair when he came into the room. "I think I should get your father. I'm sure he wants to talk to you, and he deserves to see you." His mother then leaves the room to get his father.

After she left the room, Duncan became consumed in his thoughts. Oh gosh, she's getting him. I really hope he isn't furious about it… I just hope it goes well. Please let him be in a good mood… His heart starts beating faster until Duncan's afraid it's going to burst out of his chest. He hadn't been this nervous since Total Drama. He breathes in and out slowly in an attempt to keep his cool.

Just as Duncan thinks he's about to pass out, his mother enters the room, along with his father, who has a neutral look on his face. When he turns to look at Duncan, his eyes narrow slightly. Oh shit, he's going to hit me, he's going to-

"Duncan, come and greet your father!" Duncan's mother says, beckoning Duncan over. Duncan gets up and walks over to his parents and faces his father, waiting for him to act first.

"Duncan." his father says simply, offering no other form of greeting. Duncan internally sighs. Well, this is great…

"Hi, Pa. How have you been?" Duncan asks, in hopes of lifting his father's mood. His mother offers him an encouraging smile, but Duncan notices it's too wide to be sincere.

"Just fine, but it wasn't fine to hear that you were sent to jail." Duncan flinches at his father's bluntness in getting to the topic he most feared.

"Dear! Be nice to Duncan! He only just got here." his mother scolds. Duncan is glad that she is defending him, and it warms his heart slightly and gives him more confidence to face his father. His father's next words would take away all that confidence;

"He won't be here for very long, so he shouldn't relax." Duncan and his mother both gasped.

"What do you mean, Pa? Aren't you even a little glad to see me?" Duncan protests, scared of what his father is thinking.

"Duncan, you were sent to jail for blowing up a house. I simply can't trust you anymore. This is the furthest you've ever gone. I'm sorry, but you have to go." Duncan's father explained. At these words, Duncan felt his heart drop, and his eyes stinging. No way. I can't cry, not here, not now. Please spare me that.

"B-but, Pa! What am I going to do? I have nowhere to go!" Duncan pleads, trying desperately to hold in the tears that threaten to escape. From the corner of a watery eye, Duncan notices that his mother is also close to tears.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out. You're quite resourceful, after all. Now go, Duncan. You can't stay here anymore." Duncan tries to find something to say, something that will change his father's mind, but then he looks into his father's eyes, and seeing the moment of sadness through the hard demeanor, Duncan finds that he can't. He would only be increasing his father's suffering. He sees that his mother has already broken down in tears, struggling to hold in her sobs. His father puts an arm around his wife.

Sighing in defeat, Duncan walks to the front door, picking up his duffel bag. He turns to his family once more, who had followed him.

"Please, Duncan. Don't make this any harder." his father says, a stray tear falling from his left eye. Nodding, Duncan opens the front door and leaves the house he was raised in. As he reaches the nature strip, he hears the door close, and he turns around to face the house. The house feels uninviting now, and this feeling is what prompts Duncan to finally break down. He sits down on the first step of the house's stairs, his head in his hands. The tears escape his eyes quickly, accented by sobs that he fails to choke down. What am I going to do? I have nowhere to go, nothing to do…

After an hour of crying, Duncan finally starts to pull himself together. Fortunately, the prison provided him with a mobile and $200 when he left, so Duncan wasn't completely broke. He walks to the nearest bus station and waits for the bus to arrive.

Also at the bus stop are a young couple, around 16 years old, and they are engaged in a passionate make out session. Instead of feeling disgusted, Duncan feels a strong wave of nostalgia, as they remind him of when he was with Courtney and then Gwen on Total Drama. A tear drops from his eye, and he quickly wipes it away before anyone notices.

When the bus arrives, Duncan hops on and finds a seat as close to the back as he can so people won't stare at him. He finds himself lucky that no-one has recognised him and asked questions. He feels that it must be because of his disheveled appearance. Wishing that he had music, Duncan instead closes his eyes and slowly drifts to sleep.

Duncan finds himself back at Wawanakwa, which he finds odd because the island had sunk at the end of Total Drama All Stars. He is at the Dock of Shame, so he walks up to the mess hall, hoping to find someone there.

When he enters the building, he finds that everyone is there, even the non-competitors of All Stars. They all turn to stare at him as he enters, and he notices that there isn't a kind eye directed his way. He feels two particularly harsh glares, and turns to see Courtney and Gwen sitting together, glaring at him. If looks could kill, Duncan would be ashes from those two alone.

He walks further into the room and notices that there is an empty spot at the corner of a table, right next to Beth. Thinking that she wouldn't be intimidating, Duncan makes his way over and sits down. The next thing he feels is Beth shoving him off the seat onto the floor. Everyone laughs at his fall. Flushing red in embarrassment, Duncan regains his footing and faces Beth, who looks smug.

"What the hell was that for? That's the only free seat!" Duncan asks, only for Lindsay to come over and take the seat.

"She was saving the seat for me, Doug. Duh!" Lindsay says, managing to send Duncan a glare that sends chills down his spine. Clearing his throat, Chris draws everyone one's attention to him.

"Good morning, campers! Now that Duncan has decided to be here, I can finally make my announcement. Due to reasons, we have decided that we are cutting one of you from the show!" Whispers pass through the campers, but no-one includes Duncan in their discussions. "Shush! Now then, we have come to a decision about who we are cutting, and we have chosen that person to be… Duncan!" Everyone smirks gleefully at Duncan, which makes him uneasy.

"What? You're cutting me from the show? But Total Drama is finished for us!" Duncan exclaims, causing many to be confused.

"Anyway… Duncan, your time is up. Everyone?" There is a clatter of metal and suddenly, everyone is armed with a machete. Duncan slowly backs away to the door.

"What the… What are you all doing?" Duncan asks, freaking out as everyone advances on him.

"We're cutting you from the show, of course. Literally." Izzy cackles.

"No-one likes you Duncan, so why would you need to go home? You're unneeded in this world." DJ tells him.

"W-What? B-But I have heaps of f-fans!" Duncan stutters, terrified as everyone draws closer, wicked smirks on their faces.

"According to my blogs, you have no fans, actually. After All Stars, everyone hates you for blowing up Chris' cottage and messing with Courtney and Gwen." Sierra informs him.

"GET HIM!" Eva shouts, and with that, everyone pounces. Duncan manages to open the door and get out, but someone manages to cut into his right arm, and he yelps as blood leaks from the wound. Duncan runs away from the others, but they are hot on his trail, though some fall behind due to poor stamina or speed.

Eventually, Duncan has to stop as he comes to the edge of the cliff, and he is cornered by everyone. He takes a step back, and part of the cliff collapses under his foot, so he has to step forward again. Everyone grins, as they know Duncan has no escape. The crowd parts, and Courtney and Gwen come to the front of the group, especially sadistic smirks on their faces.

"I have waited so long for this. This will make up for everything you have put both of us through." Courtney grins, holding her machete up. Duncan gulps.

"Why are you guys doing this? Why do you h-hate me so much?" Duncan pleads, his vision getting blurry.

"You are a jerk, and everyone realises this now. Your actions are unforgivable, and the world needs justice. Goodbye, Duncan." Gwen says before she and Courtney thrust their machetes into Duncan's chest, the impact causing him to fall off the cliff. Duncan's eyes close as he hits the water.

Duncan jolts awake with a start, a startled cry escaping him. Everyone on the bus turns to him, causing him to turn red in embarrassment. A few faces light up in recognition.

"Hey, isn't that Duncan? From Total Drama?" Someone calls out.

"Yeah, that's his mohawk! It has to be him!" Another says. Suddenly, everyone on the bus is swarming him, asking for autographs or trying to touch him. Duncan tries to get out, but there are too many people in his way.

In a last ditch attempt, Duncan presses the button to make the bus stop. When the bus stops, he crawls over the seats and run down the aisle to the front of the bus and out the doors. Sensing Duncan's urgency, the driver closes the door before anyone can get out after him and drives off. Duncan gives the driver a thumbs up before walking away from the retreating bus.

Being a completely random stop, Duncan looks around him to see where he is. He figures out that he is a few blocks away from the nearest mall. Maybe I could find a job, or somewhere to stay. With these thoughts, Duncan heads to the mall.

"What? Why? This is my only hope! Please let me rent a place!" Duncan pleads, and the woman at the desk shakes her head.

"I'm sorry, sir, but you just don't have enough money. And you look like you'd cause damage to our rooms." she says, looking at his mohawk and scruffy clothes.

"Just for one night? I have nowhere to stay!" Duncan pleads, tears entering his eyes. She shakes her head once more.

"I'm sorry, sir, but you have to leave. I'll call security if I have to." The woman threatens, and with a sigh, Duncan turns around and leaves the store. That was the last place Duncan could go for a place to stay, and no other stores had even given him an opportunity for a job, put off by his appearance.

Duncan rushes to the nearest bathroom, wanting to see what he looks like. It had been months since he had seen himself. He enters the bathroom and finds the mirror. He gasps at the man staring back at him.

The man has huge bags under his eyes, light stubble growing on his face and a scruffy green mohawk with messy black hair growing around it. He is wearing his black skull shirt with yellow sleeves, just like he did on Total Drama, only it has multiple stains on it. His face is red and blotchy, and his teal eyes have no light in them, evidence of a man defeated. Tears enter his eyes as he stares at himself longer, and he quickly runs out of the bathroom to hide from himself.

Duncan walks along the street, staring at his feet. He just places one red-shoed foot in front of the other, not really caring where he ends up.

He hears a child yelling and he looks up. The child is pointing at him, his young face lit up in excitement.

"Mama! It's Duncan! It is!" he tells his mother, dragging her towards him. She looks at Duncan, and her face shows recognition. Seeing his exhaustion, however, she walks around him, her child looking back at him.

"Come on, he doesn't have time. Maybe you can see him again one day." Duncan breathes a sigh of relief. He didn't want to talk to anyone in this state.

Looking at his surroundings, he realises that he is near the bridge leading out of town, where he often went with his old buddies. He decides to go there.

Arriving at the bridge, he looks out into the horizon. The sun is slowly going down, indicating the end of the day. He still has nowhere to go. Watching the sun go down, Duncan has an thought enter his head. The end of a day, the end of a life… What does it really matter? There's always another day, another person…

Duncan climbs onto the railing and stands up straight, putting his arms out, letting the wind blow around him. All he needs to do is lean forward a little, and it would all be over for him. He would be free. He would no longer be lost in a cruel world that doesn't seem to need him. Just as he starts to lean forward, to let himself go…

"Duncan, stop! Don't do it!" A familiar voice calls out.

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