Well, this is were it ends for me? Oh, hi there my name is or was Cloud, Cloud Gunblade I was 17, black hair(has cloud strife hair just black),blue eyes, 5'9, tanned skinned, and the young brother of Lockon Gunblade (final fantasy 8 Squall).

[Flash back]

Its been 7 years to this day when he passed our parents left us when I was only 5 years old Lockon was only 15 but still manage to raise me and go to school find a job and perfidy for us, we decided to have our name changed to this day I have long since forgotten the family name we didn't need it or our parents it was now Gunblade.

The reason was for our that name was because of our skills Lockon was an expert on guns, revolver the most and me it was the sword. We often teach each other how to use each other weapon 4 years later and I was average with a gun he had master the sword better then me! Well I was 9 years old the reason we learned how to use weapons, was sometime we have to hunt for food or someone would break in our house we learned how not to kill with them, but didn't mean we couldn't but never do.

We lived in a bad neighborhood we didn't have that much but to get food, water, clothes, material for our weapon (we had some friends well a few), and a roof(at best) even with little I was happy.

But happiness never last on my 10th birthday Lockon want out to get something from a store but never came back I then heard that there was accident Lockon was it by a car to push a little girl out of it way.

1hour earlier

I was walking down the street to my home after visiting my brother in the cemetery 'its already been 7 years since he died' I thought to myself. As I walked home saw the little neighbor girl that was? "what"? "4 maybe 5 years old"? she was a long brown hair, eyes, tanned, girl in a pink sun-dress and sandals playing with a red ball. Then the girl kicks the ball and it land in the street she runs after not seeing the car coming or the driver seeing the girl.

It was at that time were everything slows down and I'm the only one still moving unaware was a foot away from the girl, I didn't know I was even move till then. I had to think on what to do because in a few seconds someone going to die me or her it felt like I was frozen for years thinking then I stop and look at the girl her head was turned facing the thing that was going to take her life and the expression it was one of..of..pure.



I then thought of my life it was good but after Lockon death it lonely…lonely I had on one, on friends, on family, on one to miss me, on one to cry for me, on one to remember me, then I look back at the girl and all the time I saw her they were small, but enough to tell me she will be miss, she will be cried for, she will be remember 'I wonder, did Lockon go though this too'? I close eyes and shot them on and yelled…




I push the girl out of the car way just then thing started to move again and I was…flying…and the 'THUMP' 'nothing? I felt nothing? But…water'? it was red then I saw a … 'sandal'? 'oh (inhale) the girl..its hers (exhale) good she's sav- then everything went black.


Black…everything went black I felt like I was floating on water… "Hey , how long are you just going to lay there we'll run out of time if don't wake up" a familiar voice said, I thought 'strange it sound like…!'. "Lockon!" I shouted and sprang up "Hey Bro" he said give him a grin, he turned and began to walk then stop and slightly turn his head to the left, just enough to show his brown eyes looking at me and said "well you coming or just going to lay on the water"? he said.

I look to see were on a beach I was on…the? Water?! I got up and was standing on it I went on one knee and put my hand inside the water it went in, then my elbow, then my arm and felt nothing on bottom to it 'how am I standing on water?!' I thought but was cut when Lockon yelled "HEY, COME ON WE DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO BE MESSING AROUND"! he shouted on the beach as he walked and stopped at a tree and lay back on it, I run to him and stop when I was five step close enough to hear him he then said to me..

"Hey how are thing" he said with a grin that said 'I know already' which didn't go unnoticed but I had a idea what happen "I die to save the neighbor girl from getting hit and this this is heaven"? he shook his head and said "yes and no" I look at him with a questioning look, I open my mouth to ask but he spoke first and said "this is limbo you are dead but still alive you will go back in a little bit…well if you want to"? he said.

I look again thinking of what he said 'if I want to…what that supposes to mean…won't I just go back to my normal lif-' but I was cut off when Lockon said "on, you will not go back to your normal life, you will be thrown into something that will put your skills to the test Cloud" I was about to ask what but was stop when he lifted his right arm up and a stopping sign and spoke "it would seem time up" he said.

I was going to ask what but was interrupted again when heard …[Whooshing sound] I turn to the back and see a vortex it was made of what seem like white & a little bit blue fire. Lockon spoke again "well you better get going she'll be waiting for you" he said, "who will be waiting for me" I said to my dead brother as we walk to the vortex we stop when we were standing close to it but there was on heat coming off it?.

My brother spoke snapping me back to him and said "she is a friend I met here when I first came her, originally she was supposed to meet you here I asked her if I could so I can give you something before you go back to earth" he said.

Cloud look at his brother with a raise brow and saw him takeout a small black box from his right pocket from his black jacket (he wearing squall clothe, look him up for those who never seen him) Cloud got it and asked "what is it"? Lockon close his eyes and chuckle a little bit it brought back memories, he would get him a gift and he say what it was? Only to be told the same thing over and over again, he opened his eyes and said with a small smile "open it and find out, I wanted to give it to you on your birthday but me dieing made it impossible but my friend manage to got it for me come to think about it today's your 18th birthday " he said Cloud birthday was the 1/26/1995 at 5pm he still had wait how long has it been now o-well.

Cloud did as his brother said and opened it and inside was a chain it seem to be designed as a dragon it head was the chain clasp and its tail was shaped like a hook it was 5 inches long and 15 mm wide but the thing in the middle was what got Cloud attention it was a pistol and a sword crossed together giving it a X shape was made out of…silver?! 'how did he pay for this we barely had enough to get by'? he thought to himself.

"I had to pull in extra shifts to pay for it you remember those time I come home later then I regularly did" he said, Cloud remember it before moving out of his first home do to it being so dangerous defending for himself that and the memories of them together, to the home he live in now it was ok, in a good neighborhood, but it was lonely, he remember Lockon coming home because when he came home it meant Cloud could get some sleep from guarding the house because the police their SUCKED! Hell most of the time both me and Lockon earned money being bounty hunters.

Lockon look at Cloud nodding to his question he closed his eyes remembering that last time he saw his brother off and a car hitting him and said "I had ask it made pacifically made for and want out to give it to you on your birthday but then…" he didn't need to answer both know Lockon sighed and open his eyes and turn his head to look at the vortex and turn to his younger brother and said "it time to get going Cloud she wait for and your answer".

Cloud wiped away his tears that were about to come out walked toward the vortex and stop he pushes the dragon head down to open it its bottom fang slide under the front right side of his pants hoop let it go and a [SNAP] was heard meaning it was on and hooked the tail on the third [of seven] hoop on the right, he turn to look at his older brother and say "good bye, brother" and walks in the fire vortex to meet his brother friend.

Lockon sees his young brother walk in the fire vortex and watches as the white and blue fire disappear Lockon sighs worry about his little brother 'I wonder if he'll be -' Lockon closes his eyes and grin letting out a small chuckle before opening his eyes and saying "what the hell am I thinking of course he'll be ok he my little brother he's Cloud Gunblade"! after saying that Lockon began to glow and disappear before thinking 'Cloud you've grown but I hope for three things stay safe, and…




The vortex open Cloud stepped out and the fire vortex disappeared he look around and saw he was in a garden there were flowers, trees with fruit, bird baths, and fountain in front of the fountain he saw one she at best 6'0 or 6'1 tall, wears white V neck dress that showed her...well develop blossom, she look to be in early twenty's 24 or 25 at best, she had cyan eyes, long blond spiky hair that reaches to her knees in the front but has pink highlight in the back has a claw like bangs (same like a blond whore we all know, you know who)[somewhere in a city, a spiky hair blonde is pissed and beating up a ugly green dog?…thing?] the two on top were blond and the bottom one the two in the middle were pink, she had golden winged Hermes-like heels, and had a beige skin-tone.

Cloud had several thought enter if mind, one this woman had… the biggest set of breast he had ever seen though he kept a poker face, working as a bounty hunter there were time the female bounty would use sex appeal on him never work didn't want to lose his virginity to some whore [once again same city, same blonde, same dog?…thing?, worse beating], two he felt like brutally beating his brother for some reason, and he feels like right now some how…he pissed off a blonde and cause a…dog? or something to be in severe pain he thought,shrugged it off thought 'fuck it, not my problem'.

Character : Cloud Gunblade

Gender : Male

Hair : Black (the same hair style as cloud strife)

Eyes Color : Brown

Skin Color : tanned-skinned

Height : 5'9

Clothe : White T-Shirt, Black cargo pants, Nike black and red shoes

Occupation : Manly Bounty Hunter

Weapons: Swords and guns

Race : human soul

Heaven Weapon : non

Death : none