[The last time we saw Cloud he had enter the vortex to return home now we find him]

"HOLY CRAP…I'M FALLING!" he shouted in cased in light blue flames he look up or down in his case to see he was going to crash into the roof of a hospital, he cross his arm to shield himself but instead of crashing he…went though it?he fell a couple floors and when he stopped he was in a room hovering over "my body".

He was laying in a hospital bed a few cuts & scratches 'man I've been out of it enjoying the peaceful life, a year ago would have gotten the girl jumped over the car or taken it and not bused an inch guessed I'll have to do so training to get back in shape' he thought. He floated to his body place a hand on his left shoulder and he was sucked back into his body he opened his eyes showing his eyes were back to his normal brown eyes he got up rather easily he stretched his body removed his bandages, his body was fully heal even the cuts & scratches he saw were gone he turned his head back to the bed to see his birthday gifts his chain and watch and some new clothes black cargo pants,white t-shirt,black shoes some socks,and a black hoodie put them on not zipping up the hoodie put the chain on his right waist, the watch on his left wrist, checked out of the hospital, and made his way home to pack and head off to a ghost infested city which he had heard is the worst place to live "honestly for a place that is said to be on the boarder between heaven and hell it sure is leaning a little to close to hell from what I hear isn't there like this thing called the lingerie run were the high school student party in their underwear?" he asked to no one the sun was starting to go down.

As he made his way home the door of his neighbor house shot open and a little girl ran to Cloud stopping right in front of him. Cloud took a moment and realized who she was "who it's you...Lisa right?" he ask f he had gotten it right he had only heard her mother call out to her every now and then never really talked to anyone only spoke when he would pass by with a simple "hi" or "good morning" .

Lisa nodded with a big smile "Yes! I'm glad that you know my name!" she shouted tn joy that he know her name "so what are you doing?"Cloud asked with a small smile"I was watching cartoons when I saw you walking by and I wanted to say (she took a deep breathe in and shouted) THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME!" as she bowed her eyes closed shut.

She opens her eyes when she felt a hand on her head and ruffle her hair she looks up to see Cloud smiling at her "don't mention it just be sure to look both ways when walking across the streets, okay" he said smiling down at her, she lifted up her head and smiled back at him and asked "would you like to come over for dinner mama said it would be okay""sorry, i can't I'll be leaving tonight on something very important for a friend of my brother so i have to pack and go right away" he said with a sad smile see the little girl disappointed face but didn't last long she ran back to her house stopped at the door sponge around and said "wait there please I"ll be back in a second!" she shouted and went inside.

Cloud waited a couple minutes then Lisa came running out with something pink in her hand she stopped when she was in front of Cloud lifted what was in her hands and said "if your going to go you need to eat something so you don't tired" she gave him a pink cake with a chibi picture of Cloud "I made it all by my self mama helped with the oven" handing it to him and running back home stopped and turned around "when you come back promise you'll come have dinner okay" Cloud smile and sighed "okay I'll come back and have dinner, promise" she gave him a big toothy smile and went inside as Cloud walked to his house to pack.

Cloud walked inside his home and made it to his room and got black duffle bag from his closet he packed some clothes some shirts, pants, shorts,boxers shorts and took a bite out of the cake Lisa given to him and thought 'damn, kid good' he put it in a container to save the rest for later. After finishing packing he made his way to the living room he raised a brow to see a white duffle bag with a light blue "H" with wings on the side in front of the door there was a card on it.

Cloud walked to the bag picked it up and hanged it over his right shoulder with his black on and opened the card and read it...

"Dear Cloud"

"I thank you for taking this job helping my daughter's because you willing choose to go to earth not to mention your power is as great as a arch-angel you can come and go to heaven unlike Panty & Stocking, so long that you call before hand on when you will be arriving to visit, if you find yourself with a problem call me anytime" (there was a chibi Bra with a big thumbs up)

P.S. "I packed you some wonderful heaven snacks if you get hungry Garterbelt food kinda good, but still if you want something great knock yourself out I've even packed you a couple heaven pudding for you to enjoy!(a chibi Bra with a spoon in her mouth she has the face stocking when she eat sweets) Also if you be sure to press the picture on the back of the card, well bye and good luck Cloud, be sure to lock you doors and window or else Panty going to come in and rape you".

Cloud sighed and smile he turned the card over and saw a picture of stockings, panty, garter belt, and a bra in a circle of strange letters he put his index finger on the picture it glow light blue and the letter did too and began to spin fast to the point were it was a light blue ring they floated up and over his head and grow his body was the in gulp in the same blue flames when he was falling back to his "Fuck I really am not going to like [BOOM!] thiiissss" he blasted out through the ceiling.

Lisa saw bright blue light coming from Cloud house run outside and saw a light blue fireball shoot out of the ceiling of Cloud house went straight up stop for a single second for her to see a figure inside who she saw as Cloud and the blue fireball shot forward.

She inhale a large amount of air and shouted to him to hear "BYE! BYE! CLOUD! COMEBACK SOON OKAY!" as she waved good bye.

Cloud was flying very fast to were he had to go for the passed hour cursing at a certain big boob, blond & pink hair arch-angel. He found himself slowing down as he got to a city and took notice of the biggest building that look like some horse shoe and then another one in the middle "Is it me or does it look like a…OH! GOD! IT FUCKING STINKS LIKE SHIT!" he shouted covering his lower half of his face with his left hand as he descended to see the back of a giant magma like creator that smelled like it came out of the sewers.

He was close but far away as to not be seen he then saw his watch on his left wrist flash a light blue with a white "H" with wing on the side, he then used his right index finger to press the screenand a hologram screen came out and a green light began to scan the creator back a picture of the creator was shown and information about it to.

Giant Brown

(I got this off the Panty & Stocking wiki site)

Giant Brown was created after the stench from a pipe, clogged by an indestructible amount of feces, suffocated an unfortunate plumber, who then became this evil spirit. Giant Brown had the power to possess all fecal matter in Daten City (as well as being able to swallow people via toilets), and used this ability to become a corporeal ghost.

Giant Brown's abhorrent stench induced all its foes to vomit, making him an invincible ghost who incapacitated all assailants.
Rank D

"So that's a ghost (huh), big fella and fucking smells like SHIT, well better take it down" he starts walking to the ghost waves his right hand over his chain turning it into his gunblade he was a good 15 feet away the ghost hadn't notice him but he notice strange lights and …'music?' puts his arm up and points his weapon to Giant Brown head he dismissed the music and the strange lights for later and a ball of black fire with a red aura(again it like a fire version of getsuga tenshou) the size of a baseball form at the tip of the blade he had learned how to fire a blast of the Holy Dark Flame during the flight to Daten City 'hey I was flying here for an hour, had to do something to past the time'.

As he was about to blast a hole through the back of Giant Brown head someone beat him to the shot from the front a big hole were his (shit) face would be and then there was slash mark appearing all over his bog 2 second later [BOOM] Giant Brown exploded 'great just great now it's raining shit ,SHIT!' Cloud shout in his mind dodging the nasty shit rain, truth he loved the rain it gave the air a refreshing smell, this however was not refreshing at all.(A/N: haven't seen the anime for awhile so forgot some thing so there will be changes also the ghost ranks will chance look at the bottom to see)

After a couple second, that felt like hours to Cloud, the shit rain stopped and Cloud was able to walk to the two girls that were closes to the ghost and ask if they saw what took it out and if they know two girls named Panty and Stocky Anarchy and the location of the place the were staying at a he made his way to them he could hear them arguing with each other about some crap as they were stepping into a pink jeep Cloud didn't care he was now standing on the left side behind of the pink jeep were the navy blue hair girl sat in front of and ask his questions.

They were inside the blond started the jeep and were about to leave for the church were they call home when the two girls heard someone voice from behind say "hey, you two can I speak with for a moment please". the two groan in annoyances they roll their eyes and turn to see whoever it was, it was probably another fan boy that wanted say they got a chance to speak with them and they would just tell them to fuck off "whoever you are we don't care so why don't you go and fuck-" Panty took one look at Cloud and Shouted "ME!" and got out of see-through so fast it was like teleporting and stood in front of him drooling, Cloud could feel her stripping him with her eyes.

He notice a few thing about the long blond hair women in front of him, she just like Bra though there were differences she was shorter about 5'7 maybe (I don't know), her hair was pure blond and did not have pink high light like Bra, she did have claw like bangs, and she did not have Bra's…very large asset (her very large chest) and the second was her eyes they were blue but it was not what he was looking at it was the lust they had in them 'this must be Panty' he said lifting his head a little to examine the other girl that had gotten out of the jeep and stood behind her Panty, she wears a black Lolita-like dress, a blue bow, her hair is very, very long and straight with evenly cut bangs, the top layer is navy and the bottom layer is pink, eyes were cyan, and had black & blue striped stockings and black pumps 'and that one must be Stocking'.

Stocking examined Cloud he was tanned skinned, he didn't look it but Stocking could tell he was well-built under the white t-shirt and the black unzipped hoodie that covered his arms, he had black cargo pants, black shoes, black hair (Cloud Strife Advent Children hair style), and chocolate brown eyes 'wow, he's hot but he's probably another one of thoughts guys that want to get into ours panties, well if he want to get into a girls panties then Panty can have him' Stocking sighed 'why cant there be one decent guy in this damn city that does think with their dicks'

Panty examination of Cloud was, well Panty's way 'good looking, hot body, to the bed!' "hi there hot stuff the name Panty Anarchy I know this hotel not to far from here how bought we-" "No, thank you" Cloud cut her off the faces the girls had showed that this probably never happen before.

Both Panty and Stocking mouths were open their eyes wide open and they both thought the same 'did he just say no, to me/Panty, is he gay' they thought Panty spoke "hey…you gay?" Panty and Stocking stared at Cloud who grow a ticked mark "HELL NO, I JUST…(Cloud inhale and exhale to calm himself)' look I don't want my first time to be with some I just met not even minute, you get it" Stocking was surprise 'guess there are some decent guys in this dump of a city' Panty on the other hand was "tsk, that so boring if you don't want to be on the ride of your life then fuck off Cherry boy" she grabbed Shocking throw her in see-through before anyone could say anything got in the drive side start the engine and slam the pedal to go but nothing they could hear the wheal screeching on the pavement but the weren't moving "WHAT THE HELL! Why aren't we mov-"she stopped talking when she feel Stocking tap he shoulder turn to see what Stocking want "what!" Stocking eyes were looking widen looking at the back she lifted up her right hand and stuck out her index pointed to what she was looking at "what the hell are you looking at" she turned to see Cloud who hand was holding on to the side of see-through keeping it from moving an inch.

"You know you never even got to let me ask you why I wanted to talk with you, man Bra didn't tell me that you were so impatient Panty" that got the girl to widen their eyes "The fuck, how do you know about our mom!" Panty shouted removing her foot from the pedal looking at Cloud waiting for an answer Stocking was waiting too not taking her eyes off him.

" Because she was the one that sent me down here to…" Cloud took a moment to think whether or not to tell the he was here to protect them from Shadow Ghosts or not taking a look at the he can tell how skilled they are 'their good I can say but, Panty looks like she a few steps away from adding Pride to the list of sin, not to mention Sloth at this rate' he thought as he looked at Panty(come on you have to admit I am right about her).

He got a look at Stocking 'hmm, well Stocking seems to have really good grip compare to Panty, and Bra did say she was more leveled headed, also I can sense they both have power still untapped but Stocking seem closer to it then Panty I'll have to help them tap in to it, Panty more see she the laziest one of the two, so incase they run into a Shadow Ghosts when I'm not around they'll at least be able to buy time for me to get to them'.

'Well it probably be for the best if they don't know until they're ready' "Well are you going to talk or are you going to fucking stand there like a fucking statue!" Panty shouted breaking his thoughts Stocking was watching careful people who mention the mother always have to be kept watch and listen to very closely. Cloud was aware that Stocking was watch him closely and Panty as well "She had ask me to watch over you and to it that you collect the needed heaven coins to return to heaven" he spoke truthful she did ask for him to help them collect more coins "The hell we hav-" Panty replied but was cut off "Yes, but from what I heard you are collecting them at a much slower pace the average angel that were cased down considering this city is a place that is between heaven and hell there would be far more ghost roaming around here" 'to be honest the thing I seen and hear about this place make think this place is leaning a little closer to hell'.

"Okay so what you going to help get us more Heave coins for us so we can go back to heaven" Panty said hope with him she can have more time working on her goal to fuck a thousand men, Stocking was thinking too but not like Panty thoughts of relaxation 'he telling the truth but he hiding move info as to why he here'. Cloud signed at the sight of Panty "If you think I'm going to share the heaven coins I get with you two your wrong" that got Panty out of her mood "any heaven coins I get I keep,if I ask you if you want to come with me on a ghost hunt to get more coins I'll give you as much as i see fit base on how much you helped me in the fight, and if you ask for me to help you in a battle I get half the heaven coin if I choose to" both girls were shock he was going to help but not and if he did he get half the coins, they have to pay Garter back and this guy too "What the fuck! your supposed help us get to heaven it like your not even trying to help!" Panty shout "hey I am letting you guy have a chose whether or not you want my help and to come with me for ghost hunting"he replied.

"Yes but because your here to that means the bar for us all to go back to heaven had raised and you'll have-" Stocking was cut off "WHAT! you mean because of this fuck face we need to get more coins" Panty screamed and pointed to Cloud "It's okay you won't have to collect more the the needed amount that is needed for you" "What do you mean when there are more then 2 angels that are sent to a place to collect heavens must raise them together to go back" Stocking said confuse it was explained in heaven school Panty was confuse too(she never really paid school that much attention to be honest).

"That because I can go back anytime i want too sole long that i call ahead of time" Cloud said calmly and coolly but deep down he was smirking he knew what he said and what will happen in 3...2...1...action "WHAT!"shouted both Panty and Stocking mouth wide open a bird can fly in a make a nest "You can go back anytime you want to what the FUCK!" Panty shout with angry "If you can why don't you go back, and how can you go back even if you can go back only an arch-angel can go back or one can summon you back" Stocking said still in her shocked state wondering why any one would come down from heaven let alone to this damned city.

"I came here because you mom asked me to, she being a friend with my older brother and I the fact I am consider a arch-angel " he stated Panty and Stocking jaw dropped "You an arch-angel" Panty screamed "Who are you and who is your brother" Stocking asked she had met some of her mother friends and not that many of the arch-angel that her mom were friends with had young brother this old or this young looking. "My older brother is Lockon Gunblade and my name is Cloud Gunblade" once again jaw hit the floor "ON WAY! that impossible Lockon is a human angel and if your his brother that makes you a human angel to right!?" Stocking said shouted looking at Cloud for a replied "Yes, both me and my brother were human why do you ask?" he want to know why as well "Because dumb shit human angel can't be an arch-angel they can only be a cupid,garden angel, or if their good enough a combat angel like us only a pure angel can be able to become a arch-angel who the hell told you that you are arch-angel is a motherf-" Panty was cut off and both girl eyes widen when Cloud said "It was your mother".

It got quite "What" both said eyes widen not thinking what he said, "I said it was your mother that told me I was a arch-aaaannnnn" was all he was able to say when he was grabbed by two hand and thrown in the back of see-through he poked his head out Stocking and Panty got in the the front "what was that for" "SHUT UP! where going to see Garter and get this straitened this out!" Panty shouted turning on the engine and smashed her foot on the pedal and drove to the church.

Stocking was thinking 'He said mom told him he was an arch-angel, mom would never lie or joke about something like that it the greatest honor an angel can get and he didn't show signs of lying (sign) maybe Garter well know something' she thought.

Cloud had a feeling he was going to met someone that will make him very uncomfortable he sign and went back to what he was doing, he was killing ghost the Anarchy sister were ignoring [BLAST] he fired a baseball size black red aura fire ball to a ghost attacking some girl [BOOM] and 5 heaven coins fell in his lap 'that make 5 ghost' he turned his head to the girl in the front seats 'they must be in their own little world they haven't heard me fire a blast from my gun-blade and they been ignoring the ghost they drive past, if this happen all the time i see why they don't have that much coins collected' he thought and realize the had stopped in front of a...'church? that the weirdest church I've seen, oh god I swear if meet one of those sick priest I'll kill him! and why do I feel like crushing the skull of a ugly green dog thing.

The two people (well one and a green ugly dog thing immortals) in the church felt like if they this door pain and agony will be brought in they just assume it will be by the color of a blond girl and a navy blue & pink girl sadly the it will be a black haired and powerful are scudded if they pissed him off.