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A teenage boy walked through the Capsule Corp compound, making his way towards a small meeting he had been directed to attend. On his uniform was an ID tag that labeled him as an intern and a part of the Gifted Youth program Bulma Briefs had started a few months after the Cell Games had concluded.

He passed a gathering of several of the other interns huddled together around something. Pausing for a moment, the boy was able to catches glimpses of a television screen, showing the visage of one Hercule Satan.

"Mr. Satan! As the Worlds Martial Arts Champion as well as the hero who defeated the terror known as Cell, what say you to the demands for a new World Tournament by those who want to test their mettle against The Champ!" a reporter asked.

"I say bring 'em on! I won't back down from any challenge, but I suggest you all wait three and a half years for your chance the next Worlds Martial Arts Tournament! I'm a very busy man and I'd hate to have to waste my precious time on an unending stream of third rate martial artists who only want their thirty seconds of fame!" the large man exclaimed.

"So you plan to bring back the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament?"

"Of course! It used to be a tri-annual event in which the best and strongest from around the world attended! A truly amazing display of the best the fighting world had to offer! I'd like to return it to its former glory and beyond, but in respect for those affected by the terror and destruction caused by that freak of nature known as Cell I thought it would be best to wait a year longer this time around," Hercule explained.

"And what if the tricksters from the Cell Games show up?" the reporter asked.

"I defeated Cell and I'll defeat everyone else who pits themselves against me! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The reporter turned back towards the camera. "You heard it hear folks! In three and a half years our glorious savior Mr. Satan will take any and all challengers at the twenty fifth Worlds Martial Arts Tournament! All you folks who want to have a chance against the World Savior better prepare yourselves!"

With that the press conference devolved into a flurry of photography flashes and Hercule Satan posing for the cameras.

"Yeah, you tell 'em Champ!"

"Mr. Satan is the best! No one has a chance against him!"

The interns surrounding the screen exclaimed their devotion to the World Savior. The boy snorted in contempt as he continued on his way to his destination. He would have thought that the world would take a more critical view of Hercule Satan's claims that he had defeated Cell and that all of the superhuman techniques were nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Instead, people had eaten up what the media told them was the truth and paid the obvious fallacies in Mr. Satan's arguments no mind. For Kami's sake people didn't trip a few hundred meters into the air.

Sighing, the boy opened the door to his destination and entered into a small, well lit meeting room. Several others were already waiting in the room, though none were nearly as young as he was. Not surprisingly, several of them looked confused and one actually got up to confront him.

"You've got the wrong room boy," the man said. "The intern's lounge is on the opposite side of the compound."

The boy repressed a sigh, knowing that it was only natural that the adult scientists would assume that he was in the wrong place. He fished out the printed copy of the email he had gotten asking him to be in Meeting Room E5 at 12:30 p.m. on November 29th and handing it to the scientist. The man scrutinized the printed sheet for a minute before handing it back to him.

"Well I'll be damned," the man said, smiling. "Sorry 'bout that…Evan," he said, glancing at the teenage boy's nametag. Evan nodded in understanding before grabbing a chair. That was a benefit of working at Capsule Corp. When the head of research and development and intended heir of the company was Bulma Briefs, a woman who was as well known for her eccentricity as her genius amongst the scientists who worked there, a fifteen year old being invited to an exclusive meeting was barely a blip on the radar. The group sat in silence for a few minutes before a door opposite of the one Evan had entered through opened up and the highly esteemed woman herself walked in wearing a fashionable business suit.

"Well then, I'm sure you're all wondering what you've been asked here for. I know that most of you have recently come close to important breakthroughs on your research and would love to get back to it so let's ignore the formalities and get down to business," Bulma said, wasting no time at all in starting the meeting. "You see I'm here to give you a choice. You can either choose to join the Special Interests Research and Development division of Capsule Corp, where your research budgets and expected income will effectively double in size, or you can immediately cease your current line of research under threat of termination."

There was stunned silence at the statement. Several seconds passed before one of the scientists opened there mouth to speak before being cut off by Bulma.

"Hold that thought for a moment Erickson. I still need to tell you the other side this. Those of you who choose to go along with the departmental transfer will not be allowed to publish the results of your research to the scientific public-HOLD YOUR DAMN HORSES AND LET ME FINISH!" she shouted as several of the scientists began to loudly protest, silencing them. "Those of you who choose to cease your research will be monetarily compensated and given the highest recommendations should you choose to terminate your employment under Capsule Corp and seek employment elsewhere. However, be aware that most other companies do not hold the financial clout to fund your research and those that do will likely only consider it if you're willing to enter the field of weapons development."

All of the scientists grimaced at that. It was no secret that Capsule Corp was one of the few scientific corporations in the world where scientists could get funding for high cost research without being forced to gear the research towards weapons development.

"Why us?" the man Bulma had referred to as Erickson asked. The same man who had briefly confronted Evan when he entered the room.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean why us? What is so special about our research that you feel compelled to give us the choice of two proverbial nooses? There's not even any kind of discernable rhyme or reason to who was picked either! I'm an astronomer, Ellis over here studies human biology, Kim and Tom are experts on advanced robotics and human applications and Drake is studying the feasibility of near light speed travel. Don't even get me started on Evan being here. I don't doubt the kid's a certified genius if he managed to get a position in this company through the Gifted Youth program, but he's a fucking intern for Kami's sake! No offense kid but how the hell is he related to this trash heap of a choice you're giving us?" the man shouted, red in the face from exertion.

"The reason you are all here being offered a choice between two equally insulting choices is because your research is headed towards breakthroughs that will reveal things the world simply isn't ready to know yet. Evan is here because of how remarkably good he is at being nosy," Bulma added, throwing a pointed look in the teenaged boy's direction. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end and spontaneously gained a newfound interest in examining the table they were sitting at.

"That's the reason?" Erickson exclaimed. "You basically demand that we either sacrifice the chance at recognition or toss aside our integrity and the best excuse you can give us is a line straight out of a B rated move? Are you fucking kidding me?! What on earth gives you the right to choose what the people of earth are or aren't ready to know?!"


There was a palpable, uneasy silence as the implications of Bulma's outburst sunk in. Evan was oblivious to the oppressive feeling that blanketed the room. He could only feel excitement at the truths Bulma's outburst had alluded to. Truths that he'd been ridiculed by his peers for professing his belief in. Sure, Nimbus believed him, but one faceless person's belief was small comfort in comparison to that of the Bulma Briefs. The only thing that could possibly make him more ecstatic at this point was full blown-

"You have proof don't you?" he asked, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. He kept talking, ignoring the attention of everyone but Bulma. "You have proof that Hercule Satan wasn't the one to beat Cell, that the superhuman feats of strength and destruction aren't just tricks and you're going to show it to us too, aren't you?"

Bulma looked at him for a moment with an appraising eye. Without talking she pulled one of two capsules snugly fit into her breast pocket and gave it a click, tossing it onto the table. In a poof of smoke a small stack of papers appeared on the desk. Quickly, she passed the stacked packets of paper out amongst the people sitting at the table.

"What is this?" the woman named Ellis asked, paging through the document tentatively.

"That is an addendum to the contract you signed upon agreeing to work for Capsule Corp. Should you choose to sign it you become legally bound to speak of what has and will happen in this room today. It also includes the legal work for transferring you to the Special Interests Research Division as well as legally preventing you from disclosing the results of your research in any way shape or form unless it is with members of the SIRD or other specified personnel. You also agree to abstain from publishing the results of your research to the scientific community without Capsule Corp's express permission and should your employment with Capsule Corp be terminated for any reason you cede all rights to your research and its results to us," Bulma explained. "Anyone who refuses to sign will be asked to leave the room and given the rest of the day off with pay. Let me be the first to say that I wish I didn't have to go about doing this in such a crude fashion but the circumstances leave me little choice in the matter."

Evan leafed through the legal document, giving certain parts a cursory glance before finally arriving on the final page. He picked up a pen to sign the document when something stopped him.

"Am I legally able to sign this document? I mean, I'm only fifteen," he asked.

"As a part of the Gifted Youth program contract your parents signed, you are legally allowed to sign any and all contracts that act as an addendum to the original contract," Bulma said. Evan wasted no more time and quickly signed the document, passing it across the table to the blue haired genius. Several minutes passed as the others looked over the document in front of them. Finally, one of them reached the final page.

"Well I'll be damned," Erickson said. "If that's not the royal seal I don't know what is. No wonder you're spouting off lines from a B rated movie. We might as well be living one!" The scientist was silent for a moment as he stared at the page. "I suppose I couldn't call myself a scientist if I swallowed the blue pill now. Down the rabbit hole it is."

This statement seemed to convince the others present and within a few minutes a stack of signed documents was in front of Bulma. After capsulizing the documents she pulled out the second capsule and decapsulized a small remote. Pointing it at the far wall she pressed a button and a large screen slid down from the ceiling.

"This is your last chance to back out. If you want out I will decapsulize these documents and dispose of yours here and now," Bulma said. No one said anything. "Very well then."

Pressing another button the screen came to life, showing a frozen image of one Hercule Satan stepping into the ring with Cell. "This is video footage of the Cell Games as taken from a Capsule Corp satellite I had fly over the area. The satellite of course couldn't pick up any audio but I've managed to splice in the audio from the live broadcast into the parts the cameras were active for. Please save all questions until the end." Another press of the button and the video came to life. For the next hour and a half the video played, with certain scenes slowed down by a factor of one hundred to show certain parts of the fights in visible detail. When the video froze, shortly after the light of the Delivery Boy's Kamehameha Wave overwhelming and destroying Cell died away there was nothing but stunned silence.

"Questions?" Bulma asked. "Come on, I know you have them. You wouldn't be scientists if you didn't have them."

"How on earth did those fighters gain access to their superhuman abilities?" Erickson asked.

"I think Ellis should be able to field this question," Bulma said.

"What do you mean I should be able t- you don't mean? Oh Kami you do," the woman said.

"What? What is it that Ellis knows that would explain what we just saw?" Erickson asked.

"Well, um you see. My research has been focusing on the energy passively given off by the human body during different activities," Ellis said.

"You mean like body heat?" the man named Drake asked.

"Hmm, yes and no. You see, in my studies I've come across an odd phenomenon in that all humans or maybe even all living things give off a bioelectrical wavelength of sorts. It's generally far below the standard sensitivity of machines designed to detect that kind of energy reading so it was honestly sort of a fluke when one of the more sensitive machines I was using to run some tests on electrical activity in the brain overloaded and broke down at random one day," Ellis said.

Bulma smirked inwardly at the statement, remembering the day. She had been walking through the compound with Trunks when he decided to have a meltdown for some inconceivable reason as they were passing by Ellis's work station. The machine had shorted out within seconds.

"When I rebuilt the machine I ended up accidentally making it far more sensitive than it had before, but in return I began picking up on all kinds of energy signatures that I hadn't beforehand. When I realized that these energy signatures were other people passing by my lab I quickly repurposed the machine to study this phenomenon. During my research I've learned that the amount of energy given off by people appears to correlate with how physically fit they are and fluctuate based on the severity of the physical activity they are currently undergoing and their overall fatigue level. Based on what we've seen here I'd have to hazard a guess that by some means or another there are those who have learned to channel this energy at will."

"You hit the nail on the head," Bulma affirmed. "I'd like to add that it appears to take a fair degree of mental discipline on top of peak physical fitness to perform feats on a superhuman level. It's why you don't see most martial artists or athletes performing the same superhuman feats as the fighters at the Cell Games. It should also be known that learning how to control the body's energy at will seems to uncap a limiter of sorts and with proper training it is possible to drastically increase the amount of energy one has access to."

The assembled scientists took a moment to digest the new information, with Ellis looking particularly thoughtful. "When you say drastically increase the amount of energy one has access to what kind of power are we talking about?" she asked.

Bulma looked conflicted for a moment before a look of resignation crossed her face. "I wouldn't put it beyond the capabilities of even the weakest of the energy fighters present at the Cell Games to be able to blow up this planet with only a fraction of their power."

The silence was oppressive. Minutes passed before anyone had the will to speak again.

"Y'know, if someone had told me this morning that I would learn that there are several people living on this planet who have the ability to destroy it under their own power, I would have called them crazy," Erickson said, laughing weakly. Luckily, this seemed to be enough to break the tension and moments later another question was asked.

"Why did Cell change so drastically after he puked up that woman?" Kim asked.

"Hmm, I suppose to answer that I'll have to ask you how much you know about one Dr. Gero," Bulma said.

"He was a well renowned scientist known for his genius in advanced cybernetics and his breakthroughs in the development of artificial intelligence," Tom supplied. "There were rumors that he did work for the Red Ribbon Army and shortly after the army was mysteriously destroyed all further information on him dried up."

"The rumors were true. Dr. Gero worked very closely with the Red Ribbon Army and was devoutly loyal to them. After they were destroyed, he went underground for approximately seventeen years. In this time he built several androids as well as turning himself into a cyborg with the intent of having his vengeance. Most notable among these androids were Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen and the terror known as Cell. What made Cell different from the other androids was the fact that rather than being a mechanical construct he was a biological chimera of the strongest fighters to ever step foot on planet earth," Bulma said.

"You mean someone actually went out of their way to create that monstrosity?" Evan asked. "Who in their right mind would create such a malevolent creature with that much power?"

"Nobody said Dr. Gero was in the right mind. A person consumed by revenge is a terrifying thing to behold," Bulma said. "This can be further seen by Cell's particularly vile way of increasing his power. I'm sure you've all heard of how entire towns were reduced to little more than piles of clothing blowing around in the wind before everyone was brought back to life, yes?"

She waited for the affirmative nod given by those present before continuing. "In order to gather his strength so that he could make his move on his primary targets he covertly went from town to town, draining the life essence of the people who inhabited them through his tail as well as their bodies."

"Who were his primary targets?" Erickson asked.

"Cell was designed in such a way that upon absorbing Androids Seventeen and Eighteen their bodies would be incorporated into his own in such a way that his strength would be drastically increased. As a side effect of this process it appears that he became more humanoid in appearance through each progressive stage," Bulma explained.

"So when Cell puked up Android-"

"Eighteen," Bulma supplied.

"When Cell puked up Android Eighteen he lost a massive portion of his power and reverted to the previous stage?" Kim asked. Bulma nodded.

"If Cell was forced back into a previous stage why did he come back looking like he did in his final one after that one golden haired man disappeared with him?" Drake asked. "Come to think of it, how did that man take Cell away from the battlefield and why did Cell bloat up like a balloon shortly after reverting to his previous stage?"

"Let me answer those in reverse order," Bulma said. "Cell bloated up like a balloon because he was desperate and planning on using a suicide attack to blow himself up and the earth with him. The golden haired man used a technique called Instant Transmission take Cell away to a distant planet in order to save the earth."

"Instant Transmission?" Drake asked.

"It's an energy based technique that allows someone to transfer themselves near instantaneously to another location so long as they can use another living being's energy signature as a focus," Bulma explained.

"It's possible for a living being to sense the energy passively given off by other living beings?" Ellis asked.

"Yes. It's a technique learnable by anyone and apparently incredibly simple to pick up so long as you can manipulate your own body's energy," Bulma said. "Now as to the reason Cell came back after being taken away is due to the unique combination of genetic material he was created from. Cell's genetic structure primarily consists of the DNA of three different alien species."

"Aliens?" Tom asked, sounding incredulous.

"Well of course," Bulma said. "Did you actually think the giant green man with pointed ears and antennae was one of the various humanoids that inhabit the earth? In fact, only three of the energy using fighters at the Cell Games were fully human."

"Only three?" Kim asked.

"Yep, all of the ones who could turn their hair golden are at least half Saiyan, a humanoid race characterized by normally black, gravity defying hair, black eyes and monkey like tails, though all of the Saiyans currently alive, full blooded or not, have lost their tails for one reason or another. The standard hair and eye color seems to be passed on by the non-saiyan partner in the case of human-Saiyan offspring. Saiyans also have the genetic potential to unlock a very powerful transformation that multiplies their power by many times and manifests itself physically in their hair turning blond and their eyes changing to a teal color. The green man is from a race of aliens called Namekians. The final alien race that Cell owes his unique genetic structure to is a rather nasty alien race known as Arcosians." Bulma pressed a button on the remote and an aerial rendering of a zoomed in image of Frieza and King Cold shortly after they had arrived on the planet appeared on screen.

Now to move back to the topic of why Cell came back in his final form, each of these three species has very special genetic characteristics that when combined make for a terrifying combination. Arcosians are capable of surviving injuries that would kill a human instantly. As you can see, the smaller of the two has many cybernetic attachments to his body, all of which were presumably required after he survived a fight that nearly left him mortally wounded as well as the detonation of the planet he was on shortly thereafter," Bulma said, ignoring the wide eyed looks of disbelief several of those present were giving her. "Namekians, the race the green man from the Cell Games comes from, are able to regenerate missing parts of their body so long as they have the energy reserves to do so. The final part to this jackpot of a genetic mix is the Saiyan ability to have their strength drastically increase after recovering from near fatal injuries. In short, Cell regenerated from a single cell after self-destructing and came back even stronger than he had been when he had both Eighteen and Seventeen absorbed, though luckily for us he still wasn't powerful enough to win," Bulma said.

"Unreal…," Evan murmured.

"Now then, are there currently any more questions?" Bulma asked. There was silence and by this point nearly everyone present was far too overwhelmed to even think of bringing up another question at that point. "Well then I suppose that's all for today. I'm sure you all want some time to come to terms with this, so you're all given the rest of the day off. Of course if you'd rather spend the day working on your projects feel free to do so. Your files will be transferred to the private server and your personal equipment and machinery will be transferred to my personal compound which is where you will report to for work from now on. These are the I.D. cards you'll need for security clearance until we get you registered into the system tomorrow," she said, passing out nondescript keycards to those present.

"Well then, I'll see you all tomorrow to help get you settled into your new work spaces. Oh and Evan, you'll be working under Ellis as her work is the closest in line with your areas of expertise. I expect you to be on your best behavior under her guidance," Bulma said, giving the teenage boy a knowing look.

Evan laughed nervously while nodding his head vigorously in acknowledgement, before turning to leave the room behind the scientists. He quickly collected his jacket and headed towards the compound's exit. The other scientists might have had projects they could be working on, but there was no way in hell he was going to stick around the other interns for the rest of the day after what he had just learned.

As he exited the compound and walked out into the crisp November weather, he could barely contain the excitement he felt. He had been right! The fighting at the Cell Games had been real and while he wasn't allowed to shove it in the faces of those who had ridiculed him, he could certainly find solace in the fact that they remained willfully ignorant while he basked in his newfound enlightenment.

He could hardly wait for tomorrow to come.

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