Chapter seven

'Are you okay Harry?'

'Not really, I can't believe she said that. But how could she believe I would have the power to match ten aurors; that is ridiculous, unless I was Merlin.'

'Even merlin was not that powerful. But the more I think about this, the more I believe it might have been Molly. We are heading back to the ministry to get some paperwork organised so I can search her potions room, confiscate them in case I do not recognise any. They will have to be checked.'

'Okay, say Mrs. Weasley did this, why would she, when it would turn her kids away from her? I know it would if it was me,' Harry said.

'Maybe it was to keep them home because of the amount of danger they had been in and it could be to do with losing Fred. After this year finished, Ron was going to join the aurors and we all know that is a dangerous job. But it also means he would be getting paid, so would Hermione. Even though they would only be on minimum wage, combine the two, it would give them enough to rent a place. With Ginny being the only girl, keeping her away from quidditch and how popular she could have become, might have been her goal there. I know scouts turn up at the last few games, did any sign her?'

'I will let Harry explain about that,' Severus nodded.

'She was hopeless, kept dropping the quaffle and blaming everyone else, saying someone was hexing it or her. I have no idea how Gryffindor made it to the final game, but they were being slaughtered by Ravenclaw. They asked me to take seeker. I only stayed reserve seeker in case I was needed due to an accident. I know it can happen, I ended up in the hospital plenty of times from playing seeker. Anyway, once the game started again I caught the snitch in the first couple of minutes winning the game and cup for Gryffindor. All the scouts asked me to join their team but not one paid any attention to Ginny. I found out she has been sending letters to all of them asking if she could prove she was a good player, none replied.'

'Maybe that's when this started, when Ginny couldn't play as she normally did, because I know she was good.'

'She was okay Kingsley. When I was captain, I only let her on the team because the others were hopeless. Okay, yes, she can play but not up to professional standard. She used to lose her temper too much and deliberately go after the other team when they didn't have the quaffle in their hands, which meant we were penalised.'

'Maybe she did this herself, to put the blame on others for her poor performance. Anyway, what did you mean about your enchanted parchment?'

'Harry and I had enchanted parchment so we could communicate of a night. One day, Harry looked for his and realised he might have dropped it or misplaced it. When everyone found out about us, Miss Weasley mentioned something that we wrote to each other, something very…personal.'

'It was all on sex,' Harry shrugged, 'So she found it and never bothered to return it and kept reading what we were saying to each other. I had another piece so I could keep talking to Sev when I was in my bed in Gryffindor tower. But I had no idea someone found it, I thought maybe I just misplaced it in my mess of a trunk. I wouldn't have written that stuff if I knew someone was reading it.'

'So she would have read some very personal messages. I hope Molly knows she got a very advanced sex education,' Kingsley smirked making Severus and Harry laugh.

'Very and a lot of kinky,' Harry grinned.

'Alright love, keep it private.'

'Sorry babe. But since you are an auror Kingsley, answer this if you can. Okay, yes I became a phoenix but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm more powerful that you or Sev, would it?'

'No, an animagus will take the form of something that means a great deal to the caster, they have a special connection to that animal. Yes, you do have to be powerful to change and not all adults can change. But you would be just like Minerva or Albus with power. You mentioned why you loved Fawkes, so your magical core sensed a special connection to the phoenix. He also saved your life which gave you more of a connection.'

'Thanks, makes me relieved knowing they can't blame me for this. If they bother doing a bit of research, which Hermione likes to do, they would have found out.'

'Yes, that really surprised me. But after you explained in your letter what they wanted; it really isn't that shocking. I'm sure you would have liked to get them back for that; so did you?'

'I wanted to, but no, I just stopped having anything to do with them and everyone found out. It seems a lot of people have noticed we're not close anymore so they aren't receiving the attention they used to. So, in a way I did get them back for it, without meaning too.'

'Like with Peter Pettigrew, you did not want him to die and tried to stop it, but you couldn't. Alright, we best get this done before they find a way to warn Molly we might arrive.'

'The castle is still locked down minister, meaning no forms of communication in or out,' Severus said.

'That is good for us. If you find out anything that could have caused this, let me know because I really am baffled,' Kingsley hugged Harry, shook Severus hand then stepped into the fireplace with his auror, disappearing in a flash of green flames.

'Now do I get an explanation?'

Harry and Severus saw Albus Dumbledore staring down at them with that same twinkle in his eyes that they have seen many times before. Severus pointed his wand at every other portrait, blocking their sight and hearing.

'They wanted to use me and get my money, but Sev found out they were the reason for Sirius dying. Hermione nudged him into Bellatrix's spell. I couldn't let that go, I just couldn't. So, to start with, I did an interview explaining about my new love and it wasn't Ginny Weasley. I wrote that I was very much in love. Then I made sure she kept dropping or missing the quaffle. I figured I could destroy her dream. Then using that very old spell, I was able to remove their magic, which means they cannot pass their test or get work in the magical world. They took Sirius away from me and after he suffered for twelve years in Azkaban, he deserved to live, they took that away. I decided to take away what was important from them.'

'I know this doesn't help with how much your hurting right now love, but I will always be here for you,' Severus wrapped his arm around Harry but Albus Dumbledore simply nodded then went back to sleep.

Kingsley, Gawain Robards the head auror and Simon arrived at the Burrow. They knocked, Molly opening the door looking anxious.

'The kids aren't hurt, are they?' Molly asked twisting her hands nervously.

'Something happened but no, they are not hurt,' Kingsley didn't smile he just nodded to Gawain who handed Molly some parchment.

'You want to search my home, why?'

'Ron, Ginny and Hermione all lost their magic. We have performed every spell over them, we never found anything. Poppy Pomfrey and Severus Snape also performed a lot of charms over them. From the information we received, it seemed Ginny was having difficulty from the time she returned to school after the holidays. There are some very powerful potions that might be able to do this.'

'But it could have been a student, why would you believe I had anything to do with this?'

'No student could do this Molly, not even the combined staff could do this. We checked for all spells that could dampen or remove magic, none were found. A potion is the likely choice and we know you do make your own potions, so they need to be checked. If you could show Mr. Robards and Mr. Robinson to your potions room please, so they can examine what you have.'

'This is ridiculous Kingsley, you know me, I would not hurt my children like this.'

'This is official Molly, I must be addressed as minister and as you read for yourself, you cannot refuse.'

Molly grumbled but showed the two aurors into her potions room before heading to the fireplace.

'I am allowed to firecall my husband I would presume…minister,' Molly said coldly.

'Of course,' Kingsley nodded then looked around the kitchen. He did see some plants that could be added to potions and very powerful potions as well.

Within five minutes Arthur stepped out of the fireplace, 'Minister, what is this about?'

'As I explained to your wife Arthur, Ron, Ginny and Hermione have lost their magic. So far, all tests have not revealed how it was done. We know your wife makes powerful potions so we decided to check. For all we know this was an accident, a potion that had gone off or it got contaminated. But until we examine ever potion we cannot say.'

Gawain and Simon walked out holding a few potions each, 'There are three here which is illegal and two we cannot recognise, they will need to be tested. The three that Simon has, are classed as dark potions.'

'I've always used those, my mother used those. They aren't dark, they help with any health issues.'

'You might not believe they are dark, but the ministry does and have done for more than twenty years now. Being in possession of dark potions is a criminal offence, so you will be taken into custody and face the Wizengamot,' Kingsley said, 'I would suggest you get a lawyer Arthur, your wife will need one.'

'Molly, it'll be okay, just don't say anything until your lawyer arrives.'

Gawain placed the vials of potions into a bag then took Molly's arm, leaving the house with Simon and Kingsley following.

Harry was lying across Severus chest trying to get his breathing under control, 'Blimey babe, I've never…been so knackered.'

Severus chuckled, 'Stamina my young lover, you will need it to keep up with me.'

'Don't I know it,' Harry slowly sat up, 'Do you think they found it?'

'They must have, you placed it amongst all her other potions, yet as far as anyone knows, the castle is completely sealed to all while the tests are going on. I can allow someone in through the floo network but that has been sealed since I allowed the minister and his auror to leave. There is also a record that is kept that shows who comes through the floo.'

'It surprised me that I could apparate from inside the castle, at least you didn't have to unseal the tunnel. Finding out from Neville that all this was because of Molly made me furious. Well, she's going to pay for doing this. I could have just walked away if it was to just use me for my name or money, but to find out it was her idea to make sure Sirius died, anyway possible,' Harry growled.

'Yes, she shocked both of us, but we're lucky Neville is such a good friend.'

'I trust Neville, that's why I let him use my cloak. I just had to know all of it, and he found out for me. But Neville surprised me with how well he acted, he never let on that he knew anything,' Harry sighed, 'I'm sorry, we're here so you could calm me down and I'm tense again.'

'It's understandable that you would be upset, so you have nothing to be sorry about.'

Harry nodded but put his head back on Severus' chest, 'I just want to see the back of all of them.'

'You will, very soon. But we should get up and head down to dinner. Will you be able to keep it together when you see them?'

'Yeah, I can and since I am not talking to them will make it easier.'

Severus and Harry dressed, held hand and headed down through the castle to the great hall. Severus kissed Harry before going to sit with his staff.

'Any word on how this happened Severus?' Minerva asked.

'Nothing yet, I will tell you the moment I know. Have they been in here the whole time?'

'No, they only returned not long ago. If nothing can fix this, it will be harder on Ron and Ginny than Hermione.'

'Yes, being a muggleborn will definitely help. I'm sure the minister can give them records that they attended some muggle high school so they can get work in the muggle world.'

'They will need a lot of falsified documents so they can have proof they have been involved in the muggle world since birth. I noticed Harry doesn't seem happy with them, what did they do?'

'Harry and I had some enchanted parchment so we could talk to each other of a night. He thought he misplaced his, so he made another one and linked it to the one I had. It seems Ginny had it and has been reading our private conversations. We believe she told her brother and Hermione, but they never returned it to Harry. He refused to speak with them now, he felt like they were spying on our private lives. Some of what we wrote was personal and very graphic. It was not meant to be seen by others and the moment they knew what it was they should have returned it. But it was like they wanted to find out more about us.'

'I know a lot of students are curious about you and Harry, but yes, that was going a bit far. One thing I will say Severus, Harry has seemed very happy lately, you've given him what he wants and needs.'

'I could not believe he loved me when he had half the students after him, not just the girls either, a lot of boys wanted him. I was a bit concerned that he was confused about his feelings for me, but he proved me wrong, he loves me.'

'He sees the good in someone Severus and he saw you.'

Harry was sitting away from his ex-friends, Neville was beside him, some of their other friends scattered between Harry, Neville and Ron, Hermione and Ginny.

'Did your husband help you relax?' Neville whispered.

'He did, then it just came back to me and made me tense all over again. I can't thank you enough for finding that out. I had trouble believing they came up with it. Well, not Ginny as she wasn't giving up, but I didn't want to believe Hermione or Ron would do this to me.'

'You never have to thank me mate, especially not for that. But on to another subject, defence, you will be teaching our children in years to come.'

Harry grinned, 'Yep, I will be. I was shocked when they offered me the position, but I always knew I would end up at Hogwarts. I always felt a connection to the place, it's my home. So now I get to live here forever and with Severus, my life can't get any better.'

'You're happy, you deserve it. But look, the minister is back.'

Harry turned to see Kingsley walking towards the staff table. He got a nod from Severus before he walked off with the minister. They spoke with Ginny and Ron, then they left the great hall with Severus and the minister.

'That can't have anything to do with them having no magic or Hermione would be going with them.'

'It's probably about their mother and what they found if they found something. But if they didn't then Kingsley shouldn't be here.'

'You make sense, so I wonder what Mrs. Weasley had.'

'Well, when I was talking to Kingsley and Severus, we had a theory that maybe Mrs. Weasley gave them a potion which removed their magic so they would have to remain home. It's going to the extreme and hard to believe she would do it, but nothing else makes sense.'

'Can you let me know tomorrow?'

Harry chuckled, 'I will and you know Sev is going to tell me don't you?'

'Of course, he wouldn't hold this back from you. Anyway, I want to sleep after such an exhausting day. I'll see you in the morning Harry.'

'You will Neville,' Harry waited for his friend to leave then he slowly walked away. He ignored Hermione when she called to him and just continued walking until he came to the gargoyles. He slipped in through a secret entrance, that way he didn't need to go through Severus' office when he was with others. He just needed to see his husband before heading to bed. He needed to feel how loved he was, and Severus always made him feel loved.

Harry was sitting on the floor facing the fire; even though it wasn't cold enough Harry just wanted to see the flames. It reminded him on when Sirius used to firecall him in Gryffindor tower.

'Harry, love,' Severus sat beside Harry then wiped his tears away, 'What is it?'

'Sirius, he used to firecall me in the Gryffindor common room. I was staring into the flames and it just reminded me of those time,' Harry blew out a huge breath, 'I'm fine, tell me.'

'Molly Weasley has been arrested for making three potions that are considered dark and have been for more than twenty years. The minister said she will do anywhere from fifteen to twenty years for that. Then the aurors tested the other potions they found. One that shocked all of them, they decided to have the Unspeakables test it. Yes, it was a potion that removes magic, permanently,' Severus wrapped his arms around Harry, 'That will end up with her doing life. The minister asked Ron and Ginny, that even though it looks like they will never have their magic returned would they liked to remain here for the last couple of weeks or leave. They both decided to leave. I had a house elf get Hermione; she was offered the same thing. She is leaving as well. But without magic they could not use the floo, I had to allow them through the gate where Bill and Arthur apparated them to the Burrow. It's over love, they're gone and you never have to see them again.'

'It's been taking everything I have to keep it together, now I just feel drained.'

'I know, but you have tests, so really you should be resting right now.'

'I just needed to hear what was going on,' Harry moved until he was sitting astride Severus. At first, he just stared into those dark orbs then they were kissing, hot, hungry kisses. They both knew it was late and Harry did have a long day tomorrow but taking an hour would not hurt too much. So instead of heading into their bedroom, Severus cast a spell, so their clothes disappeared then he laid Harry down on the rug in front of the flickering flames.

Harry always sat with Neville at the Gryffindor table, but now the atmosphere was lighter which meant to two young men and some of their other friends would laugh more. They continued to do their tests, Harry always spending an hour or so with Severus before heading back to the dorm room in Gryffindor tower. But now one bed was empty, much to Harry's relief.

When the tests were over, every student in fifth and seventh year cheered making all the staff and the examiners laugh. It was something they had seen many times over the years, but this year was special. This year the heroes of the war were finally finishing their education at Hogwarts, when more than a year ago a lot of them thought they might not be alive. So that evening, a feast was put on but also the band that Severus had hired months earlier were back. Right after everyone ate, the large house tables disappeared, a dance floor and small tables appeared. This time Severus decided that two o'clock in the morning would be a good time for the all the students to retire for the night. But it was also the last time the seventh years would be able to have a great night together.

After the end of one song Severus stepped up on the stage, 'Even though some of you will be leaving us for good and you are excited about your prospects, just like the staff were when we left as graduating students, there was sadness. Every one of you will never set foot in Hogwarts again but should be proud of what you all achieved. You should be proud that you remained on that terrible night to defend our way of life. As my wonderful husband has said many times, he might have been the one to kill Voldemort but that would not have happened without the help he received from all of you. So, the staff of Hogwarts would like to thank you for your fighting spirit and doing what was right,' Severus and all the staff applauded then the younger students applauded.

Harry and Neville got their friends together on the middle of the dance floor. They smiled at the appreciating they received.

'Now I have one last surprise for everyone, but this surprise is mainly for my Harry,' Severus smiled down at Harry before he sat at the piano and started to play. But it was when he sang a beautiful love song to Harry that shocked every person in the great hall including Harry who had no idea Severus, his Severus had such a beautiful voice.

Harry ended up walking towards the stage then just stood there staring at Severus who was singing to Harry. Girls all over the great hall ended up either in tears or lusting after the headmaster, but so were a few of the boys.

Severus bowed then left the stage, wrapping his arms around Harry, 'I love you.'

'I love you, so much Sev. That was beautiful.'

'Something I would never normally do in public, but this was another way of showing you how much I love you and prove to everyone that you are mine; now and forever.'

'I always will be Sev,' Harry put his head against Severus shoulder and the two men who were surrounded by students, just held each other as they swayed. They didn't really dance, just moved a little from side to side.

The last day of Hogwarts most students were excited to be heading home for the holidays. The students that were leaving for good all sat together at the Gryffindor table, talking while they ate their breakfast. But even though Harry was staying, he looked around at the great hall just like all the others. Harry knew it wouldn't be the same, he would be a member of staff, but all his real friends were leaving and the most he would see them, after today was maybe during the holidays.

The students from sixth year and below all made an aisle for all the seventh years, which was led by Harry Potter. Even though he was not leaving, but he was saying farewell to his friends. One by one every seventh year either hugged Harry or shook his hand before they shook the staff's hand. But Neville ended up hugging Severus, Minerva and Pomona before he raced onto one of the carriages with tears falling down his face. Hannah joined him with their friends. Once they carriage moved away, with Harry waving frantically as he watched his friends leave, the rest of the students climbed onto the carriages. By the time Severus stepped down beside Harry, he wiped tears from his husband's face. He held Harry as he kept waving until the thestral drawn carriages were out of sight.

'It's the end of an era Sev. It's hard to believe I will hardly see them, but it's also amazing to know they survived and are going out into the world ready to start work and have families.'

'Yes, they are, and it is the end of an era, the era which lead to the downfall of Voldemort. Those students that just left, were a big part of that. What I said the other night was true, I am proud of them, of all of you. Even though you were facing experienced dark witches and wizards, none of you ran, you stayed. It still amazes me how far some will go to do the right thing, but also how far others will go to try and get what they don't deserve. One thing I know is right, when good combine; it can overcome evil, especially if you believe it in your heart and your soul, which all of you did.'

'You're part of that Sev. So many times, you and I could have died, but we lived, it proves what you said is true, good can overcome evil especially if you have love in your heart. I love being here, but I am going to miss them. Neville and his love of plants, Seamus who still accidentally blows stuff up. Luna and her strange but wonderful imagination. All of them have their own unique personality and style. I don't think I will ever meet anyone as great as they were, or as loyal,' Harry turned in Severus arms, 'Now it's our time to begin our life together my Sev.'

'It is, so how about we start by moving your belongings into…our…room my love.'

'You're on, oh and Minerva,' Harry smiled at his old professor who was now a colleague, 'Just so you know, Sev and I will be busy, until at least tomorrow. I'm sure you can take care of things.'

'Oh, he really is cheeky isn't he Severus,' Minerva smiled, 'Go, you've earned some time alone without any interruptions.'

'Thank you, Minerva,' Severus swooped down and threw Harry over his shoulder, then slapped his arse again making Harry laugh. The rest of the staff were also laughing as they moved aside while Severus Snape carried his husband, Harry Potter to the castle. The staff knew Harry was right, no one would see those two men until tomorrow, at the earliest. Harry and Severus could finally start their married life and they were going to start it by loving the other with as much passion they could give.

The end: