the girl looks at him and screams

falling twisting away

she spreads her wings

he follows her

their mother reaches out

and he lets the light drop from his hand

as Henry screams in the wind

this will break him

he tells her

you broke long ago

she replies

he is falling

he has always been falling

beside him Jim smirks

blood leaking from his head

falling's just like flying

Jim is dead


all dead

they can add Sherlock now

Lestrade stands alone in the darkness

he's dead too

the gate rises from the ice

as Anderson's city crumbles around them

his father stands in the ashes

turned away

he calls to him

Mycroft turns

as the flames consume him

I am sorry

it doesn't matter

he was born of fire

and to fire he returns

he hears John far below him

he begs him

don't look away keep your eyes on me

John raises the gun

finger on the trigger

please John do this for me

but the flames catch him

before he hits the ground.

A/N: Sebastian is Sebastian Moran, Tobias is Inspector Tobias Gregson, and Stanley and Athelney are Inspector Stanley Hopkins and Inspector Athelney Jones. They were selected basically at random to complete the FĂ«anorians.

Sherlock belongs to the BBC/Sir Arthur Conan Doyal. The Silmarillion belongs to J. R. R. Tolkien and his estate.