This is part two of the story That Makes Two of Us. Please if you didn't read the first part things might be a bit confusing in the beginning. Thank you for reading this part two. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter One:

Two Friends

Years have passed since then. Many things can happen in during that time. For Sakura, she was accepted as the new leader but she had a different people with her. Her Guardians weren't there anymore she had other people. All Harunos but were from different places like for example from the village of sound and other places. Although she was the clan leader she didn't feel like she was. It seemed that they were able to perform the secret jutsu but she couldn't. They all told her that she could and she did once before but she didn't exactly believe it. Not until she done it herself. So on this day were she had a small day off she went to the village. As she walked around she encountered her team mate.

"Sakura-Chan!" Naruto said while he ran to her. "Hi Naruto" she replied as he stopped in front of her. "Sakura-Chan what are you doing today?" he asked her as he walked beside her. "Well I was thinking of taking a small walk today then go practice a bit" she replied as Naruto smiled and put his arms behind his head. "I was thinking the same thing!" He said loudly "Hey, I think I'll practice with you" he said excited. Sakura gave out a sigh as they kept on walking. Naruto was one of her team mates. The other one was a boy named Sasuke Uchiha and her sensei Kakashi Hatake. Sakura and Naruto kept on walking around until they arrived the training grounds. They saw a person with black hair and dark eyes.

He spotted the two kids he stood straight.

"Sakura-sama" he said as he stood still. Sakura give out a deep breath. "Hello Leo" she said as Leo calmed down. "Who is this guy Sakura?" Naruto asked a bit annoyed as Leo got annoyed. "She's Sakura-sama to you!" Leo said to Naruto. Naruto got more annoyed "And I ask again who are you?!" Sakura made her to a tree and sat against it. Might as well make herself comfortable seeing this might take awhile. "I am Leo Haruno" the guy said to Naruto "I am part of the Haruno Clan that lives in the Sound Village"

"The Sound Village?" Naruto asked as Leo nodded. "What are you doing here then? Don't you know these are training grounds?" Naruto asked more annoyed. Leo stood quiet. "Well?" Naruto said a bit angry. "Training Grounds?" Leo asked as he looked around. "Ah that explains everything" he said as he crossed his arms and nodded "No wonder I couldn't find the house out here." Sakura was shocked when she heard that. "You can't be serious Leo" Sakura said as she got up and walked back to them. She put her hands on her hips "This isn't the first time you come here you should be able to find your way now" Leo rubbed his head and gave out a nervous laugh as he nodded. "Well then why are you here?" she asked as Leo smiled. "I came to see how you been doing" he said with a smile. "I got the week off so I thought.." Leo said stand upright "why not visit the main branch here in Konaha" he said with a smile. Sakura gave off a small smile. "So Sakura-sama have you-" She cut him off. "I'm still trying Leo" Sakura said looking the other way. "Yeah and more you guys are pressuring her the more it'll take" Naruto spat out at Leo.

"Don't you yell at me!" Leo yelled back as Naruto yelled back "You can tell me what to do!" They both looked like kids fighting over a toy car on whose turn it was to play with it. "Okay you two break it up!" Sakura said coming between them. "You guys are not going to fight!" Sakura said as they both glared at each other. "Leo. I'll see back at the house okay? I'm going to do some training today" Sakura told Leo as he looked down her. "You sure? I can stay and help you train if you like" Leo said. "Well, in that case I guess it's okay if you stay." Sakura said as Naruto kept glaring at Leo.

"Alright then you can stay but you better not pressure Sakura! Like the others in the clan" Naruto said his arms crossed. "Okay then," Leo said as he walked back and stopped a couple feet away from the two kids. "I wont go so easy on you Naruto." He said with his back turned towards the kids "So be ready" he disappeared in a puff of smoke. "alright then come at me!" Naruto yelled out as he ran into the grounds looking for him. Sakura stood still and looked around to see any possible sign that might lead to Leo. She closed her eyes and focused she was thinking of a plan until a voice called her.

"Sakura!" She opened her eyes to see Naruto next to a tree point at her. "Look!" she turned to see a dark figure that was shaped like Sakura but with yellow eyes. "You did it! Sakura! You summoned a Shadow!" Naruto said as he ran to her. "You did it!" Sakura smiled she finally did it. "Good Job Sakura-sama! I am proud of you!" The kids behind them to see Leo clapping with a smile then he stood still. "Hey! we still have a battle to finish!" Naruto said as he ran after Leo who only turned to run. "Let's get him Sakura!" Naruto yelled as Sakura nodded and ran after them with her 'shadow' close behind.

Well then this chapter one of Part two. Sorry if it's a bit short. In the next chapter Gaara will come out. I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope it wasn't bad or anything like that. Well then like I said before the more people ask the quicker the story come. Well then Bye-Bye!