Chapter Twenty-Eight:

Painting the Town Red

Sakura peaceful slumber was cut short with a sudden knock on her door. The knocking loud and quick with a sense of urgency causing the pink haired girl to get up and open her door. "Yes Ren?" she asked the male.

"I got news that im sure will be of great interest." said the honey colored nodded her head giving the boy the go ahead. "Word is your team is fighting a ninja from the sand village." Ren paused before speaking. "People are saying its a blood. Seeing there your teammates I figured you will want to know this"

Sakura stood there dumbfounded. This couldn't be happening...Was it?

"Thank you Ren. Ill go right away." Sakura said as she tarted heading towards her front door. After exiting her home the pink haired girl took off to the village. She had to see if it was really her team that was causing such a scene.

"Gaara! Please!" His sister yelled with pained breath "let us go! You must stop this madness!" Tamari pleaded. She and her brother were both on edge. Scared or terrified isn't even close to describe what they are feeling now.

"Gaara! Listen to us! Let us go! We are family!" His brother added hopping the sand would loosen. When in reality it tighten its grip causing them both to lose some air. They were both held back against a wall and sand.

"Family..." Gaara growled out "Family!?" he yelled out "You two never accepted me! No one did!" He paused. He lied. There were some who did. His mind was flooded with memories of the of the people who accepted him appeared. The two guardians. The nurse. His flower. His dear flower. It hit him. They were kind gentle always welcoming him when he ran over. "You never really treated me as a brother.." He shivered in anger "They were my family! My flower accepted me for me! Demon and all! No one will stand between me and my flower! Not even her team. No one will hurt her or take her from me!" Gaara roared out. He took a breath about to speak but a voice cut him off.

"Gaara...what are you doing?" Sakura voiced trembled a bit. "Please. let them go" Gaara was frozen. He turned slowly towards her. "Let them go Gaara. Please" He couldn't disobey her and let them go. Both started to breathe quickly catching thier breath.

It took her a bit of time to arrive. But once she arrived she saw the aftermath of fight. Some corpses laid about. All in uniform showing they were there to help cease this fight but had fallen in battle. With a deep breath she keep going following the red spots til she took a turn. There she saw her friend. Her dear childhood friend holding his siblings up against a wall of concrete with his sand. Her teammates laying about. All motionless. She heard them pleading with him and how he yelled they treated him bad. But she had to help them. She took a step towards her friend and spoke gently "Gaara? What happened?" Gaara looked down. "why were you hurting your siblings?" she questioned him "why are my team mates hurt. Did you do all this?"

Gaara stood silently. He wanted to keep this side of him hidden from her. He wanted to lie but he remembered how that went during the exams. So he nodded eyes still looking at the ground. He heard her walk to him and saw her feet stop in his view. Then e heard that.

"So. You really do have a demon?" she asked gently. Gaara eyes widen. She heard him. She must've heard him! How much did she hear!? Well it doesn't matter. She knows. "Gaara answer me" She spoke. The pink haired girl stood there looking at her red haired friend. He wasn't moving or saying anything. She took a deep breath and was about to speak but his actions cut her off.

"Don't hate me please!" He said kneeling then hugging her waist close "Don't leave me!" he hid his face into her.

"Because you have a demon?" she asked. He nodded hugging her. He seen people hate him because of the demon. Scared of him because of the demon. She didn't leave him because of the demon and that was only due to him not telling her. But now she knows. He didn't want her leave they promised they wouldn't. The sand boy kept her in his grip shaking but felt a nice soothing hand pet him gently on his head. "Oh Gaara. I already figured it out long ago. I just didn't want to push the topic seeing its very sensitive to you. So I waited for you to tell me yourself" he looked up her shocked. "come on get up" She said helping the boy up.

"You did?" he asked . She nodded. "and your not scared?" he asked again as he felt a giant weight off his chest. Sakura nodded again as he quicky pulled her into a close hug. He was happy.

The two sand siblings were watching thier youngest interact with thier leaf ninja friend. Once again she calmed him down. They heard him plead to her seen him kneel hug her and once again are amazed at what she could do. But it terrified them because of what she do. Its as she has him wrapped around her finger. Got him in the palm of her hand. The two siblings looked at each other both in thought till a angered cry made them look back and see more reinforcements pull the girl away from thier brother causing him yell angry to let her go. Oh yeah. There in the leaf village and Gaara just painted the town red.

Hello! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know there giant gap in the fight. But it will be covered.I hope this story isn't becoming bad or anything. So until next time Bye-Bye!