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Chapter 1 - You are cursed!

{Evan's POV:}

Fear: An emotion excited by threatening evil or impending pain; apprehention; dread. That's what I felt every time I would see something I didn't want to see. I saw my first spirit when I was about seven after I had broken my ankle while climbing the monkey bars at school. It was horrible. The Spirit wasn't like an ordinary spirit, it was a demon. Her transparent skin was a sickly grey color, with long mangled black hair that looked like slithering snakes, Her eyes were completly bloodshot with blood pouring down her face. I shivered in fear as she got close to me and said the words that I would never forget. "You are cursed!" then she let out a horrible shrieking noise. It was so horrible, that I swore I had passed out and dreamt the entire thing.

When I woke up several hours later, The spirit was gone, but her words echoed in my head. "You are cursed!" "You are cursed!" Her shrieking voice echoed over and over in my mind, and shortly after that, I saw my first nightmare. The death of my parents. We were driving home from the hospital, and I was in the backseat, with my leg in a cast. Mom was in the passenger side, and dad was driving. The road was sleek as rain fell from the dark grey clouds overhead. I was listening to my ipod, when suddenly I heard a song that wasn't on my playlist playing through my headphones. It was "Walk Away From The Sun" by Seether, suddenly my head pounded with pain. I dropped my head to my knees, covered my eyes with my hands and screamed. The pain was unbearable, and that's when I saw the nightmare. The horrible car crash that would claim the lives of my parents. "Evan? are you okay?" Mom asked frantically turning around to look at me. "What's wrong sweetheart?"

The next thing I heard was the sound of my parents screaming, and the horrible sickening sounds of the car smashing and crunching. When I woke up, I was lying in a hospital bed, with an iv needle in my arm, a tube down my throat, and my body covered in wraps and bandages. One kind nurse with long blonde hair wrapped neatly in a tight bun walked over to me when she saw me awake. She smiled at me and rubbed her hand against my head. "Poor dear," She said sadly. "I wish you didn't have to suffer like this." She looked over and checked my breathing monitors and decided it was safe to take the tube out of my throat. I groaned in agony and the nurse held my hand for support as the doctor helped gently to take the tube out. Once the tube was out, the doctor said for me not to talk right away and to let my voice rest, but I had to know what happened. "What happened to my parents?" I asked, my voice came out weak and horse, and it hurt to talk. The nurse placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and said sadly, "I'm so sorry dear, but your parent's didn't make it. They were pronounced dead at the scene."

My heart stopped in my chest, and tears welled up in my brown eyes as I began to cry. It was all my fault. They died because of me. I saw what was going to happen and I couldn't do anything to help them. Loosing your parents is hard on anyone, but for me it was harder because I was the one who had seen their deaths before it happened and I saw it when I was only seven years old.

Since then, I had been shuffled back and forth through the foster care system because every time a new couple would care for me, and just as I was warming up to them, the visions would return and I would see their deaths. When I was nine was the last time I had seen my last foster parents, and I was found myself back at the foster care agency. As I sat in the office of the agency, I saw a family walking in. I had reconized the man as Cowboy Bob Orton a world renouned wrestler who worked for the WWF.

He was there with his black cowboy hat on with his wife Eileen, and beside them was a young boy with short dark brown hair and icy blue eyes. He turned and saw me and I tried to move away from me, but he sat down next to me anyway. "What happened to you?" He asked, obviously noticing my tears as I desperatly tried to wipe them away with the sleeve of my shirt. "Nothing." I muttered, trying to move away from him again, but he touched my shoulder. "I'm Randy Orton." He introduced. "My parents are here to adopt another kid since I lost my brother. What's you name?"

"Evan." I muttered quietly. "Evan Bourne." "Nice to meet you Evan." Randy said as he held out his hand toward me. I shook his hand and as I did, a violet horrible pain shot through my skull like a rocket. I screamed and fell to my knees clutching my head in agony. "Randy! What did you do to him?" I heard Cowboy Bob's voice cry out as Randy exclaimed, "Dad! I sware I didn't do anything to him!" I screamed again as the pain grew worse, and I could hear all the agents of the agency begining to panic. "What do we do?" I heard one man yell out. "Someone call an ambulance!" Cried out a woman. "And tell the paremediacs what?" yelled out another man. "That the kid's high on drugs or something?"

Through the hazy pain that shot through my head, I felt a cool gentle hand touch my shoulder and all at once the pain began to subside, and as I looked up I saw Randy's mom Eileen looking at me concerned with deep ocean blue eyes. "It's alright now," She said kindly. "Your okay now. It's all over." After that I passed out, and when I woke up again, I found myself no longer in the agency, and realised I was in someone else's home. I tried to move to get away to avoid another vision, but someone stopped me. I gasped as I heard footsteps approaching and the door of the room I was in opened. It was Randy carrying a tray of food. "What's going on?" I asked. "Where am I?" Randy sat the tray down on a nearby table and said, "My parents want to adopt you." I gasped in fright and immediatly leapt from the bed I had been laying in. There was no way I was going to go through this again.

My breathing came out in short rapid breaths as I began to panic. "Not a good Idea." I managed to choke out as my chest suddenly grew tight. "Why not?" Randy asked concerned. "What's wrong?" My chest tightend even more, I began to feel like the walls around me were closing in. "I'm cursed!" I cried out as I fell to my knees. "You don't seem cursed to me." Randy said asI felt his hand touched my shoulder. "You don't know what I've been through." I muttered as I moved away from him. That night, I snuck out of the house, and found myself walking along the edge of the highway. Cars sped by me with their headlights blaring bright but I didn't care. What the hell am I supposed to do? I thought miserably. I can't get close to anyone ever again. I don't belong anywhere.

Poor Evan :( Will he ever find a place where he truly belongs? :(

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