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Author's note:Harry meets someone interesting, while he'd out shopping with Fleur.

Rating: T

"What are you doing in the hallway, Hidekuni? Shouldn't you be in there?"

The blond, who had been pacing in front of a closed double-winged door, while continually running his fingers through his unusually messy hair, turned around to face his parents, Molly Weasley and Hermione Granger. He offered all of them a shaky smile and a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"I was, but Harry... is not very happy with me at the moment. He threatened me with castration... among other things."

"That's normal, son. A lot of delivering mothers do." His father quickly glanced toward the delivery room, even while putting an arm around Hidekuni's shoulders. He always took great care to never refer to Harry with a term that ape men reserved for the female population, where the brunet may hear, even though they were perfectly appropriate and normal in the Zooman community. He had learned this lesson very quickly! "No need to worry so much."

"He tried to put his words into action, didn't he, dear?" Molly asked knowingly. She looked amused and Hidekuni was surprised to see that she wasn't dapping at her eyes… yet.

"Various pointy and sharp things were involved, yes," the blond admitted with a slight grimace and stared longingly at the door of the delivery room. He had wanted to stay in there and comfort Harry, but the healer had kicked him out for his own safety. When he turned back around, everyone, except for Molly, looked horrified.

"Calm down. It's just accidental magic due to the pain and stress. He doesn't actually want to harm me." That's what Hidekuni liked to think anyway.

"I knocked Arthur out with a bedpan during Bill's delivery and... well, he preferred to wait outside during every delivery after Charlie's," Molly commented amused and smiled at her two youngest sons who had just arrived. They had probably left Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in a hurry - There was slime and glitter all over them. It was evidence of Molly's pleasant anticipation, when all she did was cast a Scourgify in their general direction.

Gradually more members of Harry's extended family appeared and almost clogged the corridor. Since the pregnancy had been caused by magic and not Zooman means, the delivery took place in Saint Mungo. It was a godsend. It didn't matter that they were both heavy weights and unlike Hidekuni, his child wouldn't have to spend the first weeks of their life in an incubator.

About half an hour later a mediwitch left the delivery room. She didn't even bat an eyelash when she saw the mass of waiting people. She just stopped long enough to single out Hidekuni and, smiling slightly, beckoned him closer.

"You may go back in now, sir. All other guests have to wait until we have transferred Mr. Potter to a private room, though."

The blond swallowed thickly and nodded. Taking a deep, shuddery breath, Hidekuni crossed the excited crowd and entered the delivery ward. The 'sharp and pointy objects', which had forced him to evacuate the room not an hour ago, were lying innocently on the ground. Hidekuni carefully stepped around them, but otherwise didn't pay them any mind, because his sole attention was on the dark-haired man on the bed.

The usually unruly mop of hair was plastered to Harry's head and his face still flushed and clammy. Harry still managed to offer him a brilliant smile. Hidekuni hesitantly sat down on the edge of the bed and dropped a kiss to the other man's temple in a gesture of affection, but also stalling. To be honest, the thought of being a parent scared the crap out of him and seeing his newborn child would make it real. More real, even, than the baby bump he had caressed several times a day during the previous months.

The brunet smiled indulgently at him and pecked his lips, but in the next moment Hidekuni held a bundle of cloth and squirming baby in his hands nonetheless.

"Stop worrying and say hello to your baby girl."

The blond instinctively wrapped his arms and hands securely around his new-born daughter - his worries not forgotten, but pushed to the back of his mind for the moment. He carefully tugged the white blanket to the side and stared in wide-eyed awe at the new life Harry and he had created.


His lover had refused to name their children after relatives, but had expressed his wish to continue the Evan's tradition of naming daughters after flowers. Charmed with the idea, Hidekuni had agreed.

Rose's eyes were obviously still closed (and would stay that way for a fortnight) and her fur softer than silk. So far, it was hard to tell if Rose had inherited more of Harry's or Hidekuni's genes. She was still a sandy-coloured fluff ball with dark, undefined spots. It didn't matter anyway, because he loved her either way. Her appearance did make him wonder about something, though...

"Does this mean that she's not magical?"

Harry, who was softly stroking one rounded, tiny ear with a happy, if tired, smile, looked up in surprise. Then the brunet regarded Rose with a thoughtful frown on his forehead, before he finally offered a light shrug.

"You know, I've no idea. It's not like we have much to go on, right? I guess, we'll just have to wait and see. If it turns out that she's not, I wouldn't care. She'll always be my special, little girl."

Hidekuni smiled and pressed a kiss to the other man's temple, then another one on his daughter's forehead.

A few year ago

"Fleur, can't we just-"

"Non, 'arry! I agreed, when you didn't want to go to a muggle tailor, even though you do it for your robes. I won't let you exchange your old rags for the cheap, subpar clothing I know you'd buy otherwise," Fleur disagreed at once and dragged Harry into one of the countless brand clothes shops on Bond Street. The brunet uttered a long-suffering sigh. It was his own fault for mentioning that he needed new clothes in Fleur's hearing range anyway.

As expected, it didn't take long for everyone's gazes to be directed at them, especially those of the male customers and the store clerks. Or, to be more specific, they were gazing at Fleur like brain dead idiots. Muggles seemed to be even more affected by her veela allure than wizards. Fortunately, nobody had been more aggressive than appearing before the blonde and stuttering out gibberish. By now Harry was trying to ignore the reactions to Fleur, but he felt sorry for the woman.

While Fleur was off browsing the variety of goods in the shop, Harry was loitering around next to a display for the summer collection, bored out of his mind. That is, until he felt like he was being watched and suspiciously scanned the people in the shop for the source. It turned out to be a young man around his age with blond, long-ish hair and a gorgeous smile.

To his horror, Harry felt his face growing hot, especially when the blond approached him with a determined expression after a short moment of hesitation.

"Hi, I'm Hidekuni," the young man announced. His voice was clear and strong, but his smile had turned a touch shy.

"Harry." The wizard nervously licked his lips, while trying to subtly rub his sweaty palms against his trousers.

"I hope, I'm not too forward, but… I couldn't help notice you and…" Harry noticed that his accent was an interesting mix of Cockney and what Harry assumed to be an American dialect. "I'd hoped you'd agree to have coffee with me. That is, if the woman you're here with isn't your girlfriend? I'll leave you alone if that's the case or if you're not interested."

"Ah no," Harry shook his head fast enough to almost give himself whiplash. "She's just a friend. Apparently I can't be trusted to add to my wardrobe on my own," the brunet said with a wry grin and turned even redder, when the blond very obviously checked him out.

"You look just fine to me. Sooo… how about that coffee? Or maybe something else?" Harry saw him swallow thickly, but otherwise Hidekuni looked surprisingly composed. Knowing how difficult it was to ask someone out, Harry had to silently applaud him.

"I'd like to! Just, I'll be going back to school on Sunday and will stay there until summer. I go to a boarding school in Scotland and it's pretty strict about electronics. We can only send letters and stuff. I don't think that's fair on you," Harry explained, refusing to look to the ground. "It's not an attempt to get rid of you, I promise," he added earnestly.

"Why don't we go for that coffee tomorrow and see how that goes?" Hidekuni proposed. "If we click, I wouldn't be averse to getting to know you through letters until summer. I can be pretty patient, if it's worth it. Only if you want to, though, of course!"

Harry licked his lips and nodded slowly in agreement. He saw Fleur from the corner of his eyes, but the blonde was patiently waiting further away. He already knew that he'd be subjected to a lot of teasing. Good thing Ginny and he'd had a talk about their previous relationship and were in agreement that they wouldn't get back together.

The blinding smile was back on the blond's face and Harry couldn't do anything but stare at it, while his heart was trying to beat out of his chest. They agreed on a time and place for their date, before they bid each other goodbye.

"Ah 'arry. I let you out of my sight for two minutes and you turn somebody's 'ead," Fleur teased, when she returned to Harry's side. "'e looked nice. I 'ope it goes well for you. You should 'ave someone in your life," she added and squeezed his shoulder, before dropping a bunch of clothing into his hands with a grin. "Even more reason to look nice. Try these on."

That evening, when he returned to the Burrow, Fleur wasted no time and told everyone who'd listen about Harry's date. As expected he was subjected to a lot of teasing that Harry suffered with only a bit of grumbling. He still excused himself after dinner and went upstairs to the room he currently shared with Ron, because Mrs. Weasley refused to let her son sleep in the same bed or even room as Hermione.

The brunet settled down on his bed and started meditating. In the beginning he'd struggled a lot, but stopping hadn't been an option. His goal was to achieve his Animagus form in remembrance of his father and godfather. Unfortunately he was allergic to the potion revealing his inner animal, so Harry had to take the longer way of meditation. He'd found his form some time ago, but during his search he'd noticed an oddity that had made him curious.

Ten minutes passed, before he entered the part of his mind belonging to his Animagus form – a small bird of prey called Merlin (and yes, Harry was fully aware of the irony). It flew through the white sky and settled on Harrys arm. The brunet carefully stroked over its feathers, then directed his attention to the reason why he'd come here. It was a white wall, made of no material Harry could name, but then again it was probably just a construct of his mind. Its diameter wasn't overwhelming, but the wall was too high to climb and too robust to simply knock down. Harry had worked on creating a hole for some time, but it was a slow work in progress and would probably take a few more months. He'd also tried to research this phenomenon, but all he'd managed to find was an account of a witch talking about a similar wall. She had never found out what lay behind it.

Harry hoped he wouldn't find another surprised like Voldemort's Horcrux.

Taking a deep breath, he got to work.