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„So, tell me what your problem is. From the beginning," Bagheera requested once they were sitting in a generic meeting room.

„Well, a few days ago people started to react weirdly to me." Harry flushed. „Flirting, trying to grope me and stuff. Then this woman, Elisabeth Pythera, beat me up with her cane and told me that my 'soul appearance' is showing." The wizard dutifully air-quoted the words to emphasize that he'd absolutely no idea what was going on. "She gave me the address to this building and said I'd get more information and help. Oh and she called me a Werecat."

The man hummed as he studied the necklace around Harry's neck. The receptionist had probably told him about it. Instead of inquiring about it, like Harry had half-feared, Bagheera simply nodded and stood up.

„She's a well-known British Snake-eye." He went over to a cabinet on the other side of the room, where he pulled a bunch of brochures out of a drawer. When he returned to the table, Bagheera spread them out in front of Harry. "You're Zooman, which is a separate type of human than the one you've known so far. About seventy percent of the world-wide population descended from primates, but Zooman descended from certain other animals. Werecats, for example, from felines."

The man tapped on one of the brochures depicting several diagrams. Harry barely saw it, too stunned that he was apparently part of two different secret societies, which didn't even know about each other. What were the odds?

Minimal, probably.

That's exactly why this was happening to him.

"So, you're saying it's hereditary. One of my parents was also something like this?" Harry tapped the stylized picture of a cat on the cover of the brochure in front of him with his index finger.

"Actually-" Bagheera opened the brochure to another graphic. This one showed a simple family tree with monkey and dog heads. "both of your parents had to be Zooman for you to be a normal Werecat. If Zoomen have offspring with an Ape Man, their children will always be Ape Men, too. It's possible that, generations later, a non-Ape Man will be born. Those're called Retrogrades. They usually live like Ape Men and only learn of their heritage after a traumatic experience."

Traumatic experience, ha! Harry had certainly enough of those and none of them had triggered his newest freakish-ness. It had been the brunet himself. He and his damn curiosity!

"Let's leave the question where you got the genes from until later, though. You've come here, because you have been sexually harassed, which is no surprise. A soul appearance is something private and is normally hidden. If you're showing it blatantly in public, it's even worse than running around naked in public." Harry cringed upon hearing that. "You were probably also throwing around tons of pheromones. Ape Men can't resist them. What I'll be teaching you first is to hide your soul appearance. I'll also tell you more about Zooman customs and, if you want me to, I can try to help you find out more about your heritage."

Bagheera sighed and offered him a wry, almost apologetic smile.

"I've only got two weeks though, afterwards I'll return to India. I'm only here for the annual Werecat Ball at the beginning of September. If you don't have it under control until then, we'll find you a different teacher to finish your training. These brochures have basic information about Zooman. I suggest reading them until our next meeting, then you can ask questions. For now we should start with the training."

And thus began Harry's two weeks of hell.

The following fortnight was illuminating, exhausting and at times utterly embarrassing.

As promised, Bagheera taught him more about Zooman, Werecats and leopards in particular. They'd also more or less figured out why he was a Zooman in the first place. With Hermione's help, Harry had created a family tree and shared it with his tutor. Bagheera had recognised one of the names on James' side of the family tree.

Apparently Harry's great-grandmother had had an affair, though the illegitimate child she'd carried away from it had been blood adopted by his great-grandfather. Harry figured the child and every offspring thereafter had been Werecats, though their soul appearances had been locked away by similar walls than the one in Harry's mind. Maybe it was magical that wanted to keep the Zooman genes from getting overwhelmed by the Ape Man ones. Harry, of course, hadn't shared his theory with Bagheera. They were, however, very distantly related.

Sometime they just talked and Bagheera told him of his life in India, his husbands and friends. They'd all known each other since childhood and got along surprisingly well considering they were a pretty mixed group consisting of Werecats, a Snake-eye, a Bear-Oak and an Ape Man who, surprisingly had the ability to see their soul appearances and listen to Zooman talk.

The rest of the time was spent learning how to hide his soul appearance. Fortunately, Bagheera's teaching style leant more towards Remus' than Snape's, but it was still a frustrating endeavour. That other heavy-weights finally tested his control by almost suffocating him with their pheromones didn't make the situation any better.

Harry (more or less) gained control just in time for the annual Werecat Ball Bagheera had been talking about. The brunet hated balls, but was too curious to refuse going. He'd been introduced to Shere Khan, his tutor's kind of scary husband and several other people, some of which he'd seen on television and in newspapers. Among them was king Mufasa and his family (Harry still shuddered upon remembering the creepy smirk prince Taka, apparently also known as Scar, had directed at him).

Harry was taking a break from socialising and had drifted to the extensive buffet, when he heard a vaguely familiar voice. The brunet slowly turned around, his eyes widening in surprise upon recognising the one speaking.

Fate was probably cackling right now.

"Hidekuni?" The blond standing next to a few dark haired men spun around and gaped. With a few long strides he was standing in front of Harry and eyeing the brunet like he was an oasis in the desert.

"I- I didn't know you were a Werecat or a Zooman for that matter," Hidekuni stuttered out. He reached out his hand to touch the wizards shoulder as if he wanted to make sure he was real.

Harry smiled wryly.

"It's a new thing. I've only known about the whole Zooman thing about two weeks."

"You're a Retrograde?" Hidekuni wondered with an odd look on his face.

"No, a full-fledged leopard apparently. It's complicated. We can talk about it later, if you want." A shy grin slipped onto Harry's lips. "It's great to see you again."

Hidekuni mirrored the smile and wrapped his arms around Harry, pressing a kiss to his cheek and taking that deep breath again.

"Yeah, I missed you, too. I'd planned to contact you tomorrow. I just came back this morning," Hidekuni mumbled against Harry's cheek. Someone clearing their throat reminded Harry that they weren't, in fact, alone. Blushing, he stepped back a bit and looked at the person who'd interrupted them. It was one of the men Hidekuni had been standing with and his broad grin was almost splitting his face in two.

"You must be my little Hide's Darling. Harry right?" The man dragged him into a hug and smacked a kiss on his cheek. "I'm David, his dad. Welcome to the family!"

Harry threw a panicked look over the man's shoulder that begged Hidekuni, who looked like he wanted to sink into the ground, for help.

Said help, in the end, came in the form of Bagheera, who must have noticed the commotion. He appeared next to David as if he'd apparated right next to him, grabbed the other man by the scruff and dragged him backwards until he released Harry. Only then did he let go of David.

"Is there a problem?"

"Bagheera! I haven't seen you in ages. How's that old sourface of yours?" David greeted merrily. "No problem at all! Just greeting my new son-in-law to be."

Harry flushed, when Bagheera turned to look at him and nodded at Hidekuni. The older man raised his eyebrows, but motioned him to leave, before he started lecturing David about proper decorum.

Hidekuni, still blushing in embarrassment, grabbed Harry's hand and quickly dragged him away from his father and the rest of the group (the blond's brother Kunimasa, his brother's lover and his uncle, as Harry'd later learn).

"I'm so sorry about that. My dad's… easily excitable. Not even my mom can do much about it. I think he's become resigned," Hidekuni smiled apologetically and stopped in a more secluded part of the room, where they had a bit more privacy.

"Don't worry, I'll get my revenge, when you meet my family." Harry smirked. The Weasley's alone were a force to be reckoned with.

"That sounds vaguely scary, but… I'm glad I get the chance. I'm glad I asked you for a date and that we managed to stay in contact against all odds," Hidekuni admitted, making Harry smile. The brunet wrapped his hand around the blond's neck and leant forward to press a kiss to Hidekuni's lips, which quickly devolved into an open-mouthed kiss. It was just as good as he remembered.

When they came up for air, Hidekuni beamed in delight.

"Your ears are showing." The blond raised his hand and softly stroked them. Harry leant into the touch, his eyes going to half-mast. He might or might not be purring. Suddenly he felt something soft graze his hand and when he looked down, he noticed the spotted tail not belonging to him. The brunet grinned at Hidekuni, who shrugged, not an ounce of sheepishness was showing on his face.

Harry was pretty damn glad he'd agreed to the date, too.