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CH 1- To Start Anew


She looked down at the tiny child lying in the old wooden crib. She was small and sickly but Jude Martin thought she was the most darling thing she had set her eyes upon. After years of witnessing unholiness and impurities, she had finally looked upon something innocent and pure. Something worth living for. For Jude Martin had left her title as Sister Jude at the infamous mental institution: Briarcliff, for something much greater. She longed to start a new life and leave every single moment of her past behind. And now she had a perfect reason to do so. She slowly picked up the baby girl in her hands and smiled down softly at her. The poor child had been given up by her mother on the same day she was born. Jude knew that she and this girl had much in common. They were both lost in life and in the giant world that awaited them. Her eyes threatened to break with tears at the mere sight of her.

"Hello there," Jude spoke softly to the little girl who slowly opened her brilliant brown eyes. The little girl set her eyes on her and yawned. Jude smiled and brought her closer, "Don't you worry little one, you'll be safe and sound with me. We'll start a new beginning, you and I. Far away from all of this." She nestled the baby against her and left the empty room.

Two years later…

Little Lux ran throughout their cottage home completely naked, laughing in utter delight. It wasn't long before Jude came out of the bathroom with a towel in her hands. "Lux Martin, you get back here now, you hear?"

Her patience had been growing thin. The girl was now two years old and she had gone from the sweetest child, to the world's biggest whirlwind. She peered at Jude from behind the couch and smiled. No doubt, the girl was gorgeous with fair skin, big brown eyes and soft brown hair that ended in curls. It was a shame her mother had left her. She looked at Jude with big innocent eyes as if she was doing nothing wrong. Jude brushed her blond bangs back and sighed, "Lux Marie." She repeated the girl's full name. She only called her that when she was serious. And now she was extremely serious, "You get that tush back in that bathroom." She used the firm voice she once used on her patients at Briarcliff.

Lux giggled and ran off in the opposite direction. All those patients had once feared her, but here was this child who didn't even flinch at her voice. It truly was odd to her.

Jude closed her eyes in attempt to calm down. No one said this would be easy. She walked to the love seat where Lux was now hiding behind. "Oh, I wonder where Lux is." Jude said deciding to humor the toddler. She took one step forth, "She could be anywhere, but where?" She then peered behind the couch on an unsuspecting Lux and snatched her in to her arms. "Here she is!"

Lux shrilled in completely surprise and delight. "No!" She said.

Jude sighed, taking her back to the bathroom. "Say no all you want but I will not allow my child to run around like a filthy little monkey."

"No monhee." Lux said as she squirmed in Jude's arms but remained unable to free herself. She was going to have a bath if she liked it or not.

Jude let the water fall from the bowl on to Lux's head. "Look it all this hair," She said mostly to herself, "Its growing longer and longer by the day."

Lux babbled to herself as she played with her bath toys; pulling the rubber duck under the water and letting it pop back up. Jude grabbed some of the shampoo and began to message it in to Lux's hair, "Close your eyes, sweetheart." She said and let the water fall down upon her again washing away the shampoo. Lux closed her eyes and held her breath until it was all over.

"Up we go before you prune up." Jude said as she finished and wrapped Lux in a warm dry towel, and pulled her up and out of the tub. She let the water drain and took Lux to her bedroom where she dried her up and changed her.

Lux knocked out as soon as her head hit the soft pillow of the crib she was beginning to outgrow. Jude looked over her. Lux was beginning to look like her real mother more and more by the day. But of course, Jude also saw a lot of the doctor in her. She had his eyes. But the child was still beautiful to her. Her parent's sins were not hers to bare, nor should she suffer for them. Jude sighed and pulled the blanket up to Lux's neck, tucking her in nice and warm. "Goodnight, child." She leaned in, kissing Lux's temple, softly. She turned off the light and exited the room.

Jude walked in to the living room. The cottage felt so empty when Lux went to bed. It was as if life itself left in her absence. Jude had to admit, she couldn't imagine her life before that girl arrived in to it. And she knew what happened to her mother in the hands of the doctor was cruel. She couldn't excuse his actions, but she had to admit that if they had not occurred, Lux would not be with her. And Jude blessed the child's existence. It was she who gave her the strength to pull herself out of the darkness and continue to walk in the light. Ever since she held Lux for the first time, she stopped finding ways to sabotage her life. It was as if the weight had been lifted and she could live freely, without remorse, and without any guilt. The girl had given her a second chance at life.

Jude overlooked the living room of the cottage. The silence was unsettling. The only sound was the ticking of the clock on the wall. 8:20PM. It was still so early in the night. Jude walked to the center of the living room where she picked up a few of Lux's toys from the floor. One of her bears squeaked, and the red car beeped. Jude scoffed meekly at the toys and dumped them in the toy chest by the sofa. She usually took the time to clean up after Lux's messes or catch up on her reading. There wasn't much to do after Lux went to bed. The only work Jude had was on the weekends. She was a Sunday school teacher for the town's church. Even though Jude had left her position as a nun at Briarcliff, she still needed some sort of income to support Lux and herself. And a Sunday school teacher was the best she could find in the small town outside of Boston.

After Jude managed to clean up a bit, she walked in to the kitchen and took a seat at the table, pulling out a cigarette from her purse and lighting it. She told herself she was going to quit, For Lux's sake. She didn't want to risk her health and leave the girl on her lonesome. She would never allow Lux to return to that orphanage. But the warm smoke soothed her. It cleared her mind. Raising a child was not easy. Specially on her own. She was all the girl had. True, her mother was out there, still living in Boston, probably. She had seen her on the news soon after she managed to escape Briarcliff. But of course, she was probably living a lavish life, the daughter she abandoned all forgotten.

But at the same time, Jude couldn't blame her. The woman had been raped and tortured. The child would have been a challenge to love. But what was one woman's burden, was another woman's treasure. And that's what Lux was. The most brightest of treasures. But treasure or not, she sure did leave Jude exhausted. Sometimes Jude worried that she was ill-equipped to take care of a child in the first place. But then she thought, she was Jude Martin, she could do anything she set her mind to. And a new beginning was what her mind was set on.

The following morning, Jude stood in the kitchen making breakfast. She wasn't too big on the task but she had grown used to it. Little Lux stood in the living room, looking out of the large window. Her little dimpled hands pressed against the glass as she watched the road in front of their cottage home. A few cars would pass by occasionally on their way to town. It wasn't a big town, much smaller then Boston but it was the only world Lux knew. Summer was almost at its end and the leaves would soon start to fall. It was beautiful in the fall; the multicolored leaves covered the ground and the air was fresh with the smell of rain. Lux loved the rain. Jude, not so much. For she was the one who had to deal with an impatient, hyper-active toddler, whom wanted to go out and roll around in the puddles.

She was truly a peculiar child. Jude had noticed her personality grow much in the past year alone. She was quite independent, fearless and quite adventurous for a two-year-old, but she had always been that way as a baby. She almost never cried. She didn't like to. And nothing scared her, which indeed did scare Jude. The thought that she could get hurt doing something reckless truly worried her.

"What are you doing over there, child?" Jude asked without bothering to turn around.

Lux looked from the window to Jude. "Outside!" She smiled brightly at Jude and then looked back outside.

Jude stopped what she was doing and looked at the girl. She stood by the large glass window, peering out in to the only world she knew. She was growing and fast. Jude knew the day would come when her innocent world would be shattered by truths so ugly that even she would be rendered useless to protect her. But she would try. "Don't you get tired of looking out there all the time?" Jude turned back to her task.

Lux's eyes followed a few birds who had landed on the lawn and flown off. Lux babbled an incoherent answer and continued to venture out in to her own world. Jude sighed and continued her own task muttering to herself something her mother used to say. Then again, her mother used to say a lot of things. Jude walked over to the table and placed a bowl of fruit salad down in front of Lux's seat. She then looked up at the toddler who still had her eyes out the window. Jude thought of the reporter then, she couldn't help but to do so. "Lux." Jude spoke the child's name.

Lux pulled her eyes away from the window and set them on Jude. A tiny smile brushed against her pink lips as she looked at Jude. Her brown eyes calm. A little too calm for Jude's liking. Lux was usually a whirlwind but on that day, she was calm and collected. Jude left the fruit salad and walked to where Lux stood in front of the large window. She knelt down besides her and looked outside. She didn't understand what Lux saw that was so intriguing but she knew that this was the only world the toddler knew. To her it was a giant adventure ready to be explored. Jude sighed and wrapped an arm around the child. "Its lovely out, isn't it?"

Lux giggled softly and pressed her tiny hands against the glass. The two watched as a couple of small sparrows flew down to the grass and then flittered away. Lux oo'd excitedly as she watched them shoot off in to the sky. Jude only smiled softly at the girl and picked her up in her arms. "Alright then. That's enough of that." She hauled Lux back to the kitchen where she sat her down on her seat. "Eat before you go hungry, my mother used to say."

Lux did as she was told and instantly began to pick away at her food. Meanwhile, Jude walked back to the window, glancing back outside. The view was far different from the view outside her window at Briarcliff. Jude often imagined how her life would have been if she had stayed there. Insanity. It would all have been insanity. She still had nightmares of the dark halls and the screams of the patients. She often dreamed of herself as a patient banging her head over and over on the wall like that woman, Martha. She also dreamed about that boy, Jed Potter, who was possessed by the devil. His cruel words still haunted her, even after she awoke. Nonetheless, the ones who plagued her dreams the most were those who she had treated so unfairly. Those who had no business being in Briarcliff. Jude often wondered how they were coping on the outside world much like she was. The last she heard of Kit Walker, was that he was living with his children and two wives somewhere in Boston. As for Sister Mary Eunice, she had passed on to a better life and Jude prayed for her soul every night. As for the reporter…

Jude looked to Lux.

Well, the reporter was probably living the life she always wanted.