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Arya Comaditche was running through a gigantic forest. She navigated herself through the trees towards a sound she thought she would never ever hear in her life.


The Doctor was running around the console flipping random switches and pressing buttons. His long, brown coat was laying on one of the coral branches coming from the orangey walls of his ship. He didn't have anyone with him; he was all alone, for now.

The Doctor wondered where he would go, now that Rose, Martha, and Donna had left him, for one reason or another. He almost slapped himself.

I need to think of happier things right now, he thought.

He thought about Donna's grandfather, Wilfred. Wilf would probably be watching the skies for the Doctor's blue box.

I really need to stop thinking about my previous companions, he then thought.

The Doctor pressed some seemingly random buttons, and the TARDIS complied to his request, dematerializing into the Vortex, with the familiar whooshing sound of the TARDIS's breaks. It was a very bumpy ride compared to previous trips in to the Vortex, and it wasn't the breaks. The Doctor was flung around, and he barely managed to grab hold of the console. The TARDIS materialized, landing with the whooshing sound again, and unlocked her doors.

"Where have you taken me this time, old girl?" He looked at the scanners, but they wouldn't tell him anything. "You're trying to surprise me, aren't you?" The console hummed in an affirmative response. "I sure hope it's not too dangerous, unlike last time…"

The Doctor leaned out of the door, grabbing his coat as he did. Outside, there was a forest.

A very big forest, he added. There were aspen, maple, conifer, and many other kinds of trees and bushes. There were multi-colored leaves on the ground, and a somewhat chilly breeze in the air. The breeze didn't bother him though, the stillness did.

Not quite full on winter here, probably autumn, or early winter season, the Doctor thought.

"You sure like forests, don't you, girl?" he said, stroking the door.

He pulled out his sonic screwdriver, and pressed the button. The tip lit up blue, and made a high pitched buzzing sound, as the Doctor scanned his surroundings. He looked at it and said, "So… It's 2013, in Utah? I've been in Utah before, but it wasn't a nice experience… There was a Dalek, and Rose was there… Stupid Doctor!"

Stop thinking about Rose! She's far away, safe with her family, and a meta-crisis me... His thoughts rambled a bit, but then went back to the present.

He walked out the doors, and he heard the TARDIS lock the door behind him. Then he realized he had left his key inside, on the console.

The Doctor looked around, knowing the TARDIS would open up when it was time to leave, or when he needed her. "So, why did you bring me to Utah, in the middle of a forest?" The Doctor was interrupted by a ponytailed brown haired girl, with a brown jacket, a blue bandana around her neck, and dark brown boots running through the trees, towards him. "Hey! You there!" he yelled, hoping to get her attention.

She stopped, brushing the hair out of her face, and stood panting next to the Doctor, and said in an American accent, "Doctor?"

The Doctor was astonished, and didn't know what to say. "What? How did you know that?"

"Spoilers." she said, with a smile.

"Not that again!"

"OK, well you've met River Song. Are you more or less on your way and meet Ood Sigma again?"

The Doctor couldn't understand how the girl would have known about him. He replied, "Yes, but how?"

"Can't exactly tell you that... I don't think you'd believe me... If you'd like to talk, your TARDIS might be the place."

The girl gestured towards his TARDIS, asking, "Shall we?"

"Well... You've got a point there- never caught your name though-"


"Well... You see, I kind of... forgot my key..."

"You forgot your key." she said. It was a statement, not a question. "Can't you just ask her to open, or just snap your fingers?"

"Why would I let you into my TARDIS? I don't know you, and I don't know if I could trust you." he said, questioningly.

"Well, you don't know anything about me, so you won't until I tell you."

He opened his mouth to say something clever, but what ended up coming out was, "That's true."

The girl gestured again, and asked once more, "Shall we?"

He walked towards his ship, noticing that Arya followed. He got to the doors, and they opened. "That's new."

"Come on Doc, you can't just stand there with your mouth open, you'll end up swallowing bugs." she said, gently pushing him through the doors.

He started to walk up the ramp, but looked back to see if his new "Companion," Not really a companion. he thought, was amazed like all the others. He saw her eyes jump from one thing to another, the console, the Time Rotor, the doorway to the other rooms, but they came back to him.

"It's all real. You, the dimensionally transcendental TARDIS... It's incroyable."

He was a little disappointed, but he was surprised when she said 'dimensionally transcendental.'

She continued, rolling her eyes, "For your sake- 'It's bigger on the inside.'"

I must have looked pretty disappointed. he thought. Anyways, I better find a better place for us to talk, there aren't any chairs in here. The Doctor said, "We can talk in the library."


"We can talk in the library."

When Arya heard that, she was very excited. There were rooms she had always wanted to see. This is like the fanfiction I always read... Anyways... she thought. "Allons-y Doctor!"

"That's my phrase!" The Doctor did not look pleased.

"Vamos!- Is that better?" she said, trying to fix the situation.

"A little."

"Still, vamos Doctor. I want to see your library." She gestured for him to go first through the doorway. "Lead the way."

Arya followed him as he walked past the console, grabbing a silver object on a string, and through the doorway.

AN: Sorry. I had to tweak the story a bit... my mind wanders...

Translations- Incroyable = Incredible (French), Allons-y! = Let's go! (French), Vamos! = Let's go! (Spanish)