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A/N- I read a oneshot that had a premise. A premise that Snape set Hermione up to become a werewolf. A premise that Harry wanted to be bit to be with her and they realized that they were one another's mate. I bit my tongue, licked my lips, and ran in the other direction with a whole new concept for a werewolf story so loosely inspired the only similarities are the ones I just mentioned (though the mate thing I changed).

P.S. I am working on Inseparable's next chapter. I promise. But I set myself up to have plenty of work in that story (work I hadn't previously thought about) and so I'm working through some issues. Also, my muse hasn't been feeding me on that story. I go where my muse does, and she has had me firmly planted in this story. Muses can be so fickle.

Hermione Granger knew plenty about werewolves. Unfortunately that knowledge had not saved her from being bit by one. Although, how could you plan being attacked late at night in the Forbidden Forest gathering potions ingredients in detention with Snape? Hermione had the sickening feeling that he'd planned it. If Hermione was a werewolf she could be expelled. These thoughts had her sitting on the edge of the forest gazing out at the lake in the clearing she and Harry had hidden in the night they freed Sirius back in third year. That seemed like so long ago. She heard noise and looked to see Harry coming toward her. "Harry?"

"I was wondering where you got to. You haven't talked much today."

"You noticed? I thought you were busy trying to figure out if you wanted to date Ginny."

Harry grimaced, "Gross, no. My thoughts have been on a certain brilliant brunette." She blushed and Harry sat down next to her, "Tell me why you're out here?"

"I wanted to figure out what to do before it happens."

"Before what happens?"

"Last night was the full moon and I had detention," Hermione said.

"Yeah I know, with Snape."

"I…" she swallowed hard, "Harry you can't tell anyone. I got bit by a werewolf."

His eyes widened and he looked at her, "Y-you're a werewolf? Where did you get bit? Are you hurt? Do you need anything?"

"Yes, my side, no, and just the support of my very best friend," she answered. Immediately Harry pulled her into a hug.

"I'll stay out here with you tonight."

"No I'm going to turn. I could feel it all day and if I turn I could bite you. I can't control it."

"What about Wolfsbane?"

"I just got bit Harry. And if I tell anyone they'll expel me."

"They wouldn't…"

"Snape sent me out here on a full moon and then conveniently forgot something in the castle. I was a sitting duck for that werewolf."

Harry felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "I'll kill him."

"Snape or the werewolf?"

"Snape. You being a werewolf isn't the end of the world. I wanted to come ask you to be my girlfriend but I guess mate might be a better term," he pulled back and smiled at her, "you are the girl I want to go out with, Hermione. The woman I want to eventually marry. And if I was a werewolf with you…then we'd have 2-3 nights a month that we could spend together just the two of us. Besides they couldn't hurt us if I was a werewolf too," he caressed her cheek, "you've always been by my side no matter the danger. Let me be by yours now."

"Harry Potter that is quite possibly the most romantic thing I've ever heard!" She then proceeded to kiss him thoroughly.

"Can I see where you were bit?"

Hermione begrudgingly lifted her shirt to show the bite mark on her side, "It will fade until it's barely noticeable. I looked it up."

"I think you should bite me in the same spot," he kissed her cheek, "we could have matching scars."

She kissed him, "Thank you Harry. Are you sure?"

"Nothing can keep me from you. Besides, think of all we could do with some extra powers? Besides I'd rather be a werewolf than a vampire."

"Drinking blood does not appeal to me," she admitted. "If you're sure, Harry."

His expression was very serious and his eyes were set, "I am, Hermione."

As the moon appeared Hermione removed her clothes, "Harry you should do the same. Your clothes get destroyed when you turn."

He did as she asked. Listening to Hermione had never steered him wrong in the six years they'd known each other. He wasn't stopping now. "I'm ready. Don't worry about turning me."

"Harry…maybe this isn't a good idea…"

Harry shook his head, "Look it's not been easy for me to work up the courage to risk our friendship to ask you to be my girlfriend. I'm not letting a little thing like lycanthropy get in the way now. Plus this way I get to see you nude."

"You look pretty enticing too," she admitted, "it hurts as you transform but I read that if you relax it hurts less. Your body spasms before it transforms."

Harry was struggling to listen as he gazed at his very naked girlfriend bathed in the moonlight. Never had he seen anything more beautiful. "Will I remember anything in the morning?"

"You'll remember up until I bit you. You won't remember anything after that."

"So if we were to mate we wouldn't remember in the morning?"

"It's only my second time turning, Harry. We'll research more about werewolves tomorrow." Hermione not having the answers was a new experience for Harry but he agreed and watched as she turned. It didn't look pleasant in the least but unlike Remus she turned into a full wolf. A full wolf with brown fur that was much larger than your typical wolf. A full wolf who was growling at him, fangs bared. Harry's eyes widened as wolf-Hermione leaped at him. The searing pain in his side was the last thing he remembered before his mind went blank.

When Hermione woke the next morning she felt another naked human being with her. She opened her eyes to see Harry sleeping. "Harry wake up."

He squeezed his eyes shut before opening them, "I can see clearly now."

"Well love, wolves need to see to hunt."

Harry's mature response was to stick his tongue out at her. "Well I like that aspect of being a werewolf."

She looked at the bite. It was interesting that she'd managed to bite him in the same spot she'd been bitten. "We should get dressed and head inside."

"But it's so wonderful lying here naked in October in Scotland," Harry pouted, "especially with such an exquisite view."

She leaned down and kissed him, "Thank you Harry."

"I can smell that you're my mate you know."

"I could smell it yesterday," Hermione whispered.

Harry's eyes widened before he pulled her into his arms, "That's why you avoided me. Well now you're stuck with me love."

"Lucky me," she kissed the corner of his mouth, "now let's get dressed Harry."

Once their clothes were back on and Harry had picked up her bag they smiled at one another before Hermione gasped, "Harry, your scar! It's thinner and lighter."

Harry stared at her, shocked, "Really?"
"Yes really. Now let's get back up to the school. You can look in a mirror. We need a shower and a good breakfast."

Fortunately it was very early in the morning so they were able to get ready easily without any witnesses. "I think you should call for Kreacher," Hermione said as they walked to the Great Hall. She saw him open his mouth to object and she spoke, "Harry hear me out, please. The Black library has loads of books on vampires, werewolves, and other 'dark' beings. Kreacher could bring them to us and offer his own knowledge about them. You also need to remove the Order from Grimmauld Place and demand only access to yourself."

"And you," Harry said, "you and I are the ones who might need it for a home if we're kicked out," he slid his arm around her waist, "I love you."

"I love you too," she rested her head on his shoulder, "so you'll call Kreacher?"

"We'll go somewhere private after breakfast and call for him," Harry promised. Hermione accepted that and they kissed before entering the hall.

They ate breakfast quickly. They were two of the only people there; not even the professors were in yet. Harry then took her up to the Room of Requirement where he summoned Kreacher. Kreacher appeared and glared at Harry, but when he saw the scar his eyes widened, "Master Potter got rid of dark lord's piece!"

Harry and Hermione looked at one another, confused. "What are you talking about Kreacher?"

"Master Regulus had Kreacher promise to destroy locket with dark lord's soul piece in it but Kreacher couldn't. Kreacher is bad elf not knowing how but Master Harry Potter has defeated it! Can Master Harry help remove Kreacher's shame?"

Hermione's brain worked faster than most and her eyes widened, "The diary!"

Both man and elf stared at her, confused. "Kreacher can you bring the locket here? We also need any books about werewolves that are in the library." Kreacher looked at Harry for confirmation, who nodded, and bowed before popping away.

"Okay love, talk."

"The diary was a horcrux. A horcrux is made in a very dark ritual," Hermione explained it to Harry and soon Kreacher had returned with the items. She looked at the locket, "Kreacher you can tell that the Dark Lord's soul is in here?"

The elf shook his head, "No I knows it's a dark item Mistress. Master Regulus said it had the soul piece and ordered me to destroy it. He died getting it from the hiding place of the dark lord. Kreacher is knowing where it is because dark lord made Kreacher drink nasty potion to place locket in basin. Kreacher no like nasty potion. Master Regulus knows this and drinks it himself and makes me promises to destroys it."

"So based on your knowledge of the locket," Hermione looked at Harry, "you recognized the same dark piece inside of Harry's scar?" The elf just nodded that this was correct and Hermione smiled, "Harry when you became a werewolf the wolf that entered your body must have forced out the piece of Voldemort."

Harry's eyes lit with joy, "Let me get this straight. Since becoming a werewolf I've gained the most beautiful woman in the world as my mate, I can see without my glasses, and I've managed to lose a piece of Voldemort from my head which is probably responsible for my headaches and the visions I've been stuck seeing."

"Yes exactly," Hermione nodded.

"I love being a werewolf!" Harry pulled her to him and kissed her before picking up Kreacher in a hug, "So Kreacher do you know if there are more of these? I've destroyed 2, apparently. This locket is a third."

"Kreacher hears that Miss Bellatrix has one in her vault," the elf answered. "I's can gets it." Kreacher left to go get the item and the teens looked at the locket.

"A basilisk fang worked the first time."

Hermione nodded, "Wait, Harry. What if you used the sword of Gryffindor? It should be imbibed with basilisk venom if it is a magical blade."

Harry thought about it and Kreacher arrived with a golden cup, "This was in Miss Bellatrix's vault. I's also gots the documents so's Master Harry Potter can get rid of evil witches."

"How do you mean?"

Hermione read the documents quickly, "Harry these documents will render their marriages null and void and remove them from the Black family. This would also mean that they could never summon Kreacher again and demand his assistance." Kreacher bobbed his head in agreement with Hermione.

Harry smiled and signed the documents while Hermione looked at the book Kreacher had brought about horcruxes. "Well we can't cast the fire spell, but the basilisk venom seems to work."

"Nothing about turning into a werewolf?"

"Definitely not," she rolled her eyes at Harry. He grinned and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled back at first before leaning in to give him a peck. "I love you, even if your joke telling abilities suck horribly."

After some debate and advice from Kreacher Harry summoned Dobby and asked for the sword of Godric Gryffindor. It arrived soon and Harry destroyed both horcruxes. Kreacher and Dobby leaped in the air with joy when he did. "I has seen similar bad thing," Dobby said, "I is seeing it in this room I's is. Dobby likes to play here and look for socks."

"If we leave could you find it? Then we could take out another one," Hermione said.

Dobby nodded his head and they exited to let Dobby find it in the room's normal state. Kreacher took their hands and rendered them invisible in the corridor. When Dobby returned they reentered and looked at the diadem. "It's very beautiful. It must belong to Rowena Ravenclaw."

"Pity," Harry said. "Three Founders items turned into horcruxes. Maybe that's why Tom chose them. Destroying a diary would be easy, destroying something like this for most people would be hard."

Hermione nodded and took the sword from Harry, destroying the diadem. "That's five down, Harry."

"We've done more in one morning than Dumbledore's done in fifteen years," Harry frowned. "Whiskered wanker."

Dobby, seeing that Harry had an elf now, politely asked if Harry would like another one. He didn't want to upset Kreacher or Harry or Harry's mate. "That depends on the answer to this question Dobby. Is Winky still upset about being free?" Dobby nodded and Hermione smiled, "Well then I think Harry just went from two elves to three." Dobby grinned and bounced up and down as Hermione continued, "Kreacher how about you help Harry and me while Dobby and Winky begin cleaning up Grimmauld Place? That way Harry and I can live there."

"Don't you mean if we have to live there?"

She shook her head, "Kreacher highlighted the laws about werewolves, Harry. There are laws saying we can't get schooling and do you think that Snape won't leap at the chance to expel us?"

Harry shook his head, "He'd do it in a heartbeat. I see your point love. Well then let's work on lifting the Fidelius charm Dumbles has on the place."

With Kreacher's help, and a quick pop over to Grimmauld to carry out the deed, all of the wards Dumbledore had put up fell. They also removed the Fidelius charm. It turned out the home's original wards were stronger than anything Dumbledore put up. Kreacher called it a fortress when it went into siege mode.

From there Harry and Hermione read about laws concerning werewolves. Kreacher also went to several bookstores, picking up additional reading materials about werewolves. He was delighted to finally be useful to his master, especially a master who completed Master Regulus' work. Harry wondered about something, "Kreacher, can you tell that Hermione and I are werewolves?"

Kreacher nodded, "House elves can tell. We's can recognize vampires, werewolveses, veelases, Imperius curses, ands read magical auras."

"Hermione and I can tell that we're mates by scent. Can you see that we're mates?"

Again Kreacher nodded, "But house elves not is telling anyones. We's not telling mean wizards because we's don't cares."

"Kreacher recognizing werewolves makes sense. Even if we were turned he could use his magic to protect himself if we somehow attacked him or he could run away to return the next day." Harry had to agree with Hermione's points. Truthfully he felt exhausted. They'd got little sleep last night, apparently. Harry yawned and Hermione smiled, pulling him in for a kiss. "Do we leave now or wait to see if we get expelled or only I do?"

Both teens, and all three house elves, agreed that if they could manage to just expel Hermione and leave Harry at Hogwarts without her Dumbledore would do so in a heartbeat. It wouldn't do to expel 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' for lycanthropy. Harry looked at her, "We'll go now. Kreacher will we be able to stay in the master bedroom? I want a big bed and a nice bath later."

"Master bedroom is already dones," Kreacher promised, "Winky makings it livable already. We gets youse new clothings too if you askses."

"Maybe once we've rested," Hermione said. "Do you think you could explain things to my parents? And get them portkeys to Grimmauld Place in case anyone goes after them?"

"Black family vault has rings that is portkeys. Kreacher can get them."

"They are muggles," Harry warned.

"Kreacher no is caring. Kreacher takes good care of master and mistress."

"Thank you Kreacher but please don't tell my parents Harry and I are your master and mistress. Just say I'm a friend of Harry's. They won't understand about werewolves." Kreacher nodded and soon Dobby and Winky appeared to go get Harry and Hermione's things from their dorm while Kreacher took his family home so that they could get some well-deserved rest. They'd had a busy morning and little sleep last night.