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-Previously on 'Beauty of a Full Moon'-

"Remus we're risking alot by letting you be here. You need to make a decision. Are you on Dumbledore's side or ours?"

-And now back to our story-

Remus gazed at Harry. He realized that Harry was testing him, if the encouraging smile from Hermione toward Harry was any indication. Fenrir and the man Remus didn't know just sat at the table, drinking their tea. The old werewolf took a deep breath, "I'm on your side, Harry. I don't know why…why he's here, but I…I will not squander my last chance to be in your life. I blew the rest and this one I won't."

"Smart decision; Hermione's got a cruel streak worse than me," Tom said before he and Fenrir burst out laughing while Hermione raised an eyebrow at them.

The grin on Harry's face at Tom's joke vanished when he saw his mate's expression. He walked back to the table and kissed her, "I love you Hermione."

"I love you too, wolfman," she grinned before pulling him in for another kiss. "Sit down Remus. My mate will do the introductions."

"Right," Harry faux-scowled at her, "That's Fenrir Greyback; wicked smart and fierce werewolf. He's helped us both grow accustomed to our new status as the coolest creatures on the planet. I'm a black wolf and Hermione's a brown one."

Remus just stared at them, amazed at how obviously happy and proud Harry was about being a werewolf. Harry then pointed at the other black-haired man at the table, sitting next to Greyback, "That's Tom Marvolo Riddle. He's free of the enchantments placed upon him to become Voldemort."

With Remus looking at them in shock Harry and Hermione proceeded to explain everything as they understood it with Tom and Fenrir adding in details here and there. For Remus it was the most emotional three hours of his life. His most prominent emotion was sheer horror. Of the four people sitting at the table with him only Hermione had had a semi-decent life and that was because she hadn't been in anyone's sights until she'd met Harry.

Harry and Hermione let Remus stay in Grimmauld Place for the night to think over everything he learned while they returned to their work on the potion. "I think we should add the unicorn foal hair last," Harry said.

"I would agree with that," Hermione nodded. "I think it'll be ready soon."

He gently looked over her shoulder at the potion in the cauldron, "It looks pretty good. Do you think they'll be happy to take it?"

"More time together? Time that was stolen from them? I think they'll attempt to crush our ribs in their eagerness." Harry laughed and went back to cutting ingredients.

Albus Dumbledore held his head in his hands. The entire Order was standing in his office yelling at him about Harry becoming a werewolf and asking what they could do now. To add insult to injury they were demanding to know why he'd voted to deny werewolves an education and the ability to live for themselves.

Ron Weasley was rather annoyed that Hermione was a werewolf now. It was bad enough she was Muggleborn; there was no way he'd ever get away with her being a werewolf. He decided to set his sights on a new girl. Ginny was devastated that Harry was a werewolf and horrified that he seemed so happy to be one. Molly Weasley screamed at Albus until he was certain he would have hearing loss.

He was so distracted by everyone yelling and talking over one another he completely missed that Remus Lupin was not there. "QUIET!" Everyone fell silent and he rubbed his forehead, "Now then, if Mr. Potter is now a werewolf then no doubt he is lost to us. We will simply have to find some new way to move against Voldemort."

"What about the prophecy? What about Harry's role in it?"

Thinking quickly Dumbledore responded, "After some reconsideration the prophecy no doubt refers to that Halloween that Harry first destroyed Voldemort. It is no longer relevant." Most of the Order stood there, mouths agape. For fifteen years they'd been watching over Harry for a prophecy that was already fulfilled, wasting precious resources on staking out Number 4 Privet Drive only to learn that they could have been doing other things. They'd denied Harry his freedom every summer and kept him there as a prisoner all for a prophecy that had been fulfilled a few months after his first birthday.

"Why did none of us remember that you'd said that Hermione Granger is now a werewolf?" Dumbledore found himself silent. How did they know that?

Hermione pulled Harry to their bed, "Wonder how he'll overcome that letter we sent out."

"Cast a few mind charms?" Harry pulled off his t-shirt and gazed at his mate, "You look so beautiful."

She smiled and pulled the blankets back on their bed, "I find it cute how you get distracted by me being naked."

"To be fair, I'm sixteen."

Hermione chuckled and slid into their bed, "Are you implying your reaction to me is solely your age?"

"No," he moved close to her and kissed her cheek, "I love you."

"I love you too," she gently tugged him to her, "How do you think Remus is?"

"Probably confused, overwhelmed. We never even got into the whole being-a-werewolf thing," he slid a hand over her stomach and rested his forehead against hers, "We can't forget that he's never thought of being a werewolf as a good thing."

Gently Hermione kissed his nose, lips, and chin, "Still…he's obviously thinking that being a werewolf isn't a good thing."

"Yeah we need to make him see otherwise," Harry kissed her sensuously, "I think we're talking too much."

"Probably because we are."

Remus lay awake in bed thinking. Of all the things he'd learned today the most confusing was still that they liked being werewolves. Ever since he'd been bitten he'd been treated as less than other people. The thought that Harry would want to be bitten to share in an experience with Hermione…that amazed him. The thought that they saw being a werewolf as a positive thing still stunned him. The story about Dumbledore the puppet master creating and guiding events to create a dark lord in a young boy who had a hellish existence in the orphanage almost defied belief. Yet it was apparently true. Harry and Hermione had left nothing unsaid. He'd just have to talk to them tomorrow.

Hermione entered the kitchen the next morning to see Harry already up and cooking, "No Remus?"

"Not yet at least. Winky says he's still in bed."

"I'm going to go check on our potion. It's been a long three weeks of brewing."

"This is the most intense potion ever," Harry chuckled. "I mean even the polyjuice potion you brewed was less stressful."

"Still," Hermione sighed, "it should be done in a few more weeks." Harry watched her walk out of the kitchen before turning back to the stove, smiling. This domestic feeling that they felt living together was something he'd long wanted but never had. He loved it. They weren't opposed to Winky cooking, but they were able to convince her to let them cook breakfast at least. The elves busied themselves with caring for the house. If they didn't have enough work then Harry gave them permission to go help out at Tom and Fenrir's lair.

Harry was nearly finished making breakfast when he smelled Remus enter the room, "How are you two so happy about being werewolves?"

"Well we're in love," Harry said, "plus there's the fact that a true werewolf turns fully into a wolf which is like the coolest thing ever, and then there's the whole I was a horcrux and Dumbledore knew and that's why he was grooming me to die thing."

Harry'd said the latter part of the sentence in one breath but Remus caught it all. He stared, "That's why your scar is almost gone then."

The younger werewolf just nodded in understanding. "Hermione and I read up on werewolves. Did you ever find books about it?"

"Hogwarts never had any," Remus said.

"No Hogwarts didn't have any," Harry nodded, "but Grimmauld Place does. Hermione and I have read everything. But regardless of that, we both turned fully our first times out. With no assistance. It's actually really easy. Hermione said to just relax and I did and bam- instant wolf."

Hermione entered the room, "Harry it's not that simple."

"It was the last full moon," he pointed out.

Hermione muttered, "Men," under her breath so softly that Remus could barely make it out even with his powerful hearing. Harry seemed to have heard it better and laughed. "At least breakfast smells good."

"I'm glad you approve love," he winked at her.

Throughout breakfast Remus learned about being a werewolf, something he'd been since he was seven years old, from a sixteen and seventeen year old who had been werewolves for a little over a month. He was absolutely shocked with how patient and knowledgeable about werewolves they were. Fenrir Greyback was their primary source of knowledge and obviously a very good one. The fact that they promised to help him embrace his wolf side was almost too much to handle but he swallowed his pride. This was his chance. He wasn't going to blow it. He was finding that to be his new mantra.

Albus Dumbledore rubbed his forehead. What was that Muggle saying? Out of the frying pan, into the fire? That certainly summed up his life right now. Molly Weasley had certainly let him have it. It'd be a miracle if the whole school didn't know by tomorrow, let alone the newspapers. Perhaps the suggestions of killing Harry as a toddler should have been given more consideration. He never even noticed that there had been no Death Eater attacks in a couple of weeks. No, for once Dumbledore was too busy to scheme or manipulate. He was far too busy trying to save his own arse.

Tom looked through the books on compulsion charms and enchantments. He and Fenrir had several options for what had been done to him, and to Fenrir to an extent, but they weren't sure. Suddenly he had an idea, "Do you think we could trick Dumbledore into revealing everything?"

"What like put Veritaserum into his drink? I think he'd notice."

"That's not the only truth serum out there. There are others. We could investigate it as an option. I think the loss of his power and destruction of his reputation would be a far graver sentence than anything else."

Fenrir just rubbed his lover's back affectionately, "If it ends this without myself or Harry having to pull you and Hermione off of the bastard as you pummel him to death then I'm all for it."

Tom raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me? You and Harry have far more cause to hate and want to kill the old bastard."

Fenrir nodded and pulled Tom into a hug, "True, love, but there's something that you and Hermione share that Harry and I don't. A strong desire for vengeance. Harry and I are both too passive to really do what I know you and she both want to do. That's why they saved you rather than Harry try to kill you. He's just not a killer."

"So if Hermione was about to be raped or murdered Harry wouldn't attack?"

"Oh he definitely would," Fenrir chuckled, "but he would never do the same for someone who went after him. I will admit to wanting to Dumbledore on many occasions, but I wouldn't be doing it for what he did to me or what he took from me. I'd be doing it for what that evil bastard did to you."

"Hermione and I want to destroy him for the same reason," Tom mumbled.

"Yes you do," Fenrir nodded, "but Harry and I would only kill him if he was an immediate threat to the two of you. Standing over you with his wand or something. You and Hermione would kill him in his sleep without blinking an eye; maybe even torture him first. And personally, I love that aspect of you. Just as I'm certain that Harry loves that aspect of Hermione. And being werewolves has only brought that out stronger."

"We're not sociopaths."

"No you're not," Fenrir nodded. "You both want to protect your families and the men you love from being hurt again. That's what makes it so admirable."

"Hermione are we this touchy-feely?"

"We're worse," she answered. Tom and Fenrir turned their heads to see the younger two leaning against the doorway, "especially when it comes to the touching."

Harry pushed off of the doorway and leaned in to kiss her, "I'd never complain about you touching me love. I need you."

"I need you too," she pulled him against her and her hands slid around his neck, reluctant to end the kiss.

Tom stood up with Fenrir, "Let's give them a moment to gather themselves." As they went to a side room Tom turned, grinning, and called out, "No shagging against the doorframe!"

Hermione broke the kiss just long enough to call back, "So the desk is acceptable?"

Tom went white at the thought of his beloved desk being subjected to such treatment. Hermione chuckled at his response and he gave her his best Snape-like scowl before exiting.

Tom was still mumbling about impudent children when the younger couple entered the training room for their work on dueling. "For the record, we would never do that," Harry said. "I mean we've had sex in various rooms and on different types of furniture throughout our house but we'd never do that in yours."

"We respect you both too much for that, and we can both control ourselves," Hermione added. "Now, Harry and I have something to tell you both."

Harry kissed her gently, "It was your brilliant idea, you tell them."

She let Harry's arms slide around her as she began to speak, "You both have had a significant portion of your lives yanked away from you. And since we've been working and come to know you you've both been like surrogate fathers, well Fenrir at least. Tom is more like the fun uncle."

"Told you!" Tom stuck his tongue out at Fenrir who rolled his eyes.

"Anyway," she glanced at Harry and shook her head at their antics, "Harry and I have been working on a special potion for you both to take."

"It would bring you back down to our ages," Harry said. "Well, Hermione's age. I guess until New Year's Eve Tom would be my age," he added after a moment of thought.

Hermione nodded and continued, "Now this is a gift from the two of us to the two of you. You've both been great, helping us assimilate to our new status as werewolves and getting us these new wands."

Harry took over, "But we need some hair from both of you to finish the potion so we can't surprise you with it as a present for Christmas."

The older men stared at them for a long moment in silence before Tom smiled, "We'll get over fifty years back."

"That's right."

"That's amazing," Fenrir said before getting up and pulling them both into a tight hug. "Thank you," he whispered into Hermione's ear. She smiled.

Albus Dumbledore gazed at the Daily Prophet headlines for the day:

Boy-Who-Lived is Wolf-That-Loves

Wolfsbane Potion = Government Enslavement?

Ministry Propaganda Campaign to Alienate Werewolves

So-Called 'Leader of the Light' Out to Enslave Werewolves

Harry Potter Engaged to Best Friend and Mate

Harry Potter: My Abusive Childhood

Albus Dumbledore Signs Laws Against Werewolves

He was beginning to wonder if he would ever catch a break. This was going to be a nightmare to get out from under. Presuming he could. To his horror, Harry was clearly contacting the media. And it seemed that Miss Granger had discovered the secrets of the Wolfsbane potion. That wasn't good. It was almost as though Potter was getting outside assistance but who could help him?