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Things were not going as planned. He would ask, she'd blush and eventually stutter out a yes, and the whole thing would be resolved in less than 5 minutes.

Come on, every girl in the school liked him, so she'd be no exception, right?

"I beg your pardon?" Hinata asked, all her previous puzzlement/curiosity/embarrassment replaced by blatant distrust.

The change in expression was enough to alert him that something was wrong. Nevertheless, he repeated himself, hands in pockets, trying to look as nonchalant about the whole thing as possible (because he sure as hell wasn't nervous; he was an Uchiha for god's sake). "Go out with me."

She stared at him for a while before turning her attention to the surroundings, her lavender eyes darting back and forth. They were outside, surrounded by greenery (bushes, trees, flowers, your typical mother nature with birds singing in the background and all that showed the beginning of summer break was freaking cliché), the school building behind her. She appeared to be looking for something, ignoring him.

His eyes narrowed. "Didn't you hear me the second time?" he asked rather impatiently. Did she not know it took almost every scrap of his pride to stand here and basically confess to her? And she had the audacity to ignore him!

She turned her gaze back to him. "I heard you perfectly fine. I was just looking for your friends. You do realise who you're talking to, right?" She calmly smoothed out the wrinkles in her white blouse. She wasn't blushing or stuttering, which was not a good sign… In fact, she looked calm and composed, every bit the powerful heiress (which was something he was unused to seeing, not that it was a bad thing per se).

He frowned slightly. If it weren't for the fact that he knew she was shy and modest (normally, honest to god), he would have been offended at her question. "Of course I do. And why?"

She shot him a look of muted disbelief mixed with mild offence as she stopped brushing (imaginary) dust off her navy pleated skirt (her uniform was impeccably neat so it must have been imaginary). "Do you really think I'm that stupid? Just because I'm at the bottom of the social ladder doesn't mean I'm that daft. Your friends are probably all hiding around here somewhere watching this."

Safe to say, this was one of the few times that he was speechless and confused. "What are you talking about?"

"You can stop acting so surprised. I understand the situation perfectly. You ask me out. I say yes. Your friends come out when I leave and you lot discuss how pathetic I am for accepting and how you'll stand me up later today for the 'date' because it would have to be today." Both her hands were held up to do the 'quotation mark' thing at the word 'date'. "And then tomorrow, word will spread around that I was so full of myself if I ever believed for one second that Uchiha Sasuke would go on a date with me. Then the whole school will laugh at me and make my last day here miserable." Her voice was quiet, without a trace of emotion, as if she were stating facts. She readjusted the school's sling bag on her shoulder, making sure to avoid his gaze.

He stared at her. "So… you think this is some kind of joke?"

She paused and looked up at him. Her eyes narrowed imperceptibly (only he would notice because he… well he just did) and she wrung her hands in exasperation. "Of course it is! It's either a practical joke or some stupid dare, or bet! Why would you, who is ever so popular, with a choice of pretty much any girl in the school, the captain of the basketball team, the student body president, the valedictorian of our year, the co-heir to the Uchiha Corp., the list goes on and on, ever want to even be around a social reject, boring, and ugly girl like me, let alone go on a date? It's laughable. This has to be a joke. Isn't it enough that your friends already torment me and now you have to join in? I just want the last two days to be quiet and uneventful, okay? Please find someone else to make fun of."

Before he could form a coherent reply, she'd bowed politely and walked off.

What the hell?

"Dobe, do you know a Hyuuga Hinata?"

Uzumaki Naruto looked at him, his face scrunched up as he tried to rack his brains. The navy blue uniform hung off his frame messily (it was a wonder he hadn't been reprimanded yet as half the day had gone by already). "Hyuuga Hinata… Oh! The girl with the weird eyes and she always sits in the back corner in chemistry class by herself? Why?"

He narrowed his eyes. Her eyes were not weird! They were pretty, in a lavender-tinted-m-oh-god-he-needed-to-stop-and-could-that-sound-any-cornier kind of way. "What do you know about her?"

"Well… Isn't she the Hyuuga heiress? Err… she hardly ever speaks. I don't think she has any friends, but… I dunno… she's kind of weird, but really nice! Probably why Karin and Suigetsu pick on her. I try to stop them when I see them, but you know they don't listen to me." He made a face. "I never understood how you're friends with them. Why d'ya ask?"

Right now, he wasn't so sure either. "Oh, is that so?" He should've known better than to think Naruto would bully someone. Suigetsu and Karin on the other hand… They were definitely the types to do so. No wonder his secret (super secret) crush was so distrustful of him/them. Wait, how long had that been going on for? He had to go find his two 'friends'. But first he had to avoid answering Naruto's 'why'.

"Hey, Uzumaki! Fix your uniform!" Iruka yelled down the hallway.

It was about time one of the teachers caught him.

"Crap! Iruka-sensei! Seeya later, teme!" Naruto ran off before Iruka could make it over.

"Uzumaki, get back here right now!"

Perfect timing.

He walked off to find his two friends and was bombarded by girls from all the year levels (good thing the school was only year 10 to 12), who asked him about his day and complimented him on his looks/grades/whatever, and asked questions about his personal life (he had enough of being asked on dates). He ignored them like usual, none of which seemed to get the hint (at times like this he missed having Hinata's cousin around to divert the attention, just a tiny bit mind you; Neji could be such an ass. Too bad he'd graduated the previous year). Where was Karin when you needed her?

There! Red hair and white hair! "Oi, Suigetsu, Karin," he called out.

Karin turned around and squealed. "Sasuke-kun!" She ran over, pushing the other girls out of the way. She (threw herself at him) hugged him. "I missed you so much! Did you miss me?" She shot him a dreamy smile before turning to glare at the other girls, who were glaring back. "Get lost, you bitches."

None of them wanted to get into a fight with Karin (who had no qualms about hospitalising people, and how was she not expelled already?), so they left grudgingly, muttering some choice words under their breath.

"Get off me." He pushed her off him. He changed his mind; maybe the fangirls would be better company. And for crying out loud, why couldn't she just get together with Suigetsu?

Karin sulked, but complied with his wishes.

"What do you need, Sasuke?" Suigetsu asked, coming over (of course when the mob was gone).

Now, how could he phrase it without being completely obvious?

"Stop bullying Hinata."

Like that wasn't completely obvious.

Karin stared at him. "You… Hyuuga?! Why?! She practically begs to be bullied. Have you not seen her? Some heiress she is. She's such a loser, so plain and geeky-"

"Shut up." His expression read 'keep-speaking-and-I-will-seriously-harm-you'.

Now both his friends stared at him in absolute shock. Man, he really sucked at these sorts of things (and people wondered why he never expressed himself).

Suigetsu blinked. "Are… are you… defending her? You're not serious? Very funny!" Suigetsu began laughing as if Sasuke had said the funniest thing in the world. "She's so pathetic. I mean, come on, I heard her younger sister may end up being the heiress at the rate she's going."

"What part of 'shut up' do you not understand, Suigetsu?" His glare was so chilling that the two of them could only stare at him in disbelief. "Now, how long has this been going on for?"

This would surely be difficult, but he was an Uchiha. He'd take on the challenge.

He caught her by her arm at the end of the day as both were leaving the school grounds and dragged her quickly behind some trees to avoid anyone seeing them together (curse his deranged fan club who were already shouting frantically for him; he would transfer them all over to Naruto in a heartbeat if it were possible, or Suigetsu. He didn't really care at this point).

"I- wait… Uchiha-san?" She stared at him, nervousness creeping into her eyes. "Umm…" Her eyes darted around wildly, looking for some excuse to get away from him (or maybe looking for his 'friends' once again?). She feebly tugged on her arm, trying to free her wrist from his grasp (what happened to the confidence she had earlier? It was attrac– no, brain, don't go there).

That was a blow to his ego.

"Look at me," he said authoritatively in an attempt to get her to stop focusing her attention on anything but him. He was pleased to see her eyes snap back to meet his, her movements stopping. Now that he had her full attention, he was at a loss. All previous plans of what he was going to say to her had flown out the window. He continued to stare at her, noting her increasing discomfort at the prolonged silence.

"Umm… Uchiha-san, w-what… w-w-what d-do you w-want?"She bit her bottom lip, her eyes sliding to the left and right, and then meeting his once again.

He sighed. She was terribly uncomfortable with him and he could tell this was going to be rather difficult, and maybe awkward as hell. "I… it wasn't… I meant… it was…" He inwardly cursed at his inability to verbally express himself. She was incredibly clueless; he had a feeling he'd have to work on the verbal communication with her a lot, at least initially. Might as well start off slow. "Look, I'm not going to hurt you."

Hinata nodded slowly, though the mild panic in her eyes remained. She opened her mouth as if to ask something, only to abruptly shut it a moment later when she realised she was going to speak.

An awkward silence followed while he waited for her to spit out whatever it was she was going to say. When she started to avert his gaze again by looking at everything but him, he figured she wasn't going to say anything. What was his plan again? Oh, right, convince her that this wasn't some stupid bet or practical joke. "Hinata." Noting her obvious flinch at his use of her first name, he quickly corrected himself. "Hyuuga." Damn, that sounded so weird since he was used to addressing Neji in that manner. "The whole thing this morning wasn't some sort of bet, dare, practical joke, or whatever. I was being serious."

She nodded once again. At least she was listening to him, though he could tell she still didn't believe his words.

"Karin and Suigetsu are complete asses. I wasn't even aware of their behaviour towards you until the dobe told me at lunch today." He winced inwardly when he saw genuine surprise flicker across her face. So she really did think he was an asshole. Upsetting, but nothing he couldn't rectify, right? He'd be nicer this time around. "So… will you go out with me?"

Hinata stared at him, all traces of nerves gone. For the most part, Hinata was just in complete shock and confused as hell. The Uchiha Sasuke was interested in her? Did hell freeze over? Did pigs start flying? When did that all happen and what the heck was she doing as it was happening? Worse yet, was this some sort of perverse daydream? Because this was not funny. Maybe she shouldn't have taken the new cold medication and just stuck with Panadol. With her free hand, she pinched herself discreetly and winced at the pain. Nope, not a daydream. At least that was one thing to be thankful for, that she was not going crazy. But that would mean he was telling the truth, and that was something that was still mildly horrifying (mildly, mind you; it was, on the other hand, incredibly flattering).

He could still be lying. A small part of her spoke up. But what would be the point? I mean… tomorrow is the last day of school. After that, we'll all be heading in different directions. The nice part of her tried to rationalise the situation. No, there could still be something in it for him to get the only girl in the whole school that wasn't head-over-heels in love with him to, well, fall in love with him. The pessimistic side of her appeared once more. She frowned. What was she supposed to believe? All she knew about him was that he was incredibly rich, insanely (and I mean insanely) popular, and arrogant to a T. That and he was overall not a very nice person (at least from what she could tell through observing fellow classmates interact with him). He was also the boy's basketball captain, a position her cousin had held the previous year before he had graduated. He was exceptionally good at the sport (she'd watched some games because of her cousin's involvement), and heard a few compliments about the stoic Uchiha from Neji (and Neji was not one to give out praise). Maybe she would talk to her cousin about this whole ordeal and pray he would not freak out. Maybe.

"W-w-why?" The question came out before she could properly screen her thoughts.

He cocked his head to the side slightly, pausing for a moment as if deciding how to phrase his explanation. He couldn't think of a roundabout way to explain his feelings, so he opted for being direct. "Because I… like you." The last part came out muffled.

She was mortified and doubtful at his admission (and also flattered?). There was absolutely no way Uchiha Sasuke just said he liked her. No way! She was seriously going insane; maybe she didn't pinch herself hard enough (she pinched herself again, this time causing her to visibly wince in pain; nope, not hallucinating). Maybe it really was the new meds she'd taken. Oh god, she was definitely going to buy some Panadol the minute she was free of him... "Y-you… w-wha-what?"

He sighed (though it was amusing to see her pinch herself). "I. Like. You."

Now she was just shocked and confused as hell. She didn't hear incorrectly the first time around (though part of her kind of wished she had if only to avoid the awkwardness of the whole situation and his obsessive fangirls). So, the question was, what would she do?

She was still incredibly unconvinced at his confession, but she would give him the benefit of the doubt for now (in terms of the bet/deal/dare thing, because she still didn't believe he actually had any feelings towards her) since this was happening all too quickly for her. She needed some time to think about this, scratch that, a lot of time, time which she didn't have. Besides, even if this was a horrible joke on her part, she'd still feel bad if she treated him poorly. Maybe she could ask to be friends first? "U-u-uchiha-s-san…" Hinata was incredibly nervous since he hadn't taken his eyes off her since he'd asked. "I-I d-d-don't umm… know y-you, s-s-so I c-can't accept your p-proposal." She was looking at anything but him at this point, her nerves were everywhere. She took a deep breath and attempted to keep her stutters to a minimum. "B-but, I would l-like it if we c-could p-perhaps get to know each other f-first?"

Sasuke blinked. He was preparing himself for a rejection after her first sentence, so he was glad to see he could have a chance at this. "Fine," he replied since, if he nodded, she wouldn't see it.

"S-seven d-d-days," Hinata blurted out suddenly, then looked slightly horrified at the statement. "Umm… I mean… h-how about seven d-days to umm… get t-to know each other…? S-starting t-t-tomor-row… And th-then aft-ter… W-we'll s-s-see…"

Seven days. He could do this. "I assume you'll let me know at the end of the seventh day?"

She nodded, her eyes on the floor between them.

"Seven days, starting tomorrow," he agreed. He'd give her the rest of today to let this whole thing sink in. He released her and she quickly hugged herself.

"Yeah…. umm… I guess… I'll… seeyoutomorrow." The last part came out quickly and quietly.

He would have replied if she hadn't bolted off so quickly. She should really be on the track team if she could run that fast. He watched her dark hair disappear into the crowd.

So he had seven days to persuade her, huh?