Hello. Recently, I became a fan of the Powerpuff Girls, and more into the Powerpuff Girls Z version. I made this story cuz I feel like it.

Rowdyruff boys' age: 13 (instead of younger age, they're the same age as the power puffs)

Butch's POV

It's been about three months since the first time we have seen the powerpuffs and our 'mama'. We have recently got me and my brothers a place to stay, which is a family-friendly apartment. Not too bad, but it'll make the best of everything.

I was sitting in a wheelie chair, staring out the window and into the city down below. I think I have been sitting here for like thirty minutes so I got up and grabbed fresh clothes and a towel.

"Hey Butch, whatcha doin, bro?" I heard Brick ask me, just as I was about to go inside the bathroom.

"I gonna shower for a bit." I reply as I was about to close the door, which was halted by Boomer.

"Wait, repeat that?" Boomer asked me.

"I said I'm gonna shower. Now move your arm out of the way." I said but Boomer didn't do a thing. Both Brick and Boomer stared at me blankly.

"…What?" I asked, confused by what was happening.

"Shower?! Are you some kind of sissy or what?" Brick exclaimed, hopping out of his seat and throwing his comic book to the floor.

"What's so wrong with showering?" I asked, getting a bit offended.

"Yo bro, did you damage your brain? You did hit your head on the wall pretty hard the other day…"

"No, I didn't damage my brain!"

"Well then, why do you even bother to go into a tub that'll be full of water?" Brick asked me.

I looked at them with a blank expression.

"Are you guys serious? Even dudes gotta clean themselves!" I said.

"Yeah but dude, you're already beginning to shower like everyday now!" Boomer exclaimed. I just rolled my eyes and shut the door. I leaned against the door to hear if my brothers are still there.

"Dude, what's up with Butch lately?" muttered Brick.

"Yeah, he's been acting…different." Then I heard them walk away with indistinct murmuring. I rolled my eyes once again. I mean, I can't think of anything more disgusting in my life than showering for like, once a week.

I started to take off my clothes and got in the shower. While I was in there, I was thinking about what my brothers said earlier. Naw, forget it! They're stupid anyways, so I don't really care what they say.

I guess they're not mature enough.