There was a boy with red hair who was twelve standing by a frozen lake throwing stones. He was not in a good mood as this location was where he would spend time to escape the violence, hatred and torment his so called, 'home,' provides. He would come here every day to pick up a nearby stone and toss it into the lake. He knew he could not do anything to get back at them so this was a way of expressing his anger and desire to fight back.

"One day they will pay," the little angry red haired boy said, "they will see how big I will be, they'll see… they'll all see! And they'll be sorry, they ever picked on me!" Then all of a sudden he felt a ball of snow hit him really hard on his face close to his eye. His bad one. "Ow! AH!" he looked down and saw that it was a snow ball and it was a girl who looked the same age as him. She had white hair, was wearing a fur coat and was giggling. The boy did not approve of this. "Hey! Why'd you throw that?" he asked, sounding really ticked off. She just giggled.

"What? I just wanna have some fun. My sister's a sleep and I have no one to hang out with! Let's play!"

"No. I don't feel like it."

"Well, can I at least know your name?"

"Leave me alone!"

"Ooooh! Look at you, Mr. Grumpy Pants!"

"My name's not Mr. Grumpy Pants!" the boy yelled and stomped his feet into the snow which made him accidentally splutter more onto his chest as Elsa laughed even harder at his expense. "AAR! FINE! It's Hans!"

"Wait a minute. Hans? The Prince Hans of the Southern Isles?"

"Yeah, I… wait… are you Elsa? Princess of Arrendale?"

"Yes I am! This is weird isn't it! Both royalties meeting each other? So exciting. So what's it like there? Must be fun! Especially when you're a prince."

"Uh… I… yeah. Great fun." he lied.

"I have a sister. She's called Anna," she said, "Is it true that you have twelve brothers?"

"Uh… yeah," he said and then muttered to himself, "unfortunately."

"So what are you doing here then?"

"I come here often, from time to time,"


"To escape."

"From what?"


"You're weird."

"Says a random girl who just threw a snowball at me!" Hans snapped, "you'll be sorry when I'm King! Everyone will!

"All hail, King Grumpy Pants!"

"Stop calling me that!"

"Anyways good luck being King before I become Queen since you have like twelve brothers in line for the throne!" she taunted as she pulled out her tongue in a childish manner and then said in a sing song voice, "I get to have the throne before you do of your own kingdom! Ha! Haaa!"

"And you think you'll be a good Queen? Huh QUEENIE?!" Hans yelled as Elsa laughed at the name. Queenie? Really? Where did that come from. Elsa realised that what she said was wrong. To intimidate the poor thing and make her status higher than him so she decided to console him.

"Hey, I'm kidding. I don't really care much about the throne or anything. All I care about is my sister, having fun, my mom and dad… you know, my family! That's more important and to me that's all that matters," she said smiling as if he was teaching Hans a lesson about what to appreciate in life. Instead Hans looked down in dismay and muttered.

"Well, not to me, it doesn't… not when you have family like mine…"


Anna stood there speechless, looking at Hans. He was standing there in the flesh. She hadn't seen him in a very long time and was hoping that she would never see him ever again as did everyone else.


"Uh…" Hans just stood there hesitating. He looked like a child who just broke a window. He knew what was going to happen.

"But… how did you...?" She was absolutely gobsmacked. She then remembered that her sister went to him to decide his punishment. This must mean that… Hans did something to Elsa so he could escape! She walked towards him. "Where's Elsa?" she gave him a threatening and angry look. Hans stepped back but realised that below him was the sea. He was standing on edge of the dock.

"How should I know?"

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY SISTER?!" She grabbed him by the collars and shook him vigorously.

"Nothing! I swear!"

"You better tell me right now, where she is…"

"I don't know where… "

"Or so help me, I will push you!"

"Oh, water, wow. How deadly. I am so afraid." He said in monotone with no emotion.

"Anna?" called Elsa. Anna quickly turned to Elsa and laughed in relief. She was okay! Well, obviously she was.

"ELSA!" She shouted as she carelessly pushed Hans off the dock and ran to give Elsa a hug. Hans was flapping his arms in the water and tried to swim away spluttering for air.

"Whoa, hang on, there. You're not going anywhere." Kristoff said as he dragged Hans out of the water and rested him on the bay. He was spluttering and his clothes were soaking wet and he was gasping for air.

"Oh, Elsa! I was so worried! For a second I thought something happened to you!" said Anna.

"Hans?" She looked over Anna's shoulder and saw Hans drenched and spluttering on the floor. "Oh no. What are you doing here I said AN HOUR!"

"My brothers couldn't stand me any longer," he suffocated.

"I don't blame them," Anna butted in.

"They sent me out as soon as possible."

"Wait a minute, an hour? Elsa?" Anna turned to her sister. "What's going on?" They were all staring at Elsa. All three of them. She let out a big sigh knowing that she had to come out.

"My punishment… for Hans, was to set him free."


"I should go." Hans wanted to get up but Kristoff put a hand on his shoulder.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere." He repeated.

"What were you thinking, Elsa? He tried to kill me and you for crying out loud! Are you out of your mind?"

"Hans will make up for what he did."


"Yes, Hans is willing to do anything you require him to do. Isn't that right, Hans?"


"He is a cold, rude, selfish throne obsessed monster with a frozen heart! What makes you think he'll make up for what he did?"

"Yeah!" said Olaf.

"Yeah, well, I wanted to be executed but no, she didn't want that." Hans butted in.

"Have some self-dignity, man." Kristoff said.

"But she just called me all those names!" Then all of a sudden, it was not long for a couple of villagers who took notice of the evil prince, whom they despised.

"Is that Hans?" a young woman asked.

"You got a lot of nerve showing up, Hans!" an old lady snapped.

"I thought you were sent to the Southern Isles!" bellowed a man.

Hans stood there, astonished, as a couple more villagers approached Hans and crowded around him. He was surrounded by faces of contempt, hatred and disgust. His head was spinning then as he took a step back he bumped into a little boy. He turned around and stared down at him. Then he saw himself when he was just an innocent little boy. He also noticed that the boy had a black eye and was shaking like a leaf. The little innocent Hans raised his hands for his defence. He looked helpless.

"I just want to play with you!" Hans just stared at the boy as he continued, "Why are you ignoring me? Stop ignoring me! Can anyone answer me? Hello?" He then approached the boy. "Please don't kick me!"

"I'm not gonna hurt you,"

Then all of a sudden a mother took the child as he was no longer himself anymore. "Stay away from my boy! I don't want him to grow up like you!" she yelled at Hans.

"You're a psycho!"

"A monster!"

"A disgrace to mankind!"

"You are scum!"

"Get out of here, Hans!"

Hans had enough. He quickly pushed through the angry crowd and escaped the town and out into the wild. Then he bumped into Elsa. She stared at him as he was hyperventilating and sweating like a pig. They were both standing by a frozen lake together.


"Why are you out here all on your own?" the little white haired girl said to the poor boy, "Here, let me get the snow off your face," she wanted to get a close look at Hans as a patch of snow was covering a part of his face which covered below his eye.

"No, it's fine, really, I…"

"Let me have a look,"

"No, it's fine! Really, it heals…"

"Heals what? What does it heal, Hans? Your eye? What happened to it?"

"I fell?" Hans said lamely.

"Are you coming up with some story just to cover it up?" she said sternly as she knew what was going on.

"Well, the snow is pretty much doing that for me! Hehehehehe!" the little boy said as he laughed nervously, waiting for Elsa to laugh with him. She did not and quickly went over to him and gasped as she noticed.

"Your… your eye! It's bruised!"

"I have to be honest with you, Elsa. I… uh… a lot of people don't like me."

"Why?" Elsa asked bewildered as she then punched him lightly in the arm to humorously, "who wouldn't like you, Mr. Grumpy Pants?"

"My family."

"That's not true," Elsa then gasped as she covered her mouth with both her hands, "wait… your… family did this to you? Hans?" Elsa was waitign for an answer but Hans smiled sadly as he was too ashamed to answer that question.

"I just want to say that out of all the experiences I've faced throughout my life, this one was the most pleasant… talking to you… it's nice to talk to someone." he then began to walk away, "well it was nice knowing you. I just wish we could do this more. But I'd better head back otherwise I'm gonna have another bruised eye."

"Woah, woah, woah!" Elsa immediately grabbed Hans by the shoulders and faced him, "who says this is the last time we're gonna meet?"

"Do you promise you will remember this moment?"

"I promise!"

"Do you

"I promise." "I'll always be here for you, Hans because I will always remember this moment. I wont' shut you out and I will help you and I'm sure there will be more people like me. My family.

"I'll take you to them. You don't have to live like this anymore."

"I don't?"

"You don't."

"Meet me at this spot, tomorrow, same time and I will get to you meet my family. They'll take care of you. You don't have to live like this anymore."

"You'll… you'll do that for me?"

"Of course, King Grumpy Pants!"

"Thank you… thank you, Queenie!"

The two children laughed with delight and waved goodbye, agreeing that by tomorrow they would meet just like she promised.

"Wow! That just happened!" Hans said with excitement to himself when he was alone as usual, "I just can't wait for my life to change!"

… But it didn't. Elsa was not there when he returned. The little angry red haired boy waited and waited for weeks by the frozen lake waiting for little Elsa to come back to fulfil her promise. But to no avail did she show up to bring him into a family where he would be loved and cherished for the first time in forever. It never happened. His abuse and torment continued throughout his entire days of growing up.

Hans used to come to the frozen lake because those were the only times he would let go of his anger, hatred and frustration of the world but that moment changed everything. There was never a single moment where he let go of it all. He never let go. He would rather stay in his castle and be beaten to the ground by his twelve older brothers, or be scolded at by his parents… but he would never return to that spot where she met a friendly little girl. Because he learned from the experience, he once thought was the best, but was the worst, was to never trust anyone.


And now here they were, by the frozen lake. The exact same spot where they first met. Elsa does not remember but Hans clearly does. He just does not want to let QUEENIE know.

"Hans, listen. I need you to calm down…"

"Is this what you want, Elsa? For me to be mocked and hated even more? Was that the whole plan?"

"No, I…"

"You know, when I was locked up in prison, I felt safe and tranquil. At first, I'd always plan my revenge to tear this pathetic kingdom to SHREDS! But then I thought since I was never gonna come back and it was peaceful there, I'd just LET IT GOOOOO! You know? Nobody was there JUDGING ME ALL THE TIME! IT WAS JUST ME! I sworn to myself that I would NEVER come back because what I predicted what would happen if I did, IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! ALL THANKS TO YOU!"

"Hans, please!"

"I never should have trusted you."

"Hans, no! Listen to me! You can change! You are a good person!"

"I am a monster! Didn't you hear the villagers and residents?"

"But remember what you told me, "don't be the monster they fear you are!"

"Well they're right! Come on what do you expect me to do? Sing "I DON'T CAAAAAAAARE WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO SAAAAAAAAAAY!" right up in their faces? Hmmm? You want me to throw in a big cheesy musical number and then BAM they'll all forgive me? It's that easy? Huh? To sing a stinking song?!"


"No! I am done. I'm just done with you, with everyone. I'm just done. So run, run along little princess. Run off back to your magical little kingdom where everything is so perfect! Where it's all full of sunshine, rainbows and that you can all go ice skating? Because… I just can't do this. They hate me. They don't need me and I don't need them. I don't need you!"

"So you want to spend the rest of your life miserable?"

"I'd be more miserable if I have to spend the rest of my life here with you! NOW GET LOST YOU LITTLE INSECT!"

Elsa took a step back. She was blown away from the utter disgust, anger and frustration Hans was inflicting upon her. Hans then picked up a nearby stone and threw it at the lake and sat down with exhaustion.

"Don't be the monster they fear you are?" Hans reminded Elsa what he said, "what if you really are one?"