***** Preview of Samuel Potter and the Serpent of Slytherin *****

"Sam, wait a second. I've just got to do up my shoe." Martin called, and I stopped and waited as he did it up and then we went after the others towards the Great Hall. A voice coming from one of the classrooms stopped us in our tracks though.
"You think I'm wrong Michael?" Snape asked coldly.
Martin clutched at my arm and we both moved closer to the classroom in order to hear what was going on.
"Of course not Severus." Our charms teacher assured Snape. "It's just that I think it could be a little risky, that's all."
"Risky." Snape scoffed. "Sometimes we've got to take risks in life Michael, and I'm sure you know all about that."
I frowned, there was some kind of hidden meaning in Snape's words then, and they were loaded with innuendo that I had no idea of.
"Relax Severus," Michael said calmly. "I'm not going to change my mind. And stop looking so bloody gloomy- you could do with a cheering charm, maybe I should have my third years make one for you?"
Snape made a sound which sounded like a grunt, and then said "We best get to breakfast before we're missed and we arouse suspicions. But don't forget you promised Michael and I don't look kindly on people who break their promises- especially something as important at this!"
Martin and I looked at each other and then hurried away turning the corner just as Snape and Michael came out of the room. We didn't speak until we were far enough away to speak without fear of being overheard.
"What on earth was all that about?" Martin asked me.
I shook my head. "I don't know, but Snape sounded as if he were forcing Michael into doing something he wasn't exactly keen on doing." I suggested.
Martin frowned. "This is getting stranger and stranger."
A sudden thought popped into my head which made me grin. Martin demanded to know what was so funny. "It's just that at this time last year we were trying to work out who Merlin was, and this time we're trying to work out what's going on with the charms teachers fake name!"
Martin grinned too. "Best not tell Jenny or we'll be back in the library before we can say Snape's an ugly slimy git!"